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1.12 "The Wendigo"

Summary by Ruby

It is night and a full moon, Piper has a flat tyre and Phoebe is talking her through changing it whilst at Quake with Prue. She tells them not to worry and she will meet them there in a short while. Back at Quake Phoebe is trying to talk Prue into hiring her at the auction house which she succeeds in doing.

Meanwhile, Piper can’t get through to the auto club and sees a phone booth. As she walks towards it, she hears a noise behind her and sees something in the woods, she starts to run to the phone booth and manages to shut herself inside it. The beast catches up with her and throws the phone booth over, breaks the glass and begins to attack Piper. A man runs out of the woods and attacks the beast with a flare gun and manages to scare it off saving Piper in the process.

At the hospital Phoebe and Prue have come to see Piper. Andy is already there and they walk into a room where she is being examined and flinching at the sight of her own blood. She tells the examiner that if she faints and needs a transfusion, she is AB negative which is rare. Andy explains that he can help since he’s AB negative too.

When they leave the room, Piper points out Billy as the man who saved her life. Andy tells Billy that he would like to talk to him about the coincidence that he was there with the flare gun but Billy freely admits that it wasn’t a coincidence and that he was tracking the creature since a murder the previous night. At that moment, a woman walks in and asks that they describe the creature and Andy explains that this is Special Agent Fallon – FBI. It also seems like she knows Billy and has heard of the creature before. She speaks to Andy and explains that Piper is the first person to survive an attack to which he replies “unlike that poor guy we found last night with his heart ripped out”. Special Agent Fallon is surprised when Andy doesn’t seem shocked at the news that the perpetrator is neither animal nor human and he tells her that recent experiences have taught him to keep an open mind.

Prue asks Billy how he knew to use a flare gun and he tells her that the creature is afraid of fire which he discovered when it attacked him and his fiancée. They were camping and he grabbed a log from the fire which made the creature run after killing his fiancée.

At the manor, Piper is telling the girls that she believes that she was meant to be there but the girls make her promise not to go after the creature – which she learns is a Wendigo from the Book Of Shadows, unless they are together.

At Bucklands, Prue is taking Phoebe through the lots at the auction, Phoebe picks up a gold bracelet inscribed with the initials T & L and gets a premonition of a car going over a cliff. She tells Prue she thinks that she must have received the premonition to find out who the bracelet belongs to but Prue tells her it is in the auction today.

At Quake, Piper is telling Billy about her information regarding the Wendigo. She tells him that it’s called a Wendigo; it looks like a normal person during the day and survives by feeding on human parts. The first one was an immortal who was betrayed by his lover, he killed her and ate her heart which caused his to turn to ice and him to transform into the creature. Billy deduces that it takes love from others but Piper doesn’t say she is in love so they don’t know what it’s attracted to in her – Billy suggests beauty and tells her that she reminds him of his fiancée. Piper goes on to explain that the Wendigo attacks during the three phases of the full moon so it may attempt another attack that evening. She tells Billy she should tell Andy but Billy tells her to tell Agent Fallon something which he suggests he will do. As Piper gets up to say goodbye she feels dizzy and Billy steadies her, she tells him that he is not in this alone and that she can help but can’t tell him how.

She gets a phone call from Andy checking in on her, he tells her she should be relaxing at home. She explains to him that Billy is on his way to see Agent Fallon and has a theory on the attacks; Andy tells her that he will let Agent Fallon know and then tells Piper to rest.

Agent Fallon notes that Andy is quite friendly with Piper and he tells her that he dated her sister. When he asks why she wants to know, Agent Fallon tells him that she wouldn’t want a lovesick cop on her hands since it appears – from the way the creature takes its victims’ hearts – that those are the type of people it goes for. Andy points out that all the victims were killed in three – the phases of the full moon and that all the victims so far have been AB negative. Before she leaves, Agent Fallon suggests that they stake out the park that night.

When Billy meets Agent Fallon, they walk to the car park and he tells her what he knows. He puts a cigarette in his mouth and when he prepares to light it, Agent Fallon puts her hands up in terror! Immediately Billy realises that she is the Wendigo, breaks his neck and walks away.

At Bucklands, Phoebe tells Prue that she found out whose car went over the cliff; it was that of Franklin Bates who was a Private Investigator. She searched the newspaper databases and found out that the accident happened in 1989. Speaking to Bates’ office under the guise of Andy’s partner, Phoebe tells Prue that she found out that the initials on the bracelet stand for Teri Lane who was a 5 year old girl kidnapped by her father, this was the case that the PI was working on when he died. This of course means that Prue can’t sell the bracelet but at that moment, Claire walks in, sees it and takes it away – telling them she has two buyers interested!

At Quake, a Health and Safety inspector has arrived to examine the restaurant’s kitchen. Piper explains their sanitation process all the while appearing to have a fever. When the inspector proceeds to look around, Piper goes over to the freezer and holds cold meat to her head! The inspector sees and Piper quickly covers, telling someone to throw the meat away. The inspector then tells her that she’s obviously sick and should go home, or he’ll shut the restaurant down.

At the car park, Agent Fallon lies to Andy, telling him that she came to meet Billy and found him dead. Andy wants to know why Billy doesn’t have the markings of the usual victims and believes that either he wasn’t AB negative or the creature was trying to protect itself from what Billy knew. They agree to go and see Piper to see if Billy told her what he was going to tell Fallon.

At Bucklands, Phoebe tells Prue she thinks she has found Teri Lane living in Oakland. The bracelet comes up for sale and Phoebe pleads with Prue to help her keep it so she can tell the girl’s mother that she has found her daughter. Prue uses her power to move each buyer’s board out of their hands, thus preventing anyone from bidding and sure enough the bracelet doesn’t sell.

At the manor, Andy visits Piper to see how she is and sees that she’s not wearing her bandage and strangely doesn’t have any scars as the wound has healed already. Then Piper turns into the wendigo and attacks Andy! Suddenly Piper wakes up, she was dreaming. The doorbell rings and it’s Andy! She tells him that he needs to leave but Andy tells Piper that Billy was killed. She lets him in and as he tells Piper it may have been someone else that killed him, Agent Fallon appears. Piper tells them she doesn’t feel well but Agent Fallon asks if she knows what Billy was going to tell them. Piper explains that the creature is called a Wendigo, it attacks during the full moon and looks like a normal person during the day. Agent Fallon says she hopes that Piper didn’t get infected by the Wendigo and tells Piper to call her directly if she remembers anything. When they leave Piper removes the bandage to reveal a hairy arm – she is turning into a Wendigo!

Phoebe visits Harriet Lane at her apartment and tells her she works at an auction house. She asks Harriet if she recognises the bracelet she has and Harriet looks at it but then tells Phoebe that she’s never seen it before. Phoebe doesn’t accept this and tells her she knows that Harriet recognises the bracelet. Phoebe asks Harriet to tell her what her daughter’s name and she duly responds by saying it is Teri Lane then asks Phoebe if she knows where she is. Looking into the hallway – we see Prue who motions for a young girl to come forward. Phoebe pulls Harriet into the hallway and mother and daughter reunite. Prue gets a call from Piper who Prue guesses is worried.

In the woods, Andy and Fallon investigate – she tells him they should turn off their mobiles since their ringing could scare the creature away if they come across it. Fallon mentions that they’re in a nice spot and asks Andy if he ever spent time with Prue there. He says no and Fallon remarks that it is her loss. Andy remarks to Fallon that there is no ring on her finger and she tells him she was engaged to someone who was her world but he left her. She became depressed but tells Andy that she took steps to “make it so that no one could ever hurt me like that again”. Andy remarks that he would love to know how you can do that. She tells him that she will show him sometime and that her life is no longer complicated because now all she’s interested in is sex.

At the manor, Piper shows Prue and Phoebe her arm and snaps at them when they try to help her. Phoebe notices Agent Fallon’s card and picks it up, receiving a premonition when she does so of Agent Fallon turning into the Wendigo and attacking Andy! In the attic, Prue tells them that she can’t get through to Andy on his mobile (it is switched off at Agent Fallon’s suggestion) and they look through the Book Of Shadows to find a reversal spell. Phoebe tells Prue she couldn’t find anything but Prue notices “c.f. desiderata” on the bottom of the page which means look up things which are yearned for in Latin. They tell Piper to fight the blood of the Wendigo and continue to look for a spell to reverse the change – they do, they will need to melt the heart of the Wendigo that bit Piper. Before they leave, they handcuff Piper to a pipe.

In the woods, Andy points out to Fallon that he’s not the best person to be on a stakeout with since he’s AB negative but Agent Fallon tells him that she will protect him.

At the manor, Piper turns into a Wendigo and escapes!

In the woods, Andy remarks that he’s on edge and behind him Fallon sees herself turning into a Wendigo bit by bit. She stands by him and he tells her she’s beautiful but that they should remain professional. She changes into a Wendigo when he has his back turned and despite shooting her/it, the Wendigo beats him to the ground. When she/it is about to take his heart, Prue calling Andy’s name interrupts and the creature runs off into the night. It finds them and Prue fires a flare gun they have bought with them and the creature is scared off. Behind them it reappears and again is scared away. They see Andy and are relieved that he is still alive. The Wendigo reappears behind them and they fire the gun again, scaring them. Prue hands the gun to Phoebe and tells her it’s over to the right, but Phoebe says no it’s over to their left – there are two!! Phoebe fires the flare gun at the Wendigo on the left and Wendigo Piper freezes the flare whilst Prue moves it to the Fallon Wendigo who dies immediately. Piper immediately changes back to her human form minus clothes which she realises immediately and runs behind a tree in embarrassment!

Andy comes to and sees Prue standing over him, she tells Andy the Wendigo is gone and she will explain everything later.

At Quake the next day, the girls ask Piper if she is okay to work and she tells them she is upset about Billy because she’s not used to losing an innocent.  She asks Prue what she told Andy and Prue tells them that she told Andy the truth – Agent Fallon was the Wendigo and if they hadn’t vanquished her Piper and Andy would have died. She also tells them that he didn’t say much and Phoebe points out that perhaps he’s more open to being a witch than Prue thinks. Prue tells them they need to get back to work and Phoebe tells her that she quit because of her power and that Bucklands is Prue’s world so Phoebe needs to find her own. At that moment, Piper menacingly says “Just stay out of my world or I’ll kill you” then walks away but not before turning back to tell them it was a joke!

Picture from screencap-paradise.com

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Updated 5/29/07  


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