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Charmed Article

Review by Mercedes

Prince Charmed

I’m not going to use this episode to rag on Paige and Phoebe; however, their priorities are still askew. At least Piper’s are definitely in order. The strength, courage and selflessness shown by Holly Marie Combs’ character as a mother willing to let her hopes and dreams take a back seat for the sake of her child. I admire that and her acting so much. I do not want Piper to give up on love though but the lyrics in the song by Vanessa Carlton (song in the opening) says it best “the heart of a woman can never be found in the arms of a man.

Speaking of men I want to discuss EDUARDO VERASTEGUI!! Paige and Phoebe’s magnificent spell of art. Talk about SALTY GOODNESS, THOSE LIPS, THOSE EYES, THAT BODY, OOH MY!!! Okay that’s enough, lets get back to the task at hand. Ever since the episode when Chris went back to the future (episode Chris-Crossed) and finding out about Holly Marie Combs’ real life pregnancy and how that will be written into the show I believe Chris is Wyatt’s younger brother, the second son of Leo and Piper. If I’m wrong please forgive me but my assumptions are based on all the goings on Charmed this season. Think about all the times he has messed up and how hurt he seemed when Leo, Piper, Paige and Phoebe no longer trusted him or how happy he was to get the seal of approval from grams at the end of Witchstock. These examples are just a few there are too many to list. Anyway sooner or later we will see.

Before I go, it was nice to see Daryl and his wife in this episode I hope we will continue to see them and perhaps more in the future.

Till next chat,

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Updated 1/16/09  


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