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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 5, Episode 1: Buffy Vs. Dracula, Original air date: 9/26/00

This is incomplete and we don't know who wrote it.  It will be replaced.

The show begins with Buffy and Riley laying in bed.  Riley is fast asleep while a restless Buffy has a sudden need to go out and patrol.  After doing so, she is able to sleep.  The next day, they are all at the beach.  Buffy and Riley are playing catch with a football and when Riley makes a comment about Buffy throwing like a girl, she throws it hard at him, causing him to fall over.  Willow accidentally does a spell that makes it rain and they all quickly leave.  That night, 2 men deliver a large crate to a house and they notice dirt leaking from it when they drop it.  As they are about to turn it on its side, a large figure emerges from it.

At Giles' place, Willow is archiving some of the books and although hesitant, Giles tells her is planning to return to England and wants them to have everything they need.  He also asks Willow not to say anything and she agrees.  That night, as Buffy is patrolling, she comes across this mysterious vampire.  She asks who he is and he says he is Dracula.  Buffy's starstruck response is "Get out!"  He tells her he came to meet her, the 'killer'.  She tries to fight him but he would disappear when she would lunge at him.  Xander and Willow show up and Dracula turns into a bat and flies away.   

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Updated 1/15/09  


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