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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Favorite Quotes

Right now we just have a few for Season 7. We hope to get the rest soon!

Season 7 UPN

123. 7- 1 24 Sep 02 Lessons
124. 7- 2 1 Oct 02 Beneath You
125. 7- 3 8 Oct 02 Same Time, Same Place
126. 7- 4 15 Oct 02 Help
127. 7- 5 22 Oct 02 Selfless
128. 7- 6 5 Nov 02 Him
129. 7- 7 12 Nov 02 Conversations with Dead People
130. 7- 8 19 Nov 02 Sleeper
131. 7- 9 26 Nov 02 Never Leave Me
132. 7-10 17 Dec 02 Bring On The Night
133. 7-11 7 Jan 03 Showtime
134. 7-12 21 Jan 03 Potential
135. 7-13 4 Feb 03 The Killer In Me
136. 7-14 11 Feb 03 First Date
137. 7-15 18 Feb 03 Get It Done
138. 7-16 25 Feb 03 Storyteller
139. 7-17 25 Mar 03 Lies My Parents Told Me
140. 7-18 15 Apr 03 Dirty Girls
141. 7-19 29 Apr 03 Empty Places
142. 7-20 6 May 03 Touched
143. 7-21 13 May 03 End of Days
144. 7-22 20 May 03 Chosen

Here are various favorite quotes:

  • Buffy: Faith has taken my body, and for all I know, she's taken it to Mexico by now. I don't have time for bondage fun . (Who Are You)
  • Spike: I love syphilis more than you. (The Harsh Light Of Day)
  • Cordelia: God! What is your childhood trauma?!' (Welcome To The Hellmouth)
  • Willow: Santa always passes me by. Something puts him off. Could be the big honkin'menorah. (The Body)
  • Andrew: I bet even covert operatives eat curly fries. They're really good. (Empty Places)
  • Riley: We're drawing up a plan for world domination. The key element? Coffeemakers that think.(Restless)
  • 'Anya: I used to punish people like this when I was a demon. I made them double-check spreadsheets for all eternity. (Bargaining, Part 1)
  • Oz: It involves a feathered boa and a theme to "A Summer Place". I can't discuss it here. (Inca Mummy Girl)
  • Warren: Should we check the other channels for free cable porn? (Life Serial)
  • Xander: Wild monkey love or tender Sarah McLachlan love? (Wild At Heart)
  • Giles: Anya is a wonderful former vengeance demon, I'm sure you'll spend many years of non-hell-dimensional bliss. (All The Way)
  • Adam: I'm aware. I know every molecule of myself and everything around me. No one... no human, no demon has ever been as awake and alive as I am. You are all just shadows. (Superstar)
  • Willow: Wow! And it is kinda novel how he'll stay young and handsome forever, although you'll still get wrinkly and die, and... Oh, and what about the children? I'll be quiet now. (Angel)
  • The Mayor: That's one spunky little girl you've raised. I'm gonna eat her. (Graduation Day Part 1)
  • Jonathan: Stop touching my magic bone! (Life Serial)
  • Faith: I could ride you at a gallop until your legs buckled and your eyes rolled up. I've got muscles you've never even dreamed of. I could squeeze you until you popped like warm champagne, and you'd beg me to hurt you just a little bit more (Who Are You)
  • Angel: 'You know... I started it. The whole having a soul... before it was all the cool new thing. (Chosen, Season 7)
  • Joyce: There's something about food that moves by itself that gives me the heebie jeebies. (Listening To Fear)
  • Glory: Hey! Minions, I can hear you. God-like ears don't miss much, you know what I'm sayin? (The Weight Of The World)
  • Buffybot: No. Not me. The other Buffy. (Bargaining)
  • Tara: You found the last known Urn of Osiris on eBay? (Bargaining, Part 1)
  • Caleb: I'm not here to lecture you. I mean, what's the point? My words just curdle in your ears... Head's filled with so much filth that ain't no room for words of truth. (Dirty Girls)
  • Kennedy: I love this job! Did you see that? I called that girl "maggot". (Get It Done)
  • Principal Wood: Well, there's nothing like the end of the world to bring people together. (Get It Done)
  • Principal Snyder: I'm required to educate every juvenile who is not in jail where she belongs. (Faith, Hope And Trick)

Other Favorite Quotes and Best Lines

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Updated 1/21/18


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