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The charmed ones' mom and her two little girls from "That '70's Episode"

1.17 "That '70's Episode

Summary by Ruby

At the Manor, Prue and Phoebe are going through their family photo albums and Phoebe remarks that there are no pictures of her growing up. Prue tells her that that’s impossible as she isn’t camera shy and finds one of Phoebe and Grams and then Phoebe and their mother.

Piper enters and goes to a chest of draws, she tries to open a small draw but it appears to be stuck until Phoebe walks over, bangs twice on the top of the chest above the drawer with her fist and then hits the side of it with her knee. Once it opens, Piper remarks that she always wondered how Phoebe used to get into her candy drawer!

It appears that every year on the same date, a male stranger comes with flowers for Grams and tells the girls that they’re from a secret admirer. Piper tells the girls that she thinks it’s best they write him a note but is interrupted by the doorbell ringing. She opens the door and invites the stranger in and as he hands Piper the flowers, he drops them but Piper freezes him – pointing out that he drops them every year but at least now she can spare the cleaning.

Once he has unfrozen, he remarks that the clock only chimed 5 times which is odd since it is noon so Piper must have frozen him! He says that they must have their powers at last and informs them his name is Nicholas. He puts on a ring and appears to become younger, then tells them that to spare her life; 24 years ago their mother gave up their powers and blessed the ring so that he would be immune to them when he came to collect.

Holding out the hand wearing the ring towards the girls, he tells them that their blood is boiling and that their organs will overheat and sure enough it becomes apparent that the girls are feeling the effects he is describing. Phoebe manages to kick Nicholas to the ground to give them time to escape to the attic. Checking the Book Of Shadows, Phoebe finds a spell to “unbind a bond” and they cast it. They disappear and reappear. Confused, they hear a telephone ring and don’t understand what’s going on. Nominating Prue to go and investigate, she sees Grams on the phone! Then she hears her calling to Prue and Piper – when they were little! She goes back to the attic and tells Phoebe and Piper what she saw.

Prue tries to convince Piper that they’ve travelled back in time with the contents of the attic – a typewriter, 8 track tapes and a pet rock! Phoebe points out that there isn’t a spell to send them back – it hasn’t even been written. Prue says that they should just go and tell Grams who they are but Piper and Prue disagree so they think of another plan to get out of the house.

When they’re on the stairs, they hear Grams on the phone again, this time to their mother – Patty. It appears she has had a premonition but Grams is confused since she doesn’t ever get them and Phoebe says she thought their mother’s power was to freeze time. Piper picks up the phone and listens in on the conversation. Patty tells Grams that she felt a twinge in her stomach and then got a premonition of three women – warlocks and one was taking Prue.

The girls venture downstairs and hear Grams calling mini-Piper and mini-Prue. The girls run past the future three and they see Mini-Prue using her powers! They are understandably confused and Prue walks towards mini-Prue and she points at future Prue’s beauty spot since she has one too. As Prue hugs mini – Prue, Grams walks in and banishes them from the house. They run from the house and find a newspaper which tells them that the date is March 24th 1975 – the very day that their mum made the pact with Nicholas. They also realise that their mum is barely pregnant with Phoebe. Realising that they must have been sent back to warn their mother about Nicholas, they decide to go and see her, however, only Prue and Piper will go inside the restaurant where she works because they have powers to show her.

In the restaurant – Buddy’s, they see their mother, outside Phoebe notices her too. Patty approaches their table and asks if they’re ready to order. She asks if they’ve met before since the girls look familiar. Piper tries to freeze the restaurant but her powers don’t work! Neither do Prue’s and when Patty goes to leave, Piper yells that they know she’s pregnant. She looks at them strangely and they tell her that they’re her cousins from out of town and need to tell Patty something important about the baby. Patty tells them that they’re wrong since it’s medically impossible for her to get pregnant anymore.

Patty is speaking to Grams on the phone and she is telling her that she saw the three warlocks in the house and one was trying to take Prue. Patty tells her she’s leaving right away and goes out of the back entrance. She bumps into Phoebe and apologises, telling Phoebe that she’s a klutz sometimes to which Phoebe replies with “really? Me too”. Noticing crackers amongst her mother’s belongings on the floor, Patty tells Phoebe she has an upset stomach. A police officer approaches them and Phoebe recognises him - it’s Nicholas! Patty leaves and when Nicholas tries to follow, Phoebe tries to distract him at first by asking him directions to Berkley and then by kicking his keys out of his hand and throwing them away. She runs into the restaurant and all three of the girls leave by the back entrance.

The girls go back to the Manor and decide to use mini-Prue and mini-Piper to help their mother since they don’t have powers. Inside the kitchen, Phoebe crouches down and hears a conversation (through a vent) going on upstairs. Grams is telling Patty she’s making a mistake and Victor (the girls’ father) is not coming back. Prue questions Phoebe about her knowledge of the vent and Phoebe says it’s a heating duct which goes upstairs, through which she’d listen to conversations and when Prue would sneak Andy back to her bedroom in high school! Phoebe stays where she is and Prue and Piper go to find their mini versions. They see Prue and Piper fighting over a doll; mini-Prue is trying to keep it whilst mini-Piper is exclaiming that Prue gave it to her. The girls see themselves and tell future Prue and Piper that their Grams said they’re bad people.

Mini-Prue and Piper are telling their future versions that they aren’t supposed to go anywhere with strangers and if they’re telling the truth they should prove it so Piper reveals her knowledge of the drawer. As they turn to leave, mini-Andy walks in and yells “freeze” which mini-Piper promptly does! Prue and Piper freeze too and Phoebe walks in to tell them that their mother is coming downstairs. Patty leaves and everyone unfreezes. They run and mini-Andy turns to follow. Piper hangs back with mini-Piper and at the right moment, tells her to freeze mini-Andy. Prue remarks that perhaps that’s why Andy’s so suspicious of them! They leave successfully and Grams comes downstairs and unfreezes him to ask where the girls went. Andy tells her that the “strange ladies took them”.

In the park, future Prue is practicing the plan with the mini-girls and when they run off to practice on their own, Phoebe asks Prue what she thinks happened to their powers. Prue points out that they lost a lot whilst growing up perhaps they lost their powers too. Phoebe confides in the girls that she doesn’t have many memories of their mother whilst growing up and if their plan works, they’ll have to return to their own time too soon for her to have created any in this time whilst she’s alive.
The police arrive and arrest the girls.

Patty arrives at Victor’s hotel room but when she enters Nicholas grabs her and handcuffs her, attempting to use his powers on her. He tells her that he knows she’ll be the mother of the Charmed Ones and wants their powers.

In jail, Patty arrives and asks the girls who they are and how they know she is pregnant. They tell her she’s their daughters. She believes them and they tell her about Nicholas but she informs them that they’re too late.

Back at the manor, Grams questions the girls and remarks that they’re names begin with a P. Grams tells them that she can strip the girls of their powers until they have broken the pact. The girls tell her that they only got their powers recently to which Grams responds with “why would I have unbound your powers without having broken the pact?” and then points out that the only way that would happen would be if she died and the look on the girls’ faces confirm that that’s exactly what happened. They make a plan to get the ring from Nicholas’ hotel room and in the meanwhile, Grams will write a new spell to send them back to their own time.
They go to the room and find the ring then return to the manor. They are to go back to their own time and then Patty will return the ring. Before they leave, Phoebe writes a note for her mother and keeps it in the Book Of Shadows.

Grams casts the spell but nothing happens. Patty holds her hand and they cast the spell again, this time the girls disappear. Within a short time, they reappear! Piper remarks that perhaps they need the power of three but Phoebe points out that it doesn’t exist yet. They don’t find anything in the Book Of Shadows and decide to use mini-Prue and mini-Piper to assist them along with unborn Phoebe. Future Phoebe takes a picture of the girls and Patty before they all cast the spell and leave 1975.

In the present, the girls find Grams’ new spell and when Nicholas bursts into the attic they are able to use their powers against him. They cast Grams’ spell and Nicholas disappears, leaving only the ring.

Going through the photo albums the next day, Phoebe is talking to the girls about her feelings towards the fleeting time she had with their mother. She tells them about her note and that she’s always wished for time with their mother so when it came true she didn’t want to let her go but still took the note back. They find the picture of Patty, Mini-Prue and Mini-Piper that Phoebe took before the cast the spell and she remarks that it’s the best picture of her that she’s ever taken.

Picture from screencap-paradise.com

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Updated 6/29/07  


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