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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6, Episode 1: "Bargaining", Original air date: 10/2/01

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Part One;

It has been a few months since Buffy died, but her friends have worked hard and now have developed a decent fighting tactic. The gang are fighting, while Willow stands atop of a mausoleum, and guides them, using telepathy. Complete with Buffybots help, things go fine and everyone survives, unlike the last battle we saw!


Willow and Tara now live in the Summer’s House, along with the Buffybot and Dawn. No one (apart from the gang) seems to know about Buffy’s death, including her father. He has been contacting Dawn, but never talked to Buffy. Everyone is keen on keeping it that way. If he does find out about Buffy, Dawn will have to move out and live with Hank.

Buffybot demonstrates the “subtle” differences between her and the real one, at Dawn’s Parent/Teacher Day, although she doesn’t blow her cover!

At the Magick Box, Anya is double-checking all the records, for Giles, who is talking about moving back to England, yet again. Anya is going nuts because Giles has promised to leave the store to her, but he still hasn’t left. Also, Xander won’t let her announce the engagement, which is just adding to the stress.

The gang (not including Spike who is babysitting Dawn and Giles), are at Xander’s apartment. When Buffybot is revealed to be a vampire while she is out on patrol, she returns to Willow, letting the vamp get away. She needs big reconstruction. Back at Xander’s, Anya brings out the Urn of Osiris (from E-Bay), a one and only magical object, which will help in a ritual to bring Buffy back. Xander and Tara are freaking out about doing it, but they all agreed to do it a while ago. Willow is determined she can accomplish it. They have decided not to inform, Dawn, Giles or Spike, because they won’t understand. They all agree to go ahead with it, Willow persuading them with a tear-filled speech. “Buffy was killed by mystical energy, and we don’t know what happened to her soul…she could be trapped in some sort of hell dimension, like Angel was…suffering eternal torment just because she saved us! I’m not going to leave her there.”

Back at the Summer’s House, Dawn awakens and wanders into “Buffy’s” room and crawls into the bed, hugging the plugged up Buffybot, pretending she is the real Buffy.

Sometime the next day, Giles is testing the Buffybots reflexes after he repairs. He, like Dawn, is treating her like an almost real person. Anya reminds Giles that it’s not the real Buffy, which sends Giles into a bad mood. Anya leaves, and he starts to wander, out loud, if Buffy would have been better off without him. Buffybot, trying to help him, although not understand. Trying to explain how he has always been helpful, he tries to explain he was a perfect watcher, doing what any good watcher should do, but her got his slayer killed…She is gone and he has done his job. Buffybot still trying to help, whispers innocently, “Then why are you still here?”.

The vampire who escaped, enters a biker bar (a demon bar), and explains to them all what he saw. The Buffybot is a robot, full of wires! The leader of the gang kills the vampire anyway (who has no fashion sense. a Hanson t-shirt? Puh-leeze!). The gang ride their motorbikes to invade Sunnydale.

As Willow prepares for the ritual, snapping a fawn’s neck, collecting the blood, she returns to the Magick Box, seemingly shaken. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is nervous until Anya discovers the farewell note from Giles. The group speed off to the airport, sporting farewell presents (Tara gives him a little finger puppet and says “Grrr Argh”), they all hug in tears. He waves once more and boards the plane, leaving them with “Be careful…Please”.

Anya, Tara, Willow and Xander arrive at Buffy’s grave. They begin the ritual. With a whole ritual (Willow praying to some Egyptian underworld god named Osiris, getting tested by bugs under her skin, cuts and a snake out of her mouth), freaking everyone out.

The bikers are trashing Sunnydale, including Dawn’s neighbourhood. Spike who is babysitting Dawn, hears/see’s them and attempts to keep Dawn safe. Buffybot fights a little bit, but is damaged, and sets off for Willow. Willow is in the most intense/important part of the ritual when the Buffybot arrives (with the demons on her tail). Destroying the urn, it causes Willow to fall to the ground unconscious. The demons nearly completely dismember Buffybot, while the 4 scoobies fight their way into the woods. Assuming the spell didn’t work, Buffy transforms (from a decomposing body into her whole self), she awakens…struggling inside of her coffin, still in the ground.

Part Two;

As the Bikers are bashing the Buffybot, the four scoobies are split up (Willow and Xander, Tara and Anya) as they all try to make their way to the Magick Shop. Willow and Xander take refuge in an alley. Willow is still reasonably hurt from the ritual.

Buffy, now alive, digs her way out of her own grave…

Willow comes about, and decides she wants to try the spell again. The idea that Buffy’s gone, finally hits home, as Xander explains to the Willow the urns broken and “She’s really gone…”.

Back at the Summer’s residence, Spike is yelling at Dawn to stay away from the windows and stay down, as he searches for weapons. He decides there’s no way to stay safe in the house, and they leave, but not before Spike promises Dawn, to protect her. No matter what.

Buffy digs her way out of the ground, and sits, staring in bewilderment at her headstone. Disorientated, Buffy starts to wander the streets of Sunnydale, looking at the disaster. She is barely able to register her surroundings, as her vision is blurred.

Tara and Anya reach the Magick Box first, and Tara casts a spell to help Willow come to her. They finally arrive, and then leave again to go find Dawn and Spike, who aren’t picking up the phone at the house. Anya tries to talk everyone not to go, but Willow is determined, since they “have no choice”. As Spike and Dawn are trying  to stay out of demon sight, Spike comments how it would be fun to join in on the fun.

Buffybot and Buffy see each other, as she is completely dismembered. Buffy is spotted by the lead demon, and she sets off, as he follows.
She runs into her friends, who take a while to realize she is the real Buffy. Freaked out, she takes off again, and they find her in an alley, huddled against a wall. They realise Buffy had to dig herself out of the grave. The demons corner them, and Buffy goes into fighting mode, killing most of them. As Xander tries to get close, Buffy freaks out again and runs off.

Tara defeats the last demon (the leader), by attacking it with an axe, once it corners Willow.

Buffy returns to the tower, where she plunged to her death. Dawn and Spike find the Buffybot who whispers to Dawn about Buffy still being alive. Dawn runs to the tower, leaving Spike, yelling her name out. Dawn finds Buffy at the top of the tower, who is seemingly about to jump. She tries to talk her down, but nothing works. She makes one final plea. "You told me I have to be strong, and I tried.  But it's been so hard without you. I'm sorry.  I promise I'll do better.  I will, if you're with me.  Stay with me, please.  I need you to live". Buffy understands, and saves Dawn’s life once again, as something nearly hits her (the tower is falling apart). They hug in a sobbing fit, while Buffy stares off into space, Dawn finally has her sister back…or does she?

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