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Charmed Episode Guide

Prue and two guest stars from "Secrets and Guys"

1.14 "Secrets and Guys"

Summary by Ruby

It is night and a father gives his son his dinner. At that moment, they hear a noise and are ambushed by a group of men. We learn that the boy’s name is Max and they want to “borrow him”.

In the attic, the girls are spring cleaning using Prue’s powers! They find their toys and Prue tells them they should throw it away. They find Phoebe’s diaries and says she wants to keep them. Prue tells them that they should throw away hers.

The two men (one of whom we learn is called Mickey) take Max to a mechanic’s workshop and one tells Mickey that Max is their lottery ticket. When they leave, Max closes their eyes and starts to rock to and fro.

Back in the attic, Prue calls for Piper and Phoebe as the spirit board pointer starts to move of its own accord spelling out HELP MAX

The next morning, the girls are discussing Max. Phoebe tells Prue that she will check the Book Of Shadows for any information that might help them. As Piper is leaving for Quake she sees Leo! Telling him she’s glad he’s back she leaves him in the house.

At the police station, Prue is speaking to Andy about the spiritual SOS they received the night before. Andy finds it funny and Prue explains that she had a dream that she was cleaning with her sisters and they found a Ouija board which spelled out help Max. Andy checks his computer and can’t find anything.

At Quake, Piper finds the new chef Harry cooking in shorts! He tells her he has changed the menus and thrown out her knives and Piper freezes him, taking her knives out of the bin and throwing his crab ravioli in! Speaking to Phoebe on the phone she asks if Leo is still there and Phoebe tells her he is and goes to find him in the living room where he is hovering in front the chandelier!! Visibly shocked, Phoebe tells Piper she’ll call her later and Leo falls to the ground and tells Phoebe he can explain what she saw.

She immediately assumes that he is a warlock but Leo says that if he was wouldn’t he have tried to kill them already? She asks if he is a witch and he tells her no but she is shocked to see a lit bulb in his hand!

In a car park outside a building, the two men that kidnapped Max are showing him blueprints to a microchip plant, it appears that they want him to switch the security system off somehow. He tells them he can’t do it because his mother told him he shouldn’t use his power for bad things. They threaten to do something to the boy’s father and the boy agrees to help. Sure enough once Max starts to rock to and fro, Mickey goes up to the front door of the plant and sees the security system disabled, allowing him access to the building. When he walks outside again, Mickey sees a security guard who he promptly shoots!

Back at the manor, we learn that Leo is a whitelighter – a guardian angel for good witches. He tells her that her tea is cold and moves his finger over it which instantly heats it up! Leo explains to Phoebe that he was sent thereby the elder whitelighters to watch over the sisters when they go their powers. He also explains that he is there to help Max who is a budding good witch. He was supposed to help Prue receive the SOS and then guide her. Phoebe tells him that she is the wrong Halliwell to ask to keep a secret and that he should tell Piper but he tells her that whitelighters and witches aren’t supposed to fall in love but he did. He tells Phoebe that he needs to tell Piper he can’t see her again but can’t explain why.

At Bucklands, Andy visits Prue and tells her that the security cameras of a microchip plant which was broken into picked up a shot of a car in which a boy called Max was seen. Andy tells her that not long ago, a group of children snuck into an arcade in the same way as the microchip plant was broken into. He tells Prue that he went to see Max’ father and he told him that the boy was visiting his grandparents! Meanwhile Prue is receiving a message on the spirit board and writes it down as Andy tells her he will find out his secret one day. The message that she received says “kidnapped autoshop”.

Prue visits Max’ father’s home and explains that she knows he’s been kidnapped but can’t understand why he won’t talk to the police. He tells her she should leave but she uses her power to lift a family photo into his hands to show that she can help

At Quake, Phoebe and Leo are visiting Piper. Leo tells Phoebe he will explain that as much as he loves her, his work will keep them apart. Phoebe tells him to think harder.

At Max’ house, his father is explaining what happened. Prue tells him that she knows that Max is fine and he asks if she is a witch. We learn that his wife was a witch and is who Max inherited his power from. Prue tells him that he needs to forgive his wife for not telling him his secret sooner. Prue asks if Mr Franklin knows of an autoshop nearby and he tells her that Max’s friend Danny has a brother who works in one and Danny is one of the children that Max broke into an arcade with.

At the autoshop, Prue appears and tries to help Max, using her powers on Mickey and his accomplice but Mickey knocks her unconscious. When she comes to, she has been tied up. Mickey tells her not to try her magic again as he has wired Max with explosives. He tells Prue he is scared but he’s also sorry he brought her into the situation and for his powers. Prue tells him that he shouldn’t be sorry because they’re a gift and that his father doesn’t hate him he doesn’t understand.

At Quake, Piper finally has a few moments to talk to Leo but is called away by the new chef and Phoebe arrives to explain that she can’t find Prue.

At the police station, Andy and Daryl wonder why Mickey Jackson didn’t steal anything from the microchip plant and whether they are looking into something bigger. Andy gets a call from Phoebe asking if he’s seen Prue but he tells her he hasn’t since the morning.

At the manor, Leo gets a chance to tell Piper his news but she freezes him and asks Phoebe is he is about to tell her she can’t see him anymore. He tells her he’s “involved” but not in the way that she thinks and that he’s sorry. Piper tells him she understands and that he’s geographically undesirable.

Back at the autoshop, Mickey and his accomplice are preparing for their robbery. Prue is explaining that his father will understand his power (which is psychokinesis) and he will too eventually. Max’ father appears and tries to bargain for his son, Prue warns him that Max is wired. Mickey tells David (his accomplice) to put Prue and Max in the van and when he does so, Mickey takes Gordon (Mr franklin) behind the van and shoots him!

When they arrive at the bank, Max sets to work opening the vaults and disabling the security system. They all leave the van and enter the bank together. Prue tells Max to use his power and disable the explosive device then set off the alarms. Security guards appear and mickey shoots them then tries to detonate the device which doesn’t work. Prue uses this opportunity to use her power to throw the two robbers into the vault and close it, enabling them to make their escape.

Back at the autoshop, Gordon is lying on the ground and Leo appears in lights. He tells him that it isn’t time to be with his wife and holds his hand over the wound, as he does so, his hands cast a light over the blood and appear to heal the wound! Leo tells Gordon to raise Max well and heed Prue’s advice. When he leaves, Prue and Max arrive in the van. Prue is visibly shocked that Gordon isn’t bleeding and all signs of the wound seemed to have disappeared. Gordon tells them that there’s somewhere they need to go and tells Prue that he’d like her to go with them.

At Max’ mother’s grave, Gordon tells Max that he hopes that his mother and him can forgive him for his behaviour and reaction to the powers and they embrace.

In the attic, Piper tells Phoebe and Prue that she felt that Leo had a secret that he was holding back. Phoebe blurts out Leo’s secret but Piper and Prue laugh at her. Prue tells her that with her imagination she should write children’s books. As they continue to clean the attic, Prue tells Phoebe that some of the toys should be kept despite her earlier words that they should all go to the salvation army. She says that they should be saved for their children and that she had time to think - coming to the realisation that she does want children and that she’d make a great mother.
Phoebe asks if she saved Max or if Max saved her.

Picture from screencap-paradise.com

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