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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6, Episode X: "Flooded", Original air date: 10/16/01

We don't know who wrote this. It will be replaced later.

Buffy is trying to work out a leaky water pipe; which obviously slayers weren't trained to take care of. Dawn is waiting, because she is on stand-by with the plumbers phone. Buffy doesn't need a plumber, she can do it herself. Now, she has a flooded basement.


Dawn has finally gotten through to the plumber, and it's Xander's friend, Tito. Buffy gets a discount, even though she thinks its a phone number, and Buffy is still out of it, staring at dripping water, until Willow breaks her out of it.

More good news arrives, as Buffy is faced with the idea that she is broke. Joyce had life insurance, but it had to pay off all of her medical expenses. Yet, there is still a large pile of bills. Anya has an idea, that Buffy can start charging for her "services". Everyone is appalled at even thinking about it, so she storms out of the house. Xander follows, and he gets her to confess that she is actually mad, because she isn't allowed to announce their engagement. She doesn't understand why, but he explains that he's still adjusting to having a job, a place of his own, and he just doesn't seem to be ready to do the wedding, in a the perfect way it should. Anya has none of this, so she tells him to grow up, and storms off again.

Buffy decides its time to apply for a loan, so she does, only to be turned down due to not having a job and/or income. Just then, a large demon barges through the wall, and starts smashing everything. Unseen, two men rob the bank, during the attack. Buffy fights off the demon, not killing it, and returns to the loan guys desk, asking if they should work it out now. He still won't give her a loan.

At the Magic Box, in the back room/training room, Buffy is full bashing the punching bag. Willow encourages this, because she see's it as Buffy expressing herself, and snapping out of her daze. Anya is once again pressuring Xander about the engagement, and Dawn is trying to convince Tara to let her help research. Finally Tara gives in, and Dawn immediately finds the demons picture. Buffy confirms.

As Buffy describes the demon, a former-regular arrives - Giles! He walks in slowly and hugs her, seemingly over come with emotion. She hugs him back.

The two go into the training room to talk. Giles tells her, that he has talked to some old friends, made a new one, and...met with the council, but he is bewildered, returning to Sunnydale...even after such a short time. He ask's if she is okay, and she pretends she is, but he doesn't buy it. She tells him, that she has been having nightmares, leaving out the rest of the story. Things start to become awkward, so she goes back to training, while he goes to help research with the rest of the gang. He recognizes the demon as a kind who is hired to do things for people, but he doesn't understand who would be powerful enough to control it.

Now we meet the three guys who are known as the Troika. The troika is made up of Jonathon, Warren (the robot guy) and Andrew, who's brother of the hell beast trainer guy from the Prom. They are counting the money they got from the bank heist, while listening to the demon, because he ran into the slayer. He threatens to kill them all, but will let them live, if they kill Buffy for him.

Later that night, Buffy is fixing up the couch at her house, for Giles to sleep on, and tells him about all her money problems. He reassures her, that it'll work out, and she shouldn't worry. She is glad he's back, and he seems to be also. He goes to touch her arm, but she is already off the cough and heading for bed. He watches as she leaves, very concerned.

The Troika are talking about the demon's request, but none of them want to kill Buffy. According to them, she is hot and saved everybody's lives. Instead Warren gives the demon Buffy's address, so he can go do his own dirty work.

Back at the Summer's residence, Giles enters the kitchen, where Willow is eating a snack. He inquires about the spell she performed, which brought Buffy back. She gets all excited, and tells him about how it was scary and wild. He doesn't seem to share her enthusiasm, and he is very, very and let me say it again to get the point across, very pissed off at her, for doing something so foolish and dangerous. He yells at her about things which could have happened, and how Willow could have died in the process. She is messing around with incredibly powerful forces. As he begins to leave, Willow points out, that she is very powerful and maybe it isn't such a good thing that he make her mad. Of course, Willow backs off, because she doesn't want to fight.

On the back porch, Buffy is standing alone, where she actually overheard the whole argument. Spike shows up, and tries to cheer her up. 

Dawn comes downstairs, not able to sleep, and finds Giles with the same problem. They have a late night chat over cereal, when they notice the doorknob, starting to move. As they begin to run, the demon busts through the door, knocking Giles out.

Buffy comes downstairs, and fights off the demon. She gets him into the basement, where she beats him to death with a water pipe.

Next day, the Troika are quite happy with themselves. They disposed of their problem,  but now they are worried about how to deal with Buffy when the time comes.

Back the Summer's residences, the gang are trying to fix the broken furniture, while Anya is putting Buffy's bills in order.  Dawn and Buffy take the useless furniture outside, and just sits, wondering how she is going to deal with it all. Giles tries to give her a talk, but is interrupted by the phone ringing.

It's Angel, and he wants to see Buffy. Not in LA - Not in Sunnydale - Not later.

For some reason she knows where to meet him, so she leaves, leaving Giles and Dawn watching her go.

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