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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 7, Episode 3: "Same Time, Same Place", Original air date: 10/8/02

We don't know who wrote this; it will be replaced later.

We are at the airport, and the first shot of the episode is of a clock (important to recall for later events). Buffy, Xander, and Dawn are waiting for Willow to return from England. Xander has a large sign which says "Welcome Back Willow" written in yellow crayon. Buffy and Dawn seem to be nervous about Willow returning, but Xander doesn't seem very worried. He states that Giles wouldn't have let her come home if she hadn't finished recovering from the black magic. Buffy informs Xander that Willow hasn't finished, but that Giles felt it was important for Willow to be back in Sunnydale. Eventually, they realize that the gate has closed but Willow hasn't gotten off the plane.

We again see a clock, which shows the exact same time as it did at the beginning of the episode. The same events which happened while we were watching Buffy, Xander, and Dawn occur again, except this time we see Willow get off the plane - but there is no sign of Buffy and the gang. Willow stands around and gets upset when she realizes that no one is there to meet her. Meanwhile, we see a boy spraying graffiti on a wall, and then a creepy voice off screen starts speaking to the boy. The boy looks around but doesn't see anything. Suddenly, something jumps on the boy and he screams.

Now we're back to Willow, who is knocking on Buffy's door. No one answers, so she just goes inside the house. She goes upstairs and realizes that her and Tara's old room is now Buffy's bedroom. She then flashes back to Tara's death. The front door slams downstairs, so she goes down to see if it's Buffy. But there doesn't seem to be anything there, so Willow lies down on the couch in the living room, depressed.

Again, we see the clock as Buffy, Xander, and Dawn walk in the front door. They're discussing Willow's absence at the airport. Dawn decides that Willow must be evil again, but Xander comes to Willow's defense. They hear a noise upstairs (Willow), but when they go upstairs they don't find anything. As they sit back down on the couch downstairs, we see the gang fade from the screen, and Willow lying on the couch, fades in to the screen. 

Willow goes to the Magic Box, which is all boarded up after last season's finale. Anya walks out with a box and runs into Willow. Anya is not happy to see Willow, but eventually they sit down on the curb and start talking. Anya updates Willow on where her life has been these days. Anya tells Willow that the gang may be at the school.

Willow goes to the construction site to see Xander. There's no one around. She stumbles across a skinned body lying on the ground, near a wall with graffiti on it. Now we see Xander and Buffy there too, looking at the body, but they can't see Willow, and vice versa. Willow hurries away from the body, visibly disturbed by the sight of the skinned body. Xander tells Buffy that he knows what she is thinking.

Willow is now in the basement of the high school. She is looking for Spike. He jumps out, acting crazy and ranting about permission slips. He starts to talk to something else, which we can't see. Willow tells Spike about the skinned body she found, and how she can't find Buffy and the gang. Spike looks over to the empty spot (which is actually Buffy and Xander who are also speaking to Spike). Willow becomes confused, and Spike realizes that everyone can see him but that Willow and Buffy can't see each other. He decides that Willow is the one that isn't actually there.

Back to Buffy and Xander, walking through the basement towards Spike. They hear Spike ranting, not able to see Willow who is there speaking to Spike. He again makes a comment about how everyone can't see each other. 

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Updated 1/15/09  


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