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Charmed Article

Review by Mercedes

Leo and Wyatt"Witchstockin Good"

Although I am still reeling over the fact that Phoebe and Paige moved out, the episode "Witchstock" was great. Any episode including a guest appearance by Grams (Jennifer Rhodes) is always a fan favorite for me. Who would have ever thought of her as a Flower Child? I’m a big fan of the "Kick Ass" Grams myself. It was nice for the girls to go back in time and meet their grandfather for the first time.

It was also nice to see Chris and Leo get along and taking their "White Lighteresque" duties seriously, well sort of anyway. I still want to know the whole truth concerning Chris. To be honest I didn’t like him very much after the deal with Leo in the last year’s season finale. Nevertheless, I have to admit after every passing show this season I love having him around. The way things are going with the charmed ones these days Chris just may be the one to save their asses sooner or later.

Let’s face it, Paige and Phoebe’s priority lies mostly with who is in their beds instead of focusing on their duties as a charmed one. All I can see is disaster ahead for them and especially Wyatt since we already know some of what happens in the future if they don’t shape up. I have theories on whom Chris really is but I’m not ready to share my speculations with you just yet. Until then keep watching maybe you and I both will come up with the same conclusions.

Till next time

Mercedes C.

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Updated 1/16/09  


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