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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2, Episode 14: "Innocence", Original air date: 1/20/98

by Darlene 

Spike is angry because Buffy and Angel are still alive and know what they're planning with The Judge. The Judge says he is preparing but Spike is impatient. He wants to kill people and destroy the world. Drusilla collapses. She's had a vision concerning Angel.

Buffy wakes up in Angels' bed alone. He's outside on the wet ground, in pain. A woman emerges from a nearby building and offers to help Angel. He stands up quickly and says the pain is gone. He turns around to reveal his vampire face and bites the woman's neck.

Buffy returns home and runs into her mother. Joyce notices there's something different about Buffy.
At the library, Xander, Giles, Willow, Cordelia, and Jenny discuss the fact that Buffy didn't check in with them after confronting Spike and Drusilla. Xander and Willow announce they are going to the factory to look for her when Buffy walks in. She tells the group that The Judge has been assembled. Buffy says she doesn't know where Angel is, that they split up when they were hiding in the sewers. She worries because he hasn't checked in with the others.

Willow asks Buffy if she thinks Angel went after The Judge on his own. Buffy doesn't think so but wishes Angel would check in with her. Jenny watches them.
Angel saunters into the factory, pretending to still be good. Spike orders The judge to burn Angel. The Judge tries but is unable. "This one is clean. There is no humanity in him." The Judge says. Angel smiles and says, "I couldn't have said it better myself. That's right. I'm back."

Drusilla and Spike are happy Angel is back to being an evil vampire. Drusilla wants to know what happened but Spike doesn't care, he's just glad the "I've got a soul" crap is over. Drusilla invites Angel to join them in their quest to destroy the world. Angel asks them to lay low for one night so he can destroy the slayer.
Xander, Willow, Giles, and Cordelia aren't having much luck finding information on The Judge from the books in the library. Willow is on the phone trying to console Buffy, who has looked everywhere for Angel with no success. Xander joins Cordelia in the stacks, where they quarrel, then kiss. Willow see them kissing and runs from the library. Xander follows, telling Willow the kiss meant nothing. Willow says the kiss means Xander would rather be with someone he hates than with her.

Buffy goes to Angel's and finds him there. She is relieved to see him but he is cold to her and implies their night together was no big deal and she has a lot to learn. Buffy's feelings are hurt and she cries. Angel says he should have known she wouldn't be able to handle it and he leaves.
Jenny tells her uncle that she's tried to keep Buffy from Angel but it hasn't worked. She tries to convince her uncle that Angel might be their only chance at defeating The Judge. Jenny's uncle explains that the curse the gypsies put on Angel will go away if Angel achieves one moment of true happiness and that Buffy must kill Angel. Jenny fears Angel will kill Buffy first.

Willow roams the halls of the school and Xander catches up to her. She tells him that things aren't ok between them but what's going on with The Judge is more important. The lights go out and Angel shows up, but he stays in the shadows. He tells Xander to get the others, leaving him alone with Willow, who approaches him. Jenny arrives with a cross and tells Willow to stay away from Angel. It's too late. Angel grabs Willow and tells her he has a message for Buffy. From behind, Buffy says Angel can tell her himself. Angel says it involves her finding the dead bodies of all her friends. Buffy insists that some of Angel still lives inside him. He says he is Angel, at last. Letting go of Willow, Angel grabs Buffy and tells her things are about to get interesting and leaves.

In the library, Giles rants about Angel having reverted to his former self. He assumes there was some event to trigger it and if anyone should know what that was, it should be Buffy. Buffy insists she doesn't know, but she is very emotional. She runs out and Willow knows what happened. Cordelia points out they have hit bottom but Xander says he has a plan and it involves Cordelia and he needs Oz's van.

At the factory, Angel brags about Buffy's face when he was mean to her. Spike is upset that Angel didn't kill the slayer. Angel tells him he just doesn't get it. To kill her, you have to love her. Returning home, Buffy looks at gifts she received from Angel and cries. She has a dream about Angel that starts erotic but becomes disturbing and it involves Jenny Calendar in a cemetary.

Buffy confronts Jenny at school, demands to be told what Jenny knows. Jenny says she was told that if Angel achieved true happiness, he would lose his soul. Buffy realizes she is the reason Angel has become evil. Giles realizes what happened between Angel and Buffy. Buffy tells Jenny to curse Angel again but Jenny says she can't, that magic is gone. Buffy tells Jenny to take her to someone who can.
Jenny's uncle is expecting to see Buffy, but Angel arrives first.

Oz, Willow, Xander, and Cordelia arrive at the army base. Xander and Cordelia sneak in to look for a weapon. Oz and Willow flirt in the van.
Jenny, Buffy, and Giles find Jenny's uncle dead. Angel has written, in blood, on the wall, "Was it good for you too?". Giles tells Buffy that Angel is trying to make things hard for her. Buffy says he's only making it easier and she knows what she has to do- kill him.
The Judge tells Spike he's ready. The Judge, Angel and Drusilla leave.

Xander brings Buffy a weapon. Jenny asks if there's anything she can do. Buffy and Giles tell her to get out. Buffy asks Xander to show her how to use the weapon.
Buffy, Xander, Giles, Oz, Willow, and Cordelia go to the factory but find no one there (Spike is hiding). Buffy says they should go where there are a lot of people. Oz says he knows where they should go.
The Judge, Angel, Drusilla show up at the mall with some other vampires. Buffy and friends show up there too. The Judge starts to kill people but stops when he is hit in the throat with an arrow. He sees Buffy and reminds her that no weapon forged can kill himl. Buffy says "That was then, this is now" and pulls out a bazooka. Angel and Drusilla dive for cover. The Judge says, "What's that do?". A second later he finds out and explodes. Buffy says they can't be sure The Judge is dead so they have to pick up the pieces and keep them apart. Buffy sees Angel and chases him. The overhead sprinklers come on. Buffy and Angel fight but she is unable to kill him.

Giles drives Buffy home, where she and her mother watch a chick flick and eat cupcakes in honor of Buffy's birthday.

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