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"Something Wicca This Way Comes" Episode: #1.1 - 7 October 1998

Summary by Suzanne

San Francisco-a dark and stormy night. A woman chants at her home. She is a Wicca or witch, with candles all around, and a cat. A man in black walks up behind her. She turns, recognizing him. He stabs her with a knife and she screams.

Piper returns home and calls for her sister, Prue, who is trying to repair a chandelier in their home. Piper apologizes for being late because she stopped by Chinatown to get some port for her recipe. She asks if her boyfriend Jeremy called. She has to audition to be a chef in a restaurant and hopes the port will be the key ingredient. She sees that Prue has brought out their old spirit (Ouija) board from when they were kids. It says something about finding the light and the power of three will set you free. They never did figure out what the inscription from their mother meant. Prue remarks that they should send it to Phoebe in New York because she could use some light. Piper thinks Prue is always too hard on Phoebe. Prue just hopes Phoebe doesn't visit there. Piper sighs. After they walk away, the pointer on the spirit board moves by itself.

Cops have arrived at the scene of the woman's murder. There is an African-American cop, Inspector Darryl Morris, and a handsome white cop, Inspector Andy Trudeau. Andy remarks there this is another dead female. He tells Darryl that he was visiting an occult shop to find out information. Andy thinks the women who were murdered were witches, but Darryl doesn't believe in any of that stuff, so they argue a bit. A reporter, Jeremy, briefly questions Andy.

At home, Piper tells Prue that they should find another roommate to share expenses. Prue thinks that's a good idea. They get into an argument about Phoebe, so Piper springs the news on Prue that Phoebe has left New York and is going to come live with them, there at their grandmother's house. Prue is not happy to hear this. Phoebe arrives with a small bag. That and her bike are her only possessions. Piper hugs Phoebe, but Prue is frosty. As Piper goes to pay for Phoebe's cab, Phoebe tells Prue that she did not sleep with Prue's boyfriend Roger, no matter what he said. Phoebe walks away in a huff after Piper suggests that they have dinner together.

Phoebe is in her room with the TV on. There is a news report with Jeremy about the murder on TV. Piper brings her a tray with dinner and sees Jeremy on TV. Piper and Phoebe discuss how Prue has always acted more like their mother than their sister. Prue brings a blanket in for Phoebe.

Back at the murder scene, the cops notice a tattoo on the victim. They argue more about witches. Andy sees the cat and picks it up. Darryl warns that the cat has been scratching everyone, but it behaves for Andy. On its collar tag is a strange symbol.

Piper tells Phoebe about how she met Jeremy. They play with the spirit board. When Piper goes to get more popcorn, the pointer moves on its own, which freaks Phoebe out. It spells "AT". Prue and Piper run in when Phoebe yells, but they don't believe that she didn't move it herself. It moves a few more times until finally Piper sees it moving without Phoebe touching it at all. It spells out "ATTIC". There is an ominous crack of thunder then.

Piper wants to find Jeremy but can't get him on the phone. The phone and electrical power are out. Prue wants to go to the basement to check out the circuits. Phoebe insists on going to the attic. Prue and Piper have never been able to open the door. Phoebe can't open it, either. As she walks away, however, the door opens on its own. She walks in and it is kind of spooky. A light shines on an old chest, so she opens it and takes out a large old book. She blows dust off from it and opens it. It is the Book of Shadows and it has the same symbol as the cat's collar. Phoebe reads the inscription about getting power fro sisters three. There is more light as she reads it, and things shake. A picture of the three girls phases in and out. Prue and Piper arrive, so Phoebe tells them that she read an incantation. She tells them that it was about receiving their powers.

Outside, a hooded figure in black stands, waiting. The sisters go back downstairs, saying that nothing has happened or changed, despite the incantation. The figure walks away.

It is the next day and the rain has gone. Phoebe sits outside on the front stoop, drinking coffee or tea. Piper comes out and wonders why Phoebe is up so early, but Phoebe tells her that she's been up all night, reading the Book. Prue has already left for work. Phoebe tells Piper that one of their ancestors was a witch called Melinda Warren. When she was burnt at the stake, she swore that her powers would be passed down the generations until finally three very powerful sisters, more powerful witches that had ever been known. Phoebe thinks they are these sisters. Piper doesn't believe it and lists all the reasons why it isn't so, then she leaves for work. Phoebe calls out that they are the Charmed Ones and are supposed to protect the innocents.

At work, Prue gets bad news from Roger, who is really full of himself and condescending. Prue worked hard for this museum and now he will be taking over as curator, stealing her job and getting all the credit. They argue, and we learn that they used to sleep together and she returned his engagement ring. As they argue, she waves him off and walks away. His pen explodes in his pocket and then, when he takes it out, it explodes in his face.

Piper is cooking at her restaurant audition, but she is told by this obnoxious French guy that she is out of time. She hasn't yet had a chance to add the port. He is about to take a bite, but she waves her hand as if to stop him. He freezes. She doesn't know what's going on, but he remains frozen no matter what she does or says, so she gets some port and pours it on the bite he is taking. He unfreezes and then takes the bite. He says it is delicious. Piper is happy but looks confused.

Prue goes into Roger's office while he is on the phone, still taking credit for her work. She quits. He threatens her, but that doesn't work, so then he tries to convince her to stay, but he does so in a very insulting manner. As she leaves, she gestures angrily as if she wants to throttle him. His necktie suddenly gets very tight and he starts choking. He struggles and finally snips off the tie with his scissors.

Piper tries phoning Phoebe at home from a phone booth, but she doesn't answer. As she stops out, Jeremy is there. He congratulates her on her new job, even though she wonders how he knew about it. He has tasted her cooking, so he knew she would get the job. They kiss.

Phoebe is riding her bike when she suddenly gets a premonition about a car hitting some kids on skateboards. She yells at them to stop, but ends up skidding her bike in front of them as she does it. They help her out. The cat watches from nearby.

Prue visits Phoebe at the hospital. She runs into Andy, whom she already knows. He is there about the murders to see a doctor. They are both pleased to run into each other and shake hands hello. He asks her to coffee while they're both waiting. She asks about his dad and he relates that his dad is proud that a third generation has become a cop. She explains how she moved back to her Gram's house and is now out of work. He tells her that he's moved back from Portland and he knows about Roger. She realizes that he's checked up on her.

Prue and Phoebe later talk in a coffee shop about Phoebe's being able to see the future. Prue is disbelieving about it. Phoebe asks Prue to trust her for once. Prue says they have no special powers. Prue then asks for the cream, and it moves across the table on its own when she waves her hand. Then it goes into her coffee cup. Phoebe laughs and says that obviously Prue is able to move things with her mind when she is upset.

Outside, Phoebe tells Prue that she saw some wood carvings in the Book of Shadows, where three women were battling evil. She says that witches can be either good or evil (in which case, they are warlocks). She says they were safe as long as they didn't know they had the powers, but now she's not so sure. The cat follows them.

Piper is in a taxi with Jeremy. She asks if anything weird has ever happened to him, but he doesn't know what she means, and she can't really explain it, either. He opens a fortune cookie and reads it, and then suggests they go to the top of the old Boeing Building so they can see the great view of the Bay Bridge. Piper agrees.

Prue and Phoebe are in a pharmacy, where Prue is looking for aspirin and is very agitated. They argue about their destiny. Prue is upset, tense, and angry. The aspirin flies off the shelf to her. Phoebe says again that she moves things when she's upset. More stuff flies off the shelves. Phoebe talks about their dad to push Prue's buttons and test her powers. Suddenly, two shelves' worth of stuff all fall off. Phoebe says that according to the book, their powers will grow. They both laugh nervously about it.

Piper reluctantly gets on an old elevator with Jeremy. He mentions her going home to talk to Phoebe and Prue. She wonders how he knew that Phoebe was back, so he realizes that his cover is blown. He takes out a knife and says that he knew as soon as their Grams died that they would get their powers. She realizes that he is the one who killed all those women. He says they were witches and that was how he stole their powers. With this, his fingertips light up with little flames. She comes at her with the knife; she waves her hands as if to stop him, and he freezes. She climbs out of the elevator, but he unfreezes and comes after her. She picks up a board that is lying there and hits him with it.

Phoebe and Prue are at home, wondering where Piper is and where the cat came from. There is a message from Roger on the answering machine, asking Prue to come back to work for him. Piper returns, running the door frantically. She says they need to lock the doors and windows and get the Book so they can get rid of a warlock.

Jeremy awakens and escapes. The sisters argue about whether to get the cops or not. Piper says the cops wouldn't believe them and they would be no match for him, anyway. Up in the attic, they light a circle of candles, then make a clay doll with a rose stuck into it. Piper says a spell about Jeremy. Smoke rises and then it bursts into flame. Jeremy is pierced with large thorns and writhes in pain. Phoebe has a vision, so she knows that Jeremy is still alive. They rush downstairs to flee, but he is there. Prue faces him as the other two rush up to the attic. They put furniture against the door, but he easily moves it from the other side of the door, mocking them as he does.

They all chant, "The Power of Three Will Set us Free" over and over. He encircles them with fire, then a snow storm. He says there are millions more out there like him and they will all attack the girls wherever they are. Finally, he breaks apart and disappears.

The next morning, Prue gets the paper from outside. Andy shows up. He has coffee in his hand but says it's not for Prue. He asks her out to dinner. They joke around and then he asks her out on a date for Friday night. She says her life has gotten complicated but promises to call him. He gives her the coffee after all and then leaves.

Piper and Phoebe come out, with the cat. Prue explains why she didn't accept the date; she wonders if witches should date. Andy sees the cat as she gets into his car. The girls talk about their future but vow to stick together.

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