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Charmed Episode Guide

three Charmed ones from "Is there a Woogy in the House?"

1.15 "Is there a Woogy in the House?"

Summary by Ruby

The Manor shakes and we learn that this is an aftershock. Prue and Piper remark that they can smell gas coming from the basement Piper says that she has called a repairman. The doorbell rings and Piper goes to see who it is whilst Prue discusses a dinner that they will be having later that evening at the house with Phoebe. We learn that a Bucklands VIP has requested that it be hosted that evening and Phoebe tells Prue not to worry, Piper will cook and she will serve.

Piper comes back into the kitchen with the repairman in tow and he immediately picks up on the smell too and then disappears into the basement. When he’s gone, Prue and Piper tease Phoebe about her fear of the bogeyman in the basement. Piper corrects Prue and says that Phoebe called it a “woogyman”. Phoebe tells them that it was real but Piper tells her that Grams told her she’d gotten rid of it so Phoebe could sleep better.

Meanwhile, downstairs the repairman is looking around the basement and a lightbulb explodes. He takes out his torch and trips, dropping his torch. As he bends down to pick it up he sees a crack in the floor and proceeds to explore the gap with what looks like a chisel. He appears to release something as smoke comes pouring out of the crack which increases in size. Black smoke appears and tells the repairman “you have freed me, and now you’ll help take back the house”. It appears to enter the repairman.

Upstairs, Phoebe gets a package with a fake name and Prue remarks that it’s Phoebe’s dark side rearing its ugly head but she protests and says that just because she protects the innocent, she doesn’t have to always be innocent.

The repairman comes up from the basement and tells them the situation is bad and from tonight there will be no problems. Piper and Prue leave Phoebe alone in the house. In the basement the repairman turns to his shadow and asks “which one do you want?”. At that moment, Phoebe appears at the top of the stairs and tells the repairman that she’ll be upstairs if he needs her and the shadow says “Phoebe”.

At Bucklands, Prue tidies her room with a little help from her powers and Claire appears with the final guest list. On the top of the list is Professor Whittlesey who Claire explains, is fascinated with the Manor. She explains that the house was an architectural masterpiece until it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1909 which is when, Prue explains, her great-grandparents moved in. The Professor explains that metaphysicists believe that the Manor is built on a “spiritual nexus”.

Prue calls Piper at the wine shop to tell her that there will be an additional person at the dinner and Piper although at first annoyed, tells Prue it’s fine. As she reaches for a bottle of wine which she needs for the meal, Piper finds it has already been claimed by a handsome man. She tries to persuade him to get another bottle of wine and he is intrigued, asking her why she wants the one he has in his hand so badly. She explains that she is making coq au vin which is why she is desperate to have it. He doesn’t budge and Piper uses her powers to freeze him. She tries to rationalise as to why she should use her powers and how personal gain would mean she shouldn’t and she eventually gives up and leaves.

At the Manor, Phoebe comes downstairs and finds Grams’ picture askew. Righting it, she hears the repairman calling for help from the basement. Given her fear of the woogyman, she is reluctant to actually go down there but she tells the repairman that she will help him. As she places a hand on a family picture, she has a flashback of when she was younger and Grams was getting rid of the woogyman. She tells the repairman she will call someone for help but he tells her that he needs her help. Slowly she goes downstairs, calling out to the repairman. When she gets downstairs he appears behind her and she sees he is fine. She then hears a familiar voice behind her, turning round she says “No, I’m a good witch you can’t take me” but the woogyman possesses her.

Piper arrives and calls for Phoebe, she is surprised by the repairman who acts strange, then grabs her. She calls for Phoebe and she appears from the basement, a baseball bat materialises in her hand and she beats the repairman with it. Piper asks where she got the bat and Phoebe tells her that she thought of it and then it appeared. She tries to explain but the repairman starts to come to and they run to call 911.

Andy and Daryl arrive at the house and are perplexed to have found out that the repairman doesn’t have a record. Prue arrives and runs into the house to find Piper and Phoebe on the sofa. They explain what happened and Phoebe tells them she can’t use her power on call. Prue is sceptical as usual and tells them that she thought their powers would progress rather than grow at random. She tells them that she thinks Phoebe cast a spell but Phoebe tells them that Prue’s just annoyed because she didn’t get “to play wonder woman”. As Phoebe leaves, we see that Grams’ picture is upside down rather than just askew.

In the basement, the woogy tells Phoebe she is to use her powers against her sisters but she tells it that she can’t hurt them. The woogy tells her that she can’t fight it. Later, Phoebe has changed, still in the basement, the woogy tells her that it is almost tiem.

Piper electrocutes herself when she turns on the blender and Prue comes downstairs to tell her that the shower temperature has increased by quite a lot so it appears that something is happening to the house. Piper thinks that the earthquake has done something to the house and at that moment the door bell rings. Prue and Piper are both confused, believing it to be 6 o’clock it is actually 7 and the microwave clock is wrong. Phoebe appears from the basement, much to Prue and Piper’s surprise. They ask “what about the woogyman” and she tells them it was just a story then goes to open the door.

Piper is in the kitchen and the cooking does not appear to be going well when he hears a man explaining that he was told to give something to the chef – she looks up and it is the man from the wine store with the bottle of wine that Piper needed! He explains that his name is Josh and then leaves. Phoebe comes into the kitchen and asks if Piper plans on feeding anyone and Piper looks confused then Phoebe picks up a large silver platter. Piper explains that that’s duck medallions and was to be part of dinner but lets Phoebe take it in as an appetiser.

In the living room, Phoebe tells everyone what the dish is and takes the cover off to reveal a live duck! Prue looks shocked but laughs it off telling the guest that Phoebe is a magician.

The kitchen seems to be playing up and brown water spews from the sink. Piper tells someone to please kill her now and Phoebe appears behind her with a knife. As Josh walks in the knife disappears and Piper tells Phoebe to escort him out and get Prue.

The Professor is explaining the myths about the Manor and the spiritual nexus to Prue and tells her that when a “geographical point is equidistant to the five spiritual elements, it’s a place of great power”. Prue apologises for any inconvenience that the night’s events maybe causing and Phoebe interrupts, telling Prue she is needed in the kitchen.

Prue goes to see Piper who appears to be having a breakdown and tells Prue that the house is possessed. Prue tells her it’s Phoebe and her new power but Piper says it can’t be. Prue tells Piper that they should end the dinner now and leave the kitchen just as Phoebe takes the professor into it another way, she tells Phoebe that she doesn’t need to see the basement but Phoebe persuades her to see it anyway.

In the hallway, Piper tells the dinner guests that there will be a table for them at Quake on the house and when Prue asks where the Professor is, Josh tells them that Phoebe’s giving her a tour of the Manor. Then the Professor appears and tell them that she found the basement particularly intriguing. They all go outside aside from Phoebe and Prue explains that she needs to tie up some loose ends so the guests should go on without her. Piper and Prue turn around and ask Phoebe who has appeared in the doorway why she is behaving as she is and she tells them “because he asked me to”, they ask her who and Prue walks up the stairs, as she tries to enter the house some kind of forcefield stops Prue and flings her into the garden. Piper asks what’s going on and Phoebe tells them that they don’t live there anymore and in the voice of the woogyman says “he does”.

The next morning, Prue and Piper are still outside and have tried everything to try and get inside the house but they have run out of ideas since their powers don’t work. They talk about the person that Phoebe said told her to behave as she is. Prue explains that whatever has possessed the house has possessed her. Prue thinks that she has an idea and they leave. Back inside, as Phoebe walks through the house, wallpaper falls off of the walls, the lights flicker, windows crack and Grams’ picture starts to burn.

At the university, Prue and Piper arrive to visit the Professor to discuss the spiritual nexus. They find the professor being escorted away by the police, Josh appears and explains that she began her seminar and then started to choke him! Prue asks him if he knows anything about the nexus. He is surprised that the professor told someone about it and Josh goes on to explain that the nexus can be “swayed either way” as in good or bad. They go into the professor’s office to see if they can find anything that could help them. Piper finds a map so that they can plot the Manor’s position in terms of the five elements – earth, water, fire, wood and metal. When they join the points they find that the house was built in a centre of a pentagram so not only is it built on a spiritual nexus but a wiccan one as well.

Back at the Manor, Andy and Daryl have arrived. When they get there, an argument is happening across the street between two neightbours and Daryl goes to investigate whilst Andy goes up to the Manor. Phoebe answers the door and rather seductively tells Andy that there’s a gas leak and she’s home alone so could he investigate? Andy tells her sure and goes inside.

Outside, Prue and Piper come back and go and see what Daryl is up to. One of the neighbours explains that the other came out of the Halliwell’s house and then started to throw things at him. He tells the girls about the professor and then lets them know that Andy is in their house and would like to question them.

They go back towards the Manor and hide on the side of the steps as Andy begins to leave. Piper freezes him and explains that this is the only moment the house’s guard is down. As they do inside, they realise Phoebe is frozen which means that she is no longer a good witch, then they run upstairs to the attic.

Outside, Daryl is still calming the neighbours and behind him Andy charges towards them, pulls out his gun and before he can shoot anyone, Daryl has him on the ground. He immediately changes as if waking up from a dream and tells Daryl he didn’t know what happened.

In the attic, Piper and Prue can’t find anything in the Book Of Shadows and through trial and error they come to the conclusion that the situation they’re in has something to do with the basement. They then realise that Grams’ story was a spell to get rid of the woogyman. As Piper opens the door to the attic, Phoebe is there and throws her out, then she locks herself and Prue inside. A huge knife materialises in her hand and asks Prue how she wants to die. She manages to use her powers on Phoebe and escapes. As Piper tries to leave the house, it shocks her back in and shuts the door.

They try desperately to remember Grams’ story and hear Phoebe calling for help from the basement. They decide to go down there even if it is a trap and agree to weaken the woogyman’s hold on Phoebe long enough for her to remember the story.

As they enter the basement they see a shadow which retreats when Prue shines the torch at it. Piper tries to freeze it whilst Phoebe is at the top of the stairs. They call to her for help and she tells them she is scared of the basement. She puts her hand on the family picture as before and gets the same flashback from when she was younger of Grams defeating the woogyman. Then she remembers the story:

I am light, I am one too strong to fight, return to dark where shadows dwell, you cannot have this Halliwell, go away and leave my sight and take with you this endless night.

The woogyman is defeated and the house returns to normal – the walls repaper themselves, the glass repairs itself and the crack in the floor is also repaired.

Piper visits Josh in his office and said that she came to see how the Professor is, he tells her that the Professor is fine but that he has to cover her classes. He tells her that he has something for her – the same bottle of wine that she wanted for the dinner.

In the attic, Phoebe explains that she is worried about the fact that the woogyman chose her but Piper explains that she was the only one born in the house so she is the most connected which means she could go either way – bad or good. They then agree that the demon could come back and that they need to warn the next generation of witches. It’s time for them to add to the Book Of Shadows and Phoebe is the best person to write the entry.

Picture from screencap-paradise.com

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