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Charmed Episode Guide

The three sisters in "Feats of Clay"

1.11 "Feats of Clay"

Summary by Ruby

The episode opens in Cairo, Egypt. A building is broken into by three men who are looking for an urn. Two of the men leave one who we learn is called Clay and go off in search of the urn. We also learn that the urn is cursed and an old man has already been killed – stung by a scorpion because of it. One of the men – Wesley appears to believe in the curse. They find the urn and as they hold it, an image of an Egyptian female shines on it and disappears. Clay appears and tells his friends that there is someone coming so they leave hastily. When they have left, a light shines and appears to follow them.

They hide outside and agree to split up and meet in San Francisco, Clay is given the urn and told to take it to his friend and sell it immediately. He is also warned not to double cross his friends. As Clay and Palmer flee, Wesley turns to do the same and is stopped by an Egyptian woman who tells him she is the guardian of the urn! Touching her ring which is in the form of a spider she then touches Wesley’s chest and a real live spider appears and bites him to death! The guardian tells him he is being punished for his greed.

Three days later in San Francisco, at the Manor we learn that Clay’s “friend” is none other than one of the Charmed ones – Phoebe and they used to date! Prue is a little disappointed that she never knew this and Piper did. She greets him at the door and immediately has a pleasing premonition of how they will be catching up!

At Quake, Prue is asking Piper what else she doesn’t know and Piper tells her that sometimes she can be judgemental which is why they keep certain things from her. At that moment, a waiter behind the bar sees a waitress and immediately drops the tray of glasses he has in his hand. Luckily before they hit the floor, Piper freezes them. She takes the glasses from their position in mid-air and puts them on the tray. Everyone unfreezes and we learn that the waiter’s name is Doug and the waitress’ name is Shelly. Prue asks Piper is her using her powers in public is a frequent occurrence and Piper assures her that she is finally able to control the unfreezing. Prue tells her that surely if Doug does it a lot Piper should fire him but Piper tells her that Doug is going through a hard time because Shelly has recently dumped him after six years!

We learn that Prue is going back to work at the auction house despite what happened with Rex and Hannah but she is interrupted by Piper freezing Doug again – this time just as he is about to trip and drop a stack of plates!

In the park, Clay is telling Phoebe about Egypt. He tells her that she was right to leave him because he blew it. She asks him why he has come back. He attempts to pass it off as a simple visit but Phoebe sees through it and he explains that he has an urn (which he picked up at a market), she figures out that he wants her to ask Prue to help him sell it so he can have a fresh start.

At Bucklands, Prue meets Claire Pryce who has been assigned to Bucklands by the bank to assess if Bucklands is worth saving. She tells Prue that they need to sell 1.2 million dollars’ worth of inventory by tomorrow at an auction Claire will shut the auction house! Prue tells her that an auction needs planning, a catalogue, buyers and Claire simply tells her that she has a lot of work ahead of her. As she leaves, Phoebe and Clay enter and explain the urn to Prue. She tells them that she needs to check its origin and its previous owners but Phoebe persuades her to “skip a step or two”.

Outside, Clay and Phoebe encounter Palmer who Phoebe is surprised to hear knows about the urn. He tells Clay he is staying at the same hotel as him and they agree to meet later. A plane’s cargo has arrived at the airport and Palmer appears, he is asked if he needs help by a man standing over a wooden box and Palmer tells him that he was a friend of Wesley’s checking to see if he made it home okay. The man asks how Wesley died and Palmer tells him a spider bite and then confirms that he is off to JFK airport. As he touches the box to apologise to his friend, we see the same image of the guardian of the urn magically disappear from the side of the box as it did from the urn. She appears as Palmer leaves and watches him.

Prue is telling Piper over the phone that she has a bad feeling about Clay but Piper tells her it isn’t really any of her business and she should stop worrying about Clay. Meanwhile she is still having problems with Doug the love struck waiter.

At the manor, Clay is questioning Phoebe about why she moved back to the manor because he remembers them having some not-so-pleasant conversations about her sisters. Phoebe tells him things have changed and he explains that has his feelings for her haven’t and kisses her. When he pulls away he apologises but Phoebe explains that it is okay, just that it took a long while for her to get over him. Prue walks in and Clay asks her about the urn, she tells him it is in the auction but she is still waiting for a background check to come through. When he leaves they hear a crash in the attic and run up there to see Piper trying to cast a spell on Doug to boost his confidence so he can speak to Shelly again. Prue tells her that not everyone is supposed to be together (a subtle hint at Phoebe) but Piper tells them that Doug will never know unless he plucks up the courage to ask Shelly to marry him!

The next day at the Bucklands auction, Claire gives Prue the appraisal for the Urn and it appears to be stolen! She uses her powers to switch the urn’s position in the auction and buy her some time. When she goes back to her office with it she finds Palmer hiding in there! He seems agitated and tells Prue she is to get rid of it before the curse surfaces. Prue uses her powers to move the urn back and forth to fool Palmer into thinking she believes in the curse and it works as he flees.

Outside, Phoebe is asking Piper about her thoughts on what she should do about Clay. She explains that he never thought of the future and got involved with bad people and that’s why she left him even though he helped her when she first moved to New York – alone and scared. As they enter Quake, they see that Doug has an audience as he is making cocktails – the confidence spell worked! He seems to be ignoring Shelly though and Piper questions him about this but he tells her he has enough women interested in him to think about Shelly.

At Palmer’s apartment, we see him run inside checking to see if he has been followed before shutting the door. When he does so we see the same image of the guardian on his door, as before it shines and disappears, then the guardian appears in the flesh in his apartment. She asks him where the urn is and he tries to lie to him – explaining that he was going to return it. But it’s too late and the guardian sets a scorpion on him!

At the Manor, Phoebe and Clay are telling each other how they have missed being together. She tells him to leave because she needs to get changed but he seduces her. Prue comes home and asks Piper where Phoebe is, Piper tells her she is upstairs and Prue runs up there and opens the door without knocking! She immediately shuts in, realising her mistake. Phoebe and Clay dress and he leaves before she starts to tell Prue off for barging into her room. Prue apologises and explains the situation with the urn. Phoebe doesn’t believe it but Prue tells her that there is a curse attached to it which kills anyone who steals it. She still doesn’t believe it, telling them that he would never risk Phoebe’s life.

At Palmer’s apartment, Andy is told by a coroner that he has been bitten by a scorpion. He also tells Andy that there is a business card in his pocket and before the coroner has a chance to say whose it is – Andy guesses correctly – it’s Prue’s.

Andy bumps into Clay coming to see Palmer and he is noticeably shocked when he sees his old friend dead.

At Bucklands, Claire and Prue are adding up the sales from the auction - 1.28 million which means the auction house is saved. As she leaves, Andy enters and immediately notices the scorpion on the urn. He explains the situation with Palmer and Prue tells him that she met a lot of people that day. Before he leaves, Andy tells her that if she ever needs anything she can always call on him even though they’re not dating anymore.

At Clay’s hotel room he is packing but is interrupted by Phoebe who asks if he stole the urn. He admits it but denies knowledge of the curse. Phoebe doesn’t believe him and leaves.

At Quake, it seems Piper has reversed the spell on Doug because he has gone back to his old butter-fingered ways; she has also been given 24 hours to fire him! Phoebe enters and Piper comforts her over Clay for a little while, telling her maybe they’re better off with safe and boring types like Doug! She thanks Piper for lending an ear and leaves.

At the manor, Phoebe is visited by Clay who tells her he wants to turn himself into the police with the urn which he needs Phoebe’s help in retrieving. He touches her and she gets a premonition of Clay being attacked by a snake.

At Bucklands, Phoebe explains about the curse to Prue. The guardian appears and Prue tells Clay and Phoebe to leave. She tries to use her powers against the guardian who tells Prue that she is only there for the their but she is too strong for Prue’s powers and when they leave, remarks “so now there are more who will die”.

Back at the manor, the girls go up to the attic to look for the guardian in the Book Of Shadows and Prue tells them that maybe they aren’t supposed to save Clay (who is downstairs) Phoebe doesn’t believe her but Piper finds something related to the seven deadly sins. Prue remembers that the guardian punishes the greedy and tells them that if Clay did something selfless perhaps it would even the score and save his life? When they go downstairs to tell Clay this, he has disappeared and they realise that he’s gone to Bucklands.

At the auction house, the guardian appears just as Clay enters Prue’s office. He tells her that he is not there for the urn and agrees with her when she tells him he must be punished. The guardian is holding a snake as Clay asks if it is over once he has been punished. As the cobra rears to attack Clay, Phoebe runs in and moves towards Clay. Just as the cobra strikes, Clay holds his arm up and protects Phoebe and the cobra, guardian and urn all disappear. They all realise that what the Book Of Shadows said about a selfless act was true.

At quake, Doug is still clumsy and when Piper freezes him, this time Prue steps in to save the day. She takes the engagement ring he has bought for Shelly out of his pocket and puts it on the floor where she will definitely see it. When they unfreeze, sure enough Shelly notices the box and asks what it is. She opens it and Doug explains that he wanted to ask her for ages to marry him and she explains that that was the reason she broke up with him - she gave up on waiting.

Clay stops by the restaurant to say goodbye to Phoebe and tell her how much he cares about her. She tells him she knows and he hopes that the next time they meet; he will be the guy she wants him to be.

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