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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 7, Episode 2: "Beneath You", Original air date: 10/1/02

We don't know who wrote this; it will be replaced later.

The opening of the episode brings us to Frankfurt, Germany. In what looks like an ode to "Run, Lola, Run", a pink-haired girls runs from the same robed figures we saw last week. She runs through a nightclub and climbs down the side. She reaches the ground safely, but eventually the robed figures catch up to her and pull her into a small room. As they kill her, her head turns to the side, toward the viewer, and she says, "From beneath you, it devours."

Buffy wakes up screaming, as Dawn shakes her. It seems as though it was just a dream, but Buffy obviously doesn't think so. She says that there are more girls out there that are going to die. Outside, the ground begins to rumble and you can see something moving underground. Then, the scene cuts to Spike in the basement of Sunnydale high. As the basement begins to shake, Spike screams for it to stop.

The next morning, Xander comes over to the house to give the sister's a ride into school. Meanwhile, in England, we see that a taxi has arrived to take Willow to the airport. She is coming back to Sunnydale, although she is very hesitant to do so. She's afraid she hasn't finished her training yet, but both she and Giles know that she is needed in Sunnydale, to face the coming danger.

Later, we see a woman, Nancy, walking her dog. The thing that was moving around underground earlier pulls the dog into a hole in the ground. She is dragged toward the hole, and just as she gets to it, it explodes and something that has come out of it scares her. She turns and runs off, right into Xander. He brings Nancy over to Buffy's house, where they bandage her hand up and she tells them what happened. They tell here that they'll take care of it. Spike, who is standing in the doorway, tells them that they'll need his help. No one looks very happy to see him.

Spike pulls Buffy aside and tells her that he's here to help - he can feel something big and bad is coming. She still seems skeptical of him, but agrees to let him assist. The gang goes off in search of the underground being. Buffy and Spike go off together, but Buffy is obviously still uncomfortable being around him. When Spike hands Buffy a flashlight, their hands brush and Buffy has a flashback to the attempted rape. Spike tries to tell Buffy that he's changed. She knows there's something he isn't telling her. 

Xander and Nancy arrive at her apartment. They are obviously hitting it off, when more rumbling starts and the window breaks. Xander and Nancy run, as the monster breaks through the floor behind them. The monster can't reach them, so it scurries back underground. Nancy make a comment about her abusive ex-boyfriend Ronnie, whom Xander suspects is behind all this. Nancy doesn't thinks so, but that she just wished it would all stop. When Xander hears Nancy say "wish", he rightly thinks of Anya.

At the bronze, Anya is sympathizing with a girl whose boyfriend has been cheating on her. Anya's trying to coax the girl into making a wish. Xander, Nancy, Buffy, and Spike show up and ask Nancy if she had talked to Anya. Nancy confirms this and Xander asks Anya if she turned Nancy's ex into a big worm. Anya confirms that she did so. Xander criticizes Anya, as Nancy wonders who Anya is. They all argue, and then Anya starts staring at Spike, suddenly realizing that he has a soul now. He freaks out and starts fighting with her. Buffy intervenes, and then Buffy and Spike fight. Nancy takes off and Buffy goes after her.

As Nancy is walking away, the ground starts rumbling again. At the bronze, Xander and Anya argue. Xander asks Anya to reverse the spell, but she tells him she can't. She tries to blame Xander for everything, but he exclaims that that excuse just doesn't work anymore. Back to Nancy, the worm, Ronnie, emerges from the ground. Spike starts to attack it, but just as he stabs him with an iron rod, Ronnie returns to his human form and Spike stabs him through the shoulder. Spike screams and holds his head. He apologizes and starts to become insane again, rambling on like a mad man. 

Buffy and Nancy are both very disturbed. Buffy calls an ambulance. Spike, in his craziness, says that something very bad is coming that will destroy them all. "From beneath you, it devours." He runs off. Xander and Anya show up, and Nancy leaves. Xander tells Anya that she did the right thing, reversing the spell. Anya knows she's going to be in trouble for it.

Buffy, looking for Spike, goes into a small church. It's extremely dark inside. He comes up from behind, shirtless. He sounds crazy again and starts talking about the "spark". Spike says that he went to get the "spark" back. Buffy doesn't know what he's talking about at first, but then Spike says that Angel should have warned him. Buffy then realizes that the "spark" refers to soul, the soul that Spike now has. He says that it burns. He goes up to the large crucifix and wraps himself around it. Buffy cries softly as smoke rises from Spike's skin, and he asks, "Can we rest now?"

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Updated 1/15/09  


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