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demon in "From Fear to Eternity"

1.13 "From Fear to Eternity"

Summary by Ruby

1.13 From Fear to Eternity

The girls (Piper excluded) are in an occult bookstore and it is Friday the 13th. The owner - Tanjella asks that they leave so she can close the store by midnight. Phoebe buys a magic charm as she has a job interview the next day but asks that Prue pay for it on her credit card. Tanjella informs them that they can have a discount if they sign up for the mailing list. She also lets them know that there is a Wiccan gathering soon but upon hearing this Prue becomes defensive and asks why the woman would tell them that since they never told her they were witches.

The clock strikes midnight and the Tanjella becomes very anxious, when the girls ask if she is okay she tells them that this is a special Friday the 13th. Once every 1300 years, “there’s a universal convergence of negative energy on Friday the 13th” and it’s starting already since the clock just struck 13.

Not convinced of anything untoward, Prue and Phoebe leave the store. As they leave a man materialises and appears to sniff the air. Back inside the shop we see Tanjella turning off the lights but the man who materialised not too long ago starts knocking on the door, she yells that they’re closed but he walks through the door telling her “not to this demon you’re not”. She holds up an amulet to protect herself but the demon tells her it won’t work on him. Moving his hand over her face, he tells her that her biggest fear is being buried alive in an earthquake and sure enough an earthquake begins but Tanjella can’t move because she’s frozen in fear. She falls to the ground and when we see her, her hair has turned white. The demon moves over to the book and covers it with his hand and this time, several names disappear – then he leaves.

At the manor, Phoebe and Piper are talking about the fact that Prue has never spoken the words “I Love You” to either of them. Prue comes downstairs and tells them she had a dream about her mum taking her somewhere which made her feel safe. Phoebe tells them that she wishes she had dreams like that and Piper points out that their mum would have to knock before she went into her dreams! Prue yawns and Piper covers her mouth, telling her that especially on Friday the 13th, you should cover your mouth when you yawn because you might let the devil in.

Piper tells them that Quake is having a superstition themed night which is why she had them pick up some amulets for her from the magic shop. Prue tells her that although they have seen warlocks and demons, superstitions are false and old wives’ tales. Piper isn’t convinced and tells her that she met Jeremy on Friday the 13th! Prue still isn’t convinced and Piper asks Phoebe what she thinks – she tells them she prefers the upside to superstition – good fortune. On their way out, Phoebe tells Prue she loves her and true to Phoebe’s earlier discussion with Piper, Prue simply says “yeah me too”.

They meet Andy on his way in to see Prue and she correctly guesses that it is too early to be a social call. He tells her that there have been three suspicious deaths since midnight – all single females under 30. One of the deaths was a bookshop owner (Tanjella) whose credit card records show that Prue was her last customer. She tells him that herself and Phoebe were the last customers and that the store owner was locking up as they left. Andy tells her that she was covered in debris, her hair had turned white and her face was contorted in terror but that she died of a heart attack – literally scared to death. Prue tells him they were only there because Phoebe needed a good luck charm for her job. Andy leaves after telling Prue to be careful. Upstairs in the attic, Prue researches Friday the 13th and finds information in the Book Of Shadows about a demon of fear who appears every 1300 years on this day. She recognises the handwriting this information is written in as her own mother’s.

At Quake, Prue sees Piper pining over a man – Lucas Devane. She tells Piper that she saw his picture in a magazine about the Bay area’s most eligible bachlelors. She also tells Piper that she shouldn’t let superstitions run her life. They talk about Prue’s discovery in the Book Of Shadows and Prue tells Piper that the fear demon needs to kill 13 unmarried witches before midnight by turning their greatest fears against them. Their mother’s piece in the book about the demon says that in the face of their greatest fear, their powers are paralysed but the only way to deal with the situation is to release their fears. We learn that Piper is afraid of flying, Phoebe is afraid of being trapped in an elevator and Prue has been scared of water since their mother drowned.

Before she leaves, Prue tells Piper she won’t be going to Bucklands, instead she is going to try to warn as many witches as she can about the demon. Piper points out that they don’t know any other witches but Prue tells her that she still has the flyer for the Wiccan gathering that Tanjella gave them so she’s going to speak to the contact – Zoe to see if she can help. As she leaves, Piper calls out “I love you” to her but all Prue says in response is “yep”.

At the real estate agency where Phoebe is having her interview. She tells her interviewer - Susan that she would love to have the chance to work with her and she gets the job. A tall blonde man opens the door and susan tells him she’ll be there shortly, then she tells Phoebe that she will be in Calistoga for the day so all Phoebe will need to do is answer the phones. She also tells Phoebe that she has a special task for her – to cover from time to time when her husband calls! Phoebe is shocked but agrees.

In a house, a young woman is pruning a plant, she smiles and says “I thought you’d come” and when she turns around the fear demon is there. However, he is confident that she isn’t as strong as she says she is. Covering her face as he did with Tanjella, he tells her that she didn’t release her fear of fire she only repressed it and proceeds to set her apartment alight. Outside, Prue arrives and knocks on the door – hearing a scream she opens the door to find the witch on the floor, with white hair.

When the police arrive, Daryl explains to Andy that the woman didn’t die of smoke inhalation but of a heart attack like the others. He then tells Andy he can’t believe he’s wearing the “serial” shoes again i.e. tennis shoes, and Andy tells him they’re his good luck charm. Daryl gets the visitor sign-in log and tells him that the last person to see the victim was Prue.

At Quake, Prue is telling Phoebe and Piper what happened and how she called 911 then left after taking Zoe’s date book. Prue then accidentally spills salt whilst reaching for it and Piper tells her to throw it over her left shoulder but Prue is still sceptical. Phoebe then finds a ladybug among the flowers on the table and tells them that their Grams once told her that whichever direction it flies in that’s how someone can find their ideal mate. She decides to try it and it lands on Lucas Devane. Prue tells Phoebe that he’s been trying to talk to Piper for most of the day but Piper is being oblivious because of Friday the 13th superstitions. At that moment a waiter walks into Prue spilling food on her and she dismisses it being bad luck just as Piper attempts to point it out as such. When she leaves Phoebe tells her she loves her and all she gets in response is “yeah”. Piper points out that perhaps since their mother died Prue has felt like she needs to be the strong one and saying she loves them may make her look too vulnerable. Piper asks Phoebe how her job is going and Phoebe tells her about her “special task” of covering for her boss when she has an affair.

When Phoebe leaves, Lucas comes over to Piper and asks her to dinner. Piper initially hesitates but when she sees the ladybug still on Lucas’ shoulder she agrees.

At the estate agency, Phoebe decides to flip a coin to decide whether she should tell Susan’s husband about the affair but the coin doesn’t land on a side it stands upright! The phone rings and as Phoebe answers it, she knocks over a bottle of water. Telling the caller to hold, she stands the bottle up and gets a premonition of Prue trapped in the shower which is completely full of water. She tells the caller to call again later and rings Prue who is at home showering so can’t hear. As the machine picks up, the fear demon appears in the manor! He stands outside the shower and reads Prue’s fear of water. She notices him and he tells her that her greatest fear is drowning. Then the shower begins to fill up, she tries to escape but can’t and he feeds on her terror. The water stops just before it goes over Prue’s head and she tries to use he powers on the demon but as her mother wrote, they don’t work in the face of her fear and the water begins filling up again.

Outside Andy and Daryl arrive and as Daryl rings the doorbell, they hear Prue’s screams, rushing into the bathroom they see Prue in an empty shower. They ask if she’s okay and she tells them she doesn’t know, as they leave to wait for her downstairs, she steps out of the shower which empties of water….

Asking her why she was screaming, she tells Andy and Daryl she had soap in her eyes! Obviously sceptical of her reasons, they ask why she was at Zoe’s apartment and she tells them that Zoe was a collector of occult items and wanted to know if Bucklands would sell any of them. Prue explains that Zoe was dead when she got there and she called 911 before leaving because she didn’t want to be suspected. Phoebe rushes in at that moment and calls for Prue – she tells her she’s okay and asks if the inspectors are finished and they leave. Phoebe tells her that she saw what had happened to her in a premonition and when Prue removes the towel covering her wet hair, Phoebe remarks that the fear demon came really close because she has a white streak in her hair!

They go upstairs to the attic and try to find something in the Book Of Shadows about releasing your fear. Prue tells Phoebe she smells sandalwood which is like a fragrance that their mother used to wear and at that moment Phoebe points out that there is something in the Book Of Shadows about releasing your fears – trust in the greatest of all powers. Prue tells her that that sentence wasn’t there in the morning but Phoebe tells her that because of the stress she’s been under perhaps she forgot…but Prue maintains that she didn’t see it and also tells Phoebe that she can feel their mother’s presence. Before she leaves, Phoebe again tells Prue that she loves her and again Prue doesn’t say it back in the same way. Asking her why she never says “I Love you” to them, Phoebe finds out that it was the last thing she said to their mother before she died.

At Quake, Piper is feeling the effects of Friday the 13th and laments the day to Doug the waiter in the kitchen. She then takes a bundle of sage from a box and lights it, casting a spell to take her bad luck away. It doesn’t begin well as the sage sets the smoke alarm off and Piper then burns her hand trying to get rid of the sage in a pan of boiling water!

At the estate agency, Susan’s husband arrives and asks where she is, he tells Phoebe he thought he’d surprise her by taking her to dinner. Phoebe tries to lie to him but decides she can’t do it without compromising her beliefs. He tells her thank you, Phoebe is confused and he tells her it’s for not lying about Susan’s affair! She tells him she’s sorry and that she shouldn’t quit on his behalf but she assures him she’s not. As Mr Warner leaves, the phone rings. It’s a Mrs Joffee and Susan was supposed to be at a viewing but she’s not there so Phoebe volunteers to show her the property.

When she arrives at the house, Phoebe calls for Mrs Joffee and then enters the garden where there is a swimming pool. Still calling for Mrs Joffee she hears a voice behind her and sees the fear demon! Phoebe tells him she knows how he kills and there aren’t any elevators but the demon tells her he knows that’s not her greatest fear – it’s losing a sister.

At Bucklands, Prue gets a call from Phoebe asking if she can come and pick her up from the house, we see it is the fear demon and Prue tells “Phoebe” she’s on her way.

At Quake, Piper is enjoying her dinner date. Lucas tells her he thought that she was turned off by him. He tells her that he’s a simple man who wants a family and a home and keeps pictures of his nieces in his wallet. Piper thinks that he is too good to be true and freezes him to check his wallet. Sure enough he does have pictures of his nieces in there. When Piper replaces his wallet he unfreezes and she covers by telling him he has lint on his jacket! She tells him his instinct was right and that she did send out negative vibes because of the superstition about relationships starting on Friday 13th but, she then goes on to say that due to another superstition (the ladybug one) she thought she would give him a try. He seems a little surprised and tells her that he doesn’t want to get involved with someone who is so superstitious!

As Prue arrives at the house, she calls Phoebe’s name and hears her calling back, she sees Phoebe tied up and instantly the fear demon appears and pushes her in the water – thus feeding on Phoebe’s fear of losing a sister and Prue’s fear of the water.

Struggling to rise to the surface, Prue sees her mother who tells her to trust in the greatest of all powers – love. She takes Prue’s hand and helps her to the surface. As she swims to the edge of the pool, Prue uses her power on the fear demon and tells him she’s not afraid anymore. When he hears this he appears to burst into flame and Phoebe’s ties become undone. They hug and Phoebe tells Prue that she loves her and to her surprise (and relief) Prue says it back in exactly the same way.

When they get back to the manor, Piper tells them about Lucas and they tell her about the fear demon. Piper hugs her and Prue tells her that she loves her! Piper tells her that that’s the first time that she’s said it to her and Prue tells her that she had been scared to say it since their mother died.

Upstairs in the attic, Prue is reading the passage about the fear demon in her mother’s handwriting and more appears saying “thanks for letting them into your heart”.

Picture from screencap-paradise.com

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Updated 6/29/07  


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