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picture of Leo and Piper in "Wicca Envy"

1.10 "Wicca Envy"

Summary by Ruby

At the manor, Prue and Phoebe have returned, laden with shopping! They interrupt Piper having a romantic evening with Leo! She tells them to go into the living room because she has frozen Leo and she isn’t sure how long it will last so they need the scene to be exactly as it was before they got there so he doesn’t suspect anything.

Whilst in the Living Room, an apparition of Rex appears beside Prue as she begins to undress! Kit sees and begins to hiss at him but Prue doesn’t know what she is hissing at. Then Rex speaks, he tells Prue that she forgot to unpack her briefcase when she got home from work and wants to do it now. Sure enough, Prue goes to her briefcase and opens it. We see that it is a tiara and Rex confirms this but tells Prue that although she will be picking up a tiara, she will believe it is her date book. He tells her to put it in the desk and then continue getting ready for bed. Kit jumps up on Prue’s bedside as Rex settles in to watch Prue undress and he disappears. At Bucklands, Rex opens his eyes and Hannah is confused as to how this works. He explains that it is called Astral Projection and with it he managed to trick Prue into leaving with the tiara and then goes on to shows Hannah how Astral projection works. He moves to the other side of the office and closes his eyes; an apparition of himself appears beside Hannah and tells her she wants to disrobe for him. When he opens his eyes again, sure enough, Hannah gets up and starts undressing.

At the manor, the girls are getting ready to leave for work and to look for work in Phoebe’s case. Piper flies down the stairs to the girls’ amazement since she had previously told them that she would be going into work early that morning. Piper tells them that she had problems getting out of bed and the girls assume they are Leo-shaped! She explains that at certain moments of excitement, she kept freezing Leo because she was nervous and the girls tease her then leave. Leo comes down the stairs to give Piper a good morning kiss after which she leaves.

At Bucklands, Phoebe and Prue see that the police are conducting an investigation. One of the guards explains to Prue that the Romanov tiara was stolen the previous evening. Rex arrives and asks Prue to help the police with their investigation since he has a prior commitment – a concert by The Verve. Phoebe expresses her love for the band and Rex invites her to go with him she agrees to go and leaves. Andy arrives and Hannah explains that since Prue was the last to see the tiara, she suggested that Andy speak with her. Andy asks that she go to the police station at one pm.

In his office, Hannah moans to Rex about him using her ticket to take Phoebe to the concert but he explains that he is only doing it to upset Prue so that they can frame her for the burglary and force her sisters to relinquish their powers using a spell from the Book Of Shadows.

At the station, Prue is explaining to Andy what happened when she saw the tiara. She tells him that she locked the vault and Morris explains that there were no signs of forced entry which is why it seems like they are interrogating her. When she leaves, Morris questions Andy’s reluctance to believe Prue did it since all the signs are pointing to her but he brushes it off. Morris then points out that the security camera tape from the vault is missing from the batch that was sent over by the auction house.

At Quake, Prue is talking to Piper about the tiara and Rex and Phoebe arrive post-concert. Piper senses that Prue is jealous but Prue tells her she would like to keep her home and work lives separate.

The next morning, Phoebe finds flowers in a box from Rex which Prue has already opened. She explains to Phoebe that she doesn’t want her boss to know certain things about her. Just then Andy and Morris turn up with a warrant to search the house and as they are doing so, Andy reaches for one of Prue’s drawers and luckily he looks away as he does so because Piper notices the tiara and freezes him immediately! Prue is understandably confused and they agree that it was planted. Whilst they are figuring out where to hide it, Rex appears astrally behind Andy. Piper hides the tiara under Prue’s pillow and Andy and Morris unfreeze. Rex says to Andy, you think you should check under the pillows! Sure enough, Andy tells Morris to do this and the girls are again confused and Piper freezes them, takes the tiara and puts it into the dresser since Andy’s already checked there. Again the inspectors unfreeze and Andy walks over to the dresser but again Piper freezes him. Phoebe takes the tiara and leaves to hide it in the attic and comes back just as the inspectors unfreeze again, this time Rex disappears and he inspectors leave.

Leo arrives and asks why the police were there but the girls brush him off and he goes upstairs to fix the bathroom sink. The phone rings and it’s Rex who wants to speak with Phoebe, he asks her on another date, this time to a dinner party. Prue tells Piper she thinks it’s someone at the auction house and believes it is Hannah since she said to Prue that she was out to destroy her (truth spell).

Leo is in the attic and suspiciously looks around before waving his hand to open several boxes!! He doesn’t find what he seems to be looking for and shuts them again, then he sees a dresser drawer and again, opens it magically, it is the one in which Phoebe has hidden the tiara. Hearing someone coming up to the attic, he quickly closes the drawer just as Piper enters. She is confused as to what he is doing there instead of in the bathroom. He tells her he needs to fix a light and thought there may be some fixtures in the attic he could use. He then explains to her that he may have to leave to go back home which is far away, he kisses her and leaves just as Piper notices the partially open dresser drawer. She goes to it and sees the tiara and takes it out, the look on her face implies that she may suspect Leo of something untoward!!

Outside Rex’ apartment, he appears in the form of an apparition to Phoebe who is waiting outside and tells her that she will see a spectacular apartment then he disappears. He opens the door and tells her to come inside; sure enough she begins to tell him his apartment is “spectacular”. When they are sitting down, Rex tells Phoebe he has secured an interview for the fashion section of a magazine. He then leaves to get sushi for them but secretly astrally projects himself beside Phoebe. He tells her she is having a premonition of Prue being attacked at Bucklands. When Rex returns, Phoebe tells him that she has to go and once she has left, Rex clicks his fingers and the apartment furniture all disappears! All that is left is an empty room. He makes call to the police and using a Southern accent – tells them that he is at Bucklands Auction House and believes someone is trying to kill him.

At Bucklands, Prue is surprised by the security guard Jaime and she asks him if Hannah or Rex were around at the time the tiara was taken. He tells her she was the only one there but he truly believes that Prue would never steal the tiara. When he leaves, Prue goes to Hannah’s computer and searches for her and Rex’ employment listing at Bucklands but she can find no record that they work there! At that moment, Rex appears (astrally) behind her and tells her that someone is after her, behind her, a warlock with powers greater than hers. She flees and at the lift, Rex appears again and tells her she hears a scream inside the warehouse where we see Jaime, and she again runs with Rex calling after her – you’re to grab the artefact just inside the door.

In the warehouse, Hannah appears and clubs Jaime around the head with an artefact, she then drops what must be the missing security tape from the vault where the tiara was kept, as well as the artefact. True to Rex’ words, when Prue arrives, she grabs the artefact and then sees Jaime. She goes to him with the artefact in her hand and Phoebe arrives, relieved that Prue is okay.

The police arrive and watch the tape, seeing Prue taking the tiara! She tells Morris and Andy that someone has obviously manipulated her. It’s no good, the inspectors see what’s in front of them and they ask what they are supposed to think. Andy apologises and arrests Prue under suspicion of murder.

Phoebe takes Piper to Rex’ apartment to ask for his help, when they open the door they see an empty apartment. Piper asks if Phoebe is sure that she has the right place and Phoebe says yes and sees her lipstick which she must have dropped running off to save Prue. She realises that is must have been an illusion along with her premonition which means that she’s dating a warlock!

At the police station, Andy tells Morris that he doesn’t feel that Prue did it since the evidence keeps turning up too easily and falling into their laps. Morris believes that Andy is letting his feelings cloud his judgement.

At the Manor, Phoebe and Piper discuss what they are going to do about the situation they are in and Phoebe thinks of something. She puts the tiara into a wardrobe – all the while Rex is sitting in a chair watching them – and they leave.

At the police station, it turns out that Phoebe thinks they should break Prue out of the cell! Piper freezes the guard and goes inside to break her out and when they are outside, Rex takes a photograph! He proceeds to blackmail them, in return for him telling the police he misplaced the tiara they must give him their powers. They are to cast the spell in the Book Of Shadows which will relinquish the powers into a small container.

At the Manor, the girls are discussing giving up their powers. While none of them want to do it, they feel that they must to prevent Prue from going to jail. Meanwhile, we learn that Leo has heard their entire conversation!

In the attic, the girls cast the spell to relinquish their powers. The Book Of Shadows empties as the pages go blank and the girls’ powers enter the container that Rex gave them.

At Bucklands, Rex and Hannah are waiting. Hannah turns into a black panther!

At the police station, Andy searches for Hannah and Rex on his computer and finds that the real Rex and Hannah are dead! He calls Morris and tells him that he’s found out who has framed Prue.

At Bucklands, the girls meet with Rex. They give him the lantern, he tells them that it feels anticlimactic and moves behind them as Hannah (as the panther) appears!

Meanwhile back at the Manor, Leo is once again in the attic. He stands over the Book Of Shadows and holds his hands over it; they glow as the words seem to return to the pages!!

At Bucklands, Rex senses that something is wrong and tells Hannah to pounce, as she jumps, Piper freezes the panther and then Prue moves her to Rex. As she unfreezes Rex is killed and she morphs back into a remorseful and emotional Hannah. At that moment, a fire appears and seems to take Hannah and Rex away with it. Prue tells them they must return to the jail.

Andy and Morris arrive at the jail to see Prue and as they enter her cell, Andy calls her name, when she does not answer, he pulls the covers down and Prue appears! She feigns ignorance as Andy explains what happened with Hannah and Rex, asking her why he had a picture of the girls in his office.

At the manor, the girls are looking through the Book Of Shadows, wondering how their powers were given back to them. Leo appears at the attic door and tells them that he came back for his tool box. Piper senses that he came back because he wanted a reason to and that he is leaving as he said before. He tells her he’ll be back and leaves the attic. Phoebe wonders if Leo was the reason why they got their powers back but is sidetracked by Prue tearing the relinquishing spell from the Book. She tells them she doesn’t want to risk losing their powers again.

Downstairs, we see Leo walking towards the door but instead of opening it and walking through he fades in a beam of light and the door opens by itself!

Picture from screencap-paradise.com

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Updated 5/29/07  


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