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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Music

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Music from the Fourth Season

"The Freshman:
"Freaky Soul music" by Paul Riordan
"I Wish I Could Be You" by The Muffs
"Memory of a Free Festival" by David Bowie
"Universe" by Stretch Princess
"You and Me" by Splendid

Living Conditions:
"Believe" by Cher
"Pain" by Four Star Mary
The Harsh Light of Day:
"Dilate" by Four Star Mary
"Take Me Down" by Psychic Rain
"Moment of Weakness" by Bif Naked
"Faith In Love" by Devil Doll
"Anything" by Bif Naked
"Lucky" by Bif Naked
"It's Over, It's Under" by Dollshead
Fear, Itself:
"Kool" by 28 Days
"Ow Ow Ow" by Third Grade Teacher
"Pretty Please" by Verbena
Beer Bad:
"I'm Gonna Fall music" by Ash
"Ladyfingers" by Luscious Jackon
"Nothing but You" by Kim Ferron
"Overfire" by THC
"Perfect Again" by Lauren Christy
"The Best Years" by Smile
Wild At Heart:
"Dip" by THC
"Good Enough" by Eight Stops Seven
"Need to Destroy" by THC
The Initiative:
"Bodyrock" by Moby
"Fate" by Four Star Mary
"Lights Go Down" by Deadstar
"Like We Never Said Goodbye" by Nikki Gregaroff
"Never Say Never" by That Dog
"Welcome" by Jake Lee Rau
Something Blue:
"All the Small Things" by Blink 182
"Night Time Company" by Sue Willett
"Danse Macabre music" by Camille Saint-Saens (classical)
"Joss's Fairy Tale Rhyme" written by Joss Whedon
"Hey" by The Hellacopters
"Mouth Almighty" by Echobelly
A New Man:
"Down, Down Baby" by Scott Ellison
"Over Divine" by 12 Volt Sex
"Then There's None" by Other Star People
The I in Team:
"Keep Myself Awake" by Black Lab
"Trashed" by Lavish
"Window To Your Soul" by Delirium
Goodbye, Iowa:
"Big Ed" by Mark Cherrie
"My Last Romance" by Paul Singerman
"Romeo had Juliet" by Lou Reed
This Year's Girl:
Who Are You:
"Sweet Charlotte Rose" by Headland
"Vivian" by Nerf Herder
"Watching Me Fall" by The Cure
"Hey Sonny" by Royal Crown Revue
"Jonathon's Fanfare" by Royal Crown Revue
"Jonathon's Trumpet Solo" by Royal Crown Revue
"Serenade in Blue" by Royal Crown Revue
"Trapped" by Royal Crown Revue
Where the Wild Things Are:
"Behind Blue Eyes" by Anthony Stewert Head
"Brit Pop Junkies" by Opus 1 Music Library
"I Thought I Was Found" by Caviar
"Parker Posey" by Crooner
"Philo" by Lumirova
"The Devil You Know" by Face to Face
New Moon Rising:
The Yoko Factor:
"Free Bird" by Anthony Stewert Head
"The Exposition Song" by Four Star Mary, Christophe Beck and Anthony Stewart Head

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