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Prue and Phoebe in "Which Prue is it Anyway?"

1.16 "Which Prue is it Anyway?"

Summary by Ruby

It is night and in a gym, a young boxer is training. A smartly dressed man appears in the shadows and watches the boxers spar. One of the boxers starts beating the other quite badly because he is pulled away from his opponent who is on the floor.

Luther Stubbs is packing his gym bag when the smartly dressed stranger appears and tells him that he saw his match 3 years ago where Stubbs’ opponent died in the ring. The stranger refuses to leave and stabs Luther through with a sword telling him that he wants his killer instinct. Whilst Luther lays on the floor, the man holds the sword over him and light appears to travel into the stranger then he leaves.

At the Manor, Piper is telling Prue that it is time for Quake’s annual inventory and she must count everything in the restaurant which will take her days. On their way to the kitchen, Prue and Piper stop and Prue asks why Grams’ statue is still in the hallway. She asks Piper to confirm that they agreed it was an eyesore but Piper tells her that storage is expensive so she spoke to Phoebe and they both agreed that it should stay put.

They hear Phoebe yelling from somewhere and go to find her. She is kickboxing with a “slam man” and tells them that since she has a passive power, thought that she would start taking self defence classes. They start playing around and Phoebe grabs Prue then she gets a premonition of Prue being killed.

The next morning, Phoebe is looking through the Book Of Shadows to see if she can find any information on the sword that she saw Prue being killed with. Piper comes into the kitchen and it appears that neither her or Phoebe could sleep. Prue comes into the kitchen and Phoebe asks why she’s dressed up since she agreed that she would not go into work because of Phoebe’s premonition. Prue explains that her boss Claire has an important client and she must go to work. She tells them that she can handle herself and they ask that she promise to come straight home from work.

At Bucklands, Claire is explaining that the client’s family is incredibly wealthy and the account could be big for Bucklands. The client is Helena Statler and she explains that her brother and herself have an extensive collection the likes of which Prue will never be able to surpass seeing. They have items from most periods in history and they fill up three warehouse flats which Helena asks that Prue visit for a sample appraisal.

At Quake, Phoebe calls in on Piper and tells her that not only did she call Bucklands and find that Prue left the office, she also found the sword in the Book Of Shadows and it is a symbol of the lords of war. They are a clan of supernatural warriors who want to start war. She tells Piper that as long as the sword is in their possession they are immune to man’s weapons. Their code of honour states that when one of the lords is disgraced he has to steal back his abilities. One of the abilities to steal is that of a first born witch…

Prue arrives at one of the flats and once inside, begins to call for Ms Statler. The lights come on and she appears. Prue is interrupted by her phone but switches it off. Prue appraises a roman vessel which impresses Helena. Then she asks Prue to appraise something else – a pillory. Helena explains that the victim’s arms are held in piece by a bolt which suddenly appears and traps Prue’s arms. Helena then introduces her brother Gabriel – the man that killed Luther Stubbs! They explain that Prue’s ancestor Brianna’s power stems from her hands (which is the reason that they trapped her arms), Prue is understandably confused but uses her power (which of course is in her eyes) to free herself, throw Helena to the other side of the room and stab Gabriel who doesn’t appear to feel any pain, then she escapes.

At the Manor, Prue explains what happened to her at the flats. Phoebe looks through the Book Of Shadows and finds information about their ancestor Brianna. She was their great great great aunt who disgraced Gabriel during the Crimean war and used her power to take his sword. Prue explains that she can separate him from his sword but cannot move it far enough from him with her powers as they stand. Phoebe tells her she has found a solution – a spell for multiplicity which should increase he strength of Prue’s powers. Piper is sceptical of Prue saying the spell on her own – they take a vote and Prue and Phoebe outnumber Piper in favour of her casting the spell.

Prue says the incantation and Piper and Phoebe run upstairs to the attic and find that her powers haven’t multiplied – she has!! There are now three of her.

The next morning, Phoebe and Piper are finding their extended family hard to handle as the three Prue’s have taken over both of the bathrooms and the coffee. Phoebe decides to colour code the three and gives the original Prue a black sweater, the Prue which likes her skirt tight a blue sweater and the polite Prue a pink sweater. Pink Prue explains that they were called for a reason and blue Prue explains that once they have completed their task, the spell will end and they will disappear. Pink and blue Prue suggest that they find Gabriel by tracking his ownership records of the roman vessel through Buckland’s antiquities database. Original Prue tells them that she already called their assistant and asked that she do this. Piper asks if Prue is certain that her powers are strong enough to deal with Gabriel and Prue demonstrates that they are by using pink and blue Prue to life Grams’ statue which she was previously unable to do on her own.

The doorbell rings and pink Prue answers it. He tells her that he is on a social call – they had ordered tickets to the Bay Area Music Awards and gives her the tickets. Blue Prue has answered the phone and explains that she spoke to Claire who told her that she needs to get to the office asap or she’ll be fired. They decide that two Prue’s should go to the office and one should go to Quake with Piper but neither Piper or Phoebe are sold on the idea. Once again they vote and this time Piper and Phoebe are outnumbered by the three Prues.

At Bucklands, original and pink Prue go to the office. Pink Prue pushes original Prue away and goes to ask their assistant what she has found on Gabriel and she tells her that she’s found Gabriel’s address. Back in Prue’s office, the two Prue’s decide on who will talk to Claire but she is already knocking on Prue’s door! With original Prue behind the door, pink Prue answers and Claire asks that she explain her behaviour yesterday with Helena Statler who told Claire she was offended by it and is taking her collection to Christie’s. Pink Prue assures Claire that she has made arrangements to make a personal apology at Ms Statler’s estate to put Bucklands back in the running. Claire tells her that she will get her car because she won’t risk Prue going back to Ms Statler’s by herself. When Claire leaves original Prue tells pink Prue that she will go with Claire and take her to the wrong address then she calls Phoebe to check in. When Claire returns original Prue pushes pink Prue behind the door and leaves with Claire who notices that she has changed her sweater!

Pink Prue calls Piper at Quake to ask that she should take blue Prue to the Manor where they will meet with original Prue before they go to the estate to deal with Gabriel. Piper asks what the plan is when they separate Gabriel from his sword but Pink Prue reassures her that they can handle it. Piper goes to get blue Prue from the kitchen and finds her flirting with the chefs. She tells blue Prue that she isn’t anything like the original Prue but blue Prue says she is the side that doesn’t come out much.

In the parking lot at Bucklands, pink Prue is walking to the car and is distracted by a smoke device of some kind which temporarily blinds her – then Gabriel appears. When he is about to stab her, Prue uses her power to throw him but not being able to see clearly means that he doesn’t go far and is only cut. Then he stabs her which original Prue feels while she is in Claire’s car. Gabriel realises that he’s been tricked.

At the coroner’s office, Andy has been called in to ID a body and whilst looking in the bag which is carrying the personal effects of the deceased, he sees the music awards tickets and then immediately turns to see that the body on the slab is Prue!

Back at the Manor, Phoebe is practicing her self-defense and the doorbell rings – it’s Andy. He tells her he is sorry and Phoebe is obviously oblivious to what he is about to say. He tells her that Prue is dead and Phoebe asks if he is sure that it was her he saw. She then asks him what she was wearing and Andy is obviously confused but tells her that she was wearing a pink one which obviously causes Phoebe relief. Andy is even more perplexed at Phoebe’s behaviour but nothing compared to what he thinks when he sees Piper enter the hallway with Prue (blue prue). Original Prue then opens the front door and Piper freezes Andy. Phoebe explains the situation and original Prue tells them that she felt pink Prue die then Piper tells her to hide which she does. When Andy unfreezes, they tell him that she must have a doppelganger. Blue Prue reassures him that she is fine and he seems to believe that he must have misunderstood what he saw but just before he leaves he asks blue Prue is she made up her mind about the concert and blue Prue asks “what concert”. Andy explains the music awards and blue Prue asks if the tickets arrived yet…Andy tells her that they did and that he will bring them over. When he leaves, we see Helena outside in her car.

The two remaining Prue’s decide to use Helena as leverage for the sword and tell Phoebe and Piper that they cannot come to the estate with her. Back at the estate, Helena is explaining that she has seen two Prue’s one in a black sweater and one in a blue one and tells Gabriel that they should risk an attack on he at home.

Back at the Manor, Phoebe and Piper ask blue Prue to leave her/their room so that they can speak to original Prue privately. They plead with Prue to stay at home where they’re stronger. Prue agrees to come up with another plan but outside blue Prue is overhearing and leaves. They go outside and realise where she has gone.

At the estate, Helena is trapped in what looks like an upright sarcophagus with spikes inside. Blue Prue appears and asks that he exchange the sword for his sister. He tells her he knows she’s not the original Prue and tells her to let his sister go. Blue Prue uses her power to close the sarcophagus a little more and asks him again to make the exchange but he uses his sword on Helena! Then he kills Prue and once more original Prue can feel it in the car with Phoebe and Piper.

Back at the Manor, the girls figure out that Gabriel isn’t immune to his own sword and rather than taking it away they should use it against him. Phoebe again has a premonition of Gabriel attacking them at home in the Manor.

Back at the coroner’s office, Andy is looking at Pink Prue’s body and asks the coroner to confirm it is Prue which he does so and Andy tells him to keep the information to himself.

At the Manor, Prue is waiting. The lights go out and Prue puts on sunglasses, then the same smoke device used earlier to blind Pink Prue is thrown inside. Gabriel appears, exclaiming “clever witch” for using he sunglasses to shield her eyes and she flees. Whilst walking through the house, Gabriel sees Prue and throws his sword but it is Phoebe’s “slam man” and when he realises, Piper appears from behind the sofa and freezes him, then Phoebe kicks him away. Prue then grabs the sword from the “slam man” and uses her power to stab Gabriel through with it and he disappears.

The doorbell rings and it is Andy, he asks that he accompany her to the city morgue. Once there, he pulls out the slab and there is no one on there aside from a pink sweater and black dress! Prue asks him what’s going on and tells her that there was a body there identical to hers right down to her fingerprints! She tells him she doesn’t know anything and asks him to take her home.

At Quake Phoebe is reading the news and tells Prue and Piper that the only thing found next to Helena Statler was a blue sweater which Prue laments the loss of. Piper tells them that Quake’s inventory is over and Phoebe tells them that so is the sight of three Prue’s hogging the hot water and the good clothes! Piper feels sorry for Andy and asks if they think he’ll ever figure out what’s going on and Prue says she doesn’t know but that they need to be extra careful.

Meanwhile back at the police station, Andy is looking through Prue’s file which has clippings of the newspaper articles linked to all the unsolved cases that she has been involved in. He adds to the file, the Bay Area Music Awards tickets and looks at one final clipping about magic and witchcraft before putting the file away. Could he suspect Prue’s secret?

Picture from screencap-paradise.com

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Updated 6/29/07  


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