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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6, Episode 6: "All The Way", Original air date: 10/30/01

We don't know who wrote this. It will be replaced later.

The Magic Box is crazy, because its the big Halloween sale. The scoobies are all dressed up (Xander is a pirate, Giles is in that sorcerers robe again, and Anya is a Charlies Angel). Willow is telling a lady off for using a negative stereotype, by wearing a witch costume, but then compliments a little girl who is also dressed as a witch. Buffy is helping for the day, while Tara is listening to Anya talk about sex. Dawn steals a medallion, and the only person who seems to be having a good day is Anya, who is skating around. 

Buffy goes down to the basement to get some sort of supplies, and runs into Spike. She wants to know what he is doing there, and he explains that he is just there to steal a certain type of root which adds flavour to blood. He asks if she wants to go out patrolling, but she says no. She returns upstairs, and begins to help Giles with the cashier, but then changes her mind, and goes slaying. Giles doesn't want her to go, because he needs someone to bag the products after being sold.

An old man arrives home, with a bag of groceries. As he looks outside through his window, at children in their costumes, so he decides to prepare a surprise for them. He takes a large knife from the kitchen drawer, which supposedly has something to do with the surprise.


The scoobies are all tired, after the magic box closes for the day. Anya is the only one who seems to have escaped exhaustion, and is still counting the money, along with teaching Dawn the dance of capitalist superiority. Xander is watching her and decides its the time. He stands up and makes the announcement that they are getting married. Everyone is really happy for them. They all decide to go back to Buffy's house to throw a party, with magical decorations which Giles and Tara detest. Tara confronts Willow, and Willow gets upset that she is always on her case about it. Dawn enters, interrupting the fight. Dawn and Willow go back to the living room, where Dawn reminds Buffy that she is going to her friend (Janice's) house. Buffy doesn't want her to go, but she had already gave her permission, so she lets her go. Dawn leaves, but does not go to Janice's house. They've pulled the age-old trick (the I'm staying at each others house and go out with boys trick), so they go off too meet 2 cute boys they know. Zack, who likes Janice, and Justin who has seen Dawn at parties. They do some of the normal things like egging houses, then they arrive at the old mans house. Dawn, goes up to the porch to steal the pumpkin head, and as she is about to run, the old man grabs her arm. Instead of hurting the kids, he invites them all in.

Inside the house, he is very friendly to them. Justin follows him into the kitchen to give him some help, but instead vamps out and kills him. Justin runs out and tells them all to go, he stole the old guys wallet.

Back at the Summer's residence, Anya is chattering on about the wedding, which turns into a discussion about babies and houses. Xander begins to freak, and quickly walks out onto the porch with Buffy. She consoles him, even though he isn't "unhappy", just...overwhelmed. She decides to go find Spike, so they could patrol.

Justin and Dawn seem to be getting along really well, as Zack returns with a stolen car. The couples find a nice, dark and secluded spot. Janice plays a little game of hide and seek with Zack, who vamps out and follows her.

Dawn is left along with Justin, who bestows her with her first kiss - and her second - and third, which makes him vamp out.

Janice's mother calls the Summers house, which gives the gang an idea about Dawn's night activities. They all head out, to look for Dawn (Xander and Anya stay, Giles goes to Spike's too look for Buffy, while Willow and Tara head downtown).

Buffy happens to be wondering around Sunnydale, when an ambulance buzz's by. As Buffy arrives at Spike's crypt, Spike informs Buffy about dawn, so they both grab weapons and head out. Tara and Willow have another fight. Giles finds Zack trying to bite Janice, but bashes him, and finally impales him on a tree branch.

Dawn is trying to escape her "boyfriend", but he gives her the whole your special routine. She almost lets him bite her, but Giles, Buffy and Spike show up, along with a whole bunch of vampires. A big fight ensues, but Justin pins Dawn to the ground. He leans down to bite her, but she gets there first and stakes him.

Back at the Summer's house, Dawn is sitting in the dining room, waiting for someone to yell at her. Everyone leaves except Buffy and Giles. Buffy and Gile sboth agree that Dawn needs to be dealt with, and Buffy tells Giles how glad she is he is able to handle it. She runs upstairs.

Giles enters the dining room, and gives her a talking too.

In Willow and Tara's room (aka Joyce's old room), Tara is still very mad at Willow, and won't talk about it. Willow picks up a flower, and simply says "Forget". As she climbs into bed with Tara, Willow asks if she is mad and Tara simply replies, "About what?".

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Updated 1/15/09  


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