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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2, Episode 13: "Surprise", Original air date: 1/19/98

by Helen 

Buffy wakes up in her room from what looks like a fitful sleep. She reaches for her water glass beside her bed but finds it empty. She walks into the hall with the glass and heads for the bathroom to refill it. As she walks down the hall she fails to notice Drusilla sneak up behind her. Buffy opens the door to her bathroom and finds herself in the Bronze, surrounded by a crowd of couples who are all dancing and socializing to a slow song. Buffy walks through the crowd with a confused look on her face. She spots Willow sitting at a table with a monkey in red and gold marching band suit. Willow is speaking gibberish to the monkey. When she sees Buffy she waves eagerly. Buffy waves back and drifts away. She sees her mother holding a coffee mug and saucer. Joyce asks Buffy, “Do you really think you’re ready, Buffy? Buffy is confused, asking, “What?” By way of response Joyce simply drops the saucer to the ground, letting it shatter and then turns and walks away. Buffy keeps walking around, again passing Willow who is still intently interacting with her monkey. Buffy glances at some of the couples and walks up to the stage. She turns around again and suddenly a smile spreads across her face. Across the room is Angel. The two start walking towards each other. Just as they nearly reach one other, Drusilla walks up behind Angel and stakes him in the back. Buffy screams his name and they reach towards each other. Their hands don’t quite meet and then Angel’s hand is crumbling away. His whole body turns to dust and only Drusilla is left standing in front of Buffy, although behind Buffy all the couples still dance. Drusilla looks straight at Buffy and wishes her a happy birthday. Buffy wakes up suddenly in her own bed, clearly upset by her dream.

            There is a knock on Angel’s door. He answers, shirtless and finds Buffy looking very worried. He lets her in and puts on a shirt as they talk. Buffy asks him if he is okay and tells him she had a dream in which Drusilla was alive and killed him. Angel isn’t particularly worried, since he is still alive. Buffy reminds him that her dreams can be prophetic but Angel responds that only some of her dreams are, many of them are just plain old dreams. Buffy is still worried that Drusilla might be alive. They never saw her body after she was presumably killed by the church that burnt and collapsed on top of her. Angel doesn’t think Drusilla survived but assures Buffy that even if she did the two of them can handle her. Buffy continues to worry out loud so Angel attempts to comfort her by kissing her. He pulls back to let her speak again but she is no longer interested in talking and the two begin making out. Just as they are starting to get into it Buffy pulls away telling Angel she has to leave and go to school. She starts to walk towards the door but Angel grabs her and starts kissing her again. Buffy eagerly kisses back and this time it’s Angel who pulls away insisting Buffy really does need to get to school. Buffy gets as far as the door before they start kissing again. They finally pull apart and Buffy tells Angel that she likes seeing him first thing in the morning. He reminds her that it is his bed time and she tells him she likes seeing him at bed time. She realizes how suggestive this sounds and gets embarrassed. Both of them admit however that it’s been getting harder to separate at the end of the night. Angel changes the subject and asks Buffy what she wants for her birthday. She responds, “Surprise me.”

            Buffy and Willow walk on the lawn outside school as Buffy tells Willow about the encounter. Willow is surprised that Buffy made the bedtime comment to Angel and Buffy can’t believe she said it herself. Willow and Buffy discuss the idea of Angel and Buffy having sex while neatly sidestepping any actual mention of sex. They sit down on a bench and talk about both sides of the issue. On the one hand Buffy wants to have sex with Angel and is pretty sure that he wants to have sex with her. On the other hand, she doesn’t think he’s the kind of guy who would push for it even if he did want it and she knows that acting on want isn’t always the right thing to do, although she assumes that acting on this particular want in a relationship is inevitable if the relationship goes on long enough. Willow urges her to seize the day, reminding Buffy of how she urged Willow to seize the moment when they first met. Buffy decides that she will. Willow, despite her support, is still awed by Buffy’s big decision and can only respond by saying “Wow!” over and over again.

            Willow and Buffy start walking again, with Willow still saying “Wow!” Then Buffy spots Oz practicing his guitar at a picnic table and urges Willow to get some wow of her own. Willow thinks Oz is nice and definitely shows signs of developing a crush on him but she is also reluctant about pursuing it. Willow claims to bothered by Oz being a senior but Buffy scoffs at such a small age difference. After all, her boyfriend is over 200 years old. Buffy then gets to the heart of the matter and urges Willow to stop holding the torch for Xander and to go over and strike up a conversation with Oz. Willow is afraid things will get awkward but Buffy again urges her on and then walks away.

            Willow goes up to Oz and talks to him about his band. Oz apparently thinks his band sucks but Willow tells him she likes how they sound and makes an awkward comment about them probably having a lot of groupies. Oz assures her that he is living groupie free nowadays. The awkward silence Willow feared falls over the conversation but Oz breaks it by informing Willow that he is going to ask her to go out with him tomorrow night and that he is nervous about doing so. Willow is taken aback by this but reassures him that she will say yes. Oz asks her out but she suddenly remembers she can’t go out tomorrow because the gang is throwing a surprise party for Buffy. Oz seems disappointed but assures Willow that he understands. Then Willow gets an idea. Oz could come with her to Buffy’s party. Oz doesn’t want to crash but Willow insists that it’s fine, he can be her date to the party, although it takes a lot of courage for her to say this. Oz agrees to come and Willow walks away happily, proud of herself for saying “date.”

            Meanwhile Xander and Cordelia are having a conversation about the same topic although theirs is of a considerably less genial tone. Cordelia is at her locker changing books and Xander is behind her talking about Buffy’s party. Cordy is annoyed by the whole thing because she has to prepare chips and dip. Xander on the other hand is more concerned about using this party as a coming out of sorts. He thinks they should go to the party together, as a couple. Cordelia doesn’t see why and Xander points out that as much as it disgusts them both, they keep making out so they should admit that they are together. Cordy insists that groping in a broom closet is not dating. Dating is when the guy spends money. Xander goes along with this saying he’ll spend money on her, he just wants them to stop hiding their relationship from their friends. Cordelia is still against his plan. She insists that it makes sense for Xander to want to tell everyone about the two of them. He has nothing to be ashamed of. She on the other hand should be ashamed of being with Xander. Xander is angered by this and tells her to forget about it before storming away.

            Xander storms straight into the path of Giles, who stops Xander to question him about Buffy’s party, making sure everything is ready. As they are discussing the event Giles notices Buffy coming down the stairs with Jenny Calendar and tells Xander to shush in a long-winded manner. Xander mocks him for his inability to be concise. Jenny and Buffy walk up to the two guys and Xander makes a joke about giving Buffy a birthday spanking, a sentiment which Jenny quickly squashes. The four of them sit down at a table in the commons area and Giles remarks that Buffy looks tired. Buffy shares her dream and Giles sympathizes with her worries. If her dream is a portent of things to come it could mean a good deal of trouble for them. He takes a quite a bit of time to say this and once again Xander teases him for his wordy phrasings. Giles then tells Xander very straightforwardly to go to class. Xander answers in an equally succinct manner with, “Gone,” but then plays the hypocrite by rather verbosely describing how succinct he just was. Xander finally leaves for class and Buffy excuses herself for the same reason. Before she can walk away Giles tries to comfort her and Buffy acknowledges that she is probably overreacting but also acknowledges that in any situation where Angel is involved she always overreacts. Giles smiles at her but once she walks away he looks worried.

            Dalton walks into the factory carrying a large wooden box. He asks where to put it and Spike instructs him to put it with the others. Spike is in a wheelchair with severe burns on one side of his face. Drusilla, dressed in a festive red dress is pushing him along as Spike complains about Drusilla having a party in Sunnydale. He talks about having it Vienna, even though he knows this is futile request since they’ve already prepared for the party here. The invitations are sent and the room is decorated elaborately with candles and plants. There are tables covered in large wooden boxes like the one Dalton carried in. And various vampire minions dressed to the nines are walking about putting some finishing touches on the decorations. Still Spike is convinced that Sunnydale is cursed for them, that Buffy and Angel make sure nothing ever goes right for them here. Drusilla points out to him that her parties are always perfect, reminding him of an especially good one in Spain. Drusilla then goes to inspect some red roses being wrapped around the backs of chairs by the other vampires in the room. The flowers displease her and she begins shouting and tearing at them. The minions are frightened by this and don’t react so Spike takes the leads and instructs them to do something different with the flowers. Drusilla’s mood suddenly changes and she begins focusing on the boxes in the rooms. She begs Spike to let her open one and he agrees to let her peak at just one, but reminds her they’re for the party. Drusilla opens one of the boxes and looks inside it. She’s delighted. It reeks of death. She turns to Spike and tells him that this party will be the best party ever. Spike asks her why this is and Drusilla returns to the box and looks in once again before answering him, “Because it will be the last.” She shuts the box.

            Buffy and her mom finish breakfast the next morning, the morning of Buffy’s birthday and Joyce reminds Buffy that she will be taking her on a birthday shopping spree at the mall on Saturday. As they talk Joyce gets up and starts taking plates to the sink. She asks Buffy if being 17 feels any different and Buffy tells her that in fact she woke up feeling much more responsible and mature and ready to become a licensed driver. Joyce is not thrilled with where this conversation is headed but Buffy reminds her that she promised to talk about this with Buffy once she turned 17. Joyce gives Buffy a serious look and asks her, “Do you really think you’re ready, Buffy?” Just as Joyce asks this she accidentally drops a plate on the floor and it shatters. The scene is nearly exactly the same as Buffy’s dream. Buffy is shocked.

            Jenny Calendar is setting up things in her classroom when a middle aged man wearing an old-finished looking suit and hat walks in. With a thick Eastern European accent he reads Jenny’s name off the wall of the classroom as though he has never heard it before. But when Jenny turns around at the sound of his voice she seems to recognize the man. They greet each other civilly before Jenny apologizes for not writing as frequently as she has in the past. She’s been busy. The man does not like this excuse. He thinks that Jenny is shirking her duty to her people, especially since the elder woman has been reading the signs and knows that something has changed. Jenny assures him that that is not true. The curse remains intact. The man believes the elder woman over Jenny and the elder claims that the pain of the cursed one is lessening. Jenny admits that there is a girl but promises the man that Angel still suffers. She goes on to defend Angel, telling the man how Angel is attempting to redeem himself, how he even saved Jenny’s life. The man is still furious that Jenny allowed Angel to find love. He reminds her that Angel killed the most beloved daughter of their tribe as well as every person who loved this girl. Vengeance demands that Angel suffer eternally as their tribe has suffered. If Angel experiences even one minute of happiness because of this girl, that is too much. Jenny apologizes and the man angrily reminds her that she is not Jenny Calendar. She is Janna of the Kalderash people, she is a gypsy. Jenny assures him that she knows this, addressing him as uncle. Her uncle demands she do whatever necessary to end Buffy and Angel’s relationship and Jenny promises him that she will.

            Buffy meanwhile is in the library, sitting at a table recounting to Giles the scene in her kitchen. Giles walks around her as she speaks, cradling a mug of tea. He understands how frightening the whole event must have been. Just then Xander and Willow bounce into the library and exuberantly wish Buffy a happy birthday. Buffy tries to smile back but Willow immediately picks up on her less than happy mood. Giles tells them that part of Buffy’s nightmare actually came true. Buffy then starts worrying out loud about the other part of her nightmare coming true, since in the dream Drusilla was alive and out to murder Angel. Buffy is especially worried because in the dream Drusilla took her by surprise so Buffy never had a chance of saving Angel. Giles assures Buffy that they can still protect Angel and reminds her that although her dreams can foretell real events, their outcomes aren’t set in stone. After all, she dreamed of The Master rising and although he attempted to rise she stopped him from doing it. Buffy calms a little, agreeing that all her dream means is that she is one step ahead of Drusilla. But she wants to keep this advantage. Giles agrees to research Drusilla and tells Buffy to meet him back in the library at seven. Buffy demands to know what she is supposed to do until then. He reminds her that she has classes to attend, schoolwork to do, meals to eat and Buffy realizes she has to go be Buffy the high-schooler instead of Buffy the Slayer. She sighs, grabs her stuff and walks out of the room. Xander and Willow are disappointed since it appears the surprise party for Buffy is now a bust. They head off to tell Cordy the news when Giles stops them and informs them rather sternly that they will be having a party tonight. They’re confused and Giles reminds them that this is neither the first nor the last time Buffy and Angel have been/will be in danger. However this is the only time Buffy is turning 17. After all, on the Hellmouth, there is no especially good time to relax so they might as well have the party tonight. Willow and Xander like Giles’ thinking and Willow adds to his argument, pointing out that Angel is going to be at the party so Buffy can protect him and enjoy her birthday at the same time. Willow and Xander again go to leave the library but this time a lot more happily.

            That night, near seven, Buffy walks down a school hallway heading towards the library to meet up with Giles. Instead she runs into Jenny who tells her that Giles ran home to get a book and wants to meet Buffy somewhere closer to his apartment. Buffy thinks this is odd but when Jenny offers her a ride she accepts the invitation.

            As Jenny and Buffy drive Buffy realizes they are near the Bronze and asks Jenny if that is where they are going. Jenny claims she doesn’t know, that she is simply following Giles’ directions to some address he gave her. Buffy spots a truck at the end of an alley with some sketchy looking men moving between it and an old warehouse. Buffy asks to be let out so she can investigate. Jenny really doesn’t seem happy about the delay but lets Buffy out. Buffy walks over to the truck and sees Dalton loading another one of the large wooden boxes onto it. She chides Dalton about the fact that she always catches him stealing. Buffy is distracted by the sound of the trucks engine and as she turns her head Dalton runs to escape. Buffy suddenly finds herself fighting several large male vampires, one of whom pulls Buffy up onto the bed of the truck. A fierce battle ensues.

            Meanwhile inside the Bronze Angel comes out from his hiding place to wonder out loud where Buffy is. Willow, Xander, Oz, Cordelia and Giles pop halfway out of hiding to shush Angel. Willow thinks she hears Buffy coming.

            Buffy is most assuredly not coming at that moment, as she is still battling one last vamp in the truck. He picks her up and throws her off the truck and into a side door of the Bronze. The whole gang hears that and turns to listen to the sound of pummeling outside. Suddenly both Buffy and the vampire crash through a window into the Bronze, visible to everyone except Cordelia. Angel, Giles, Willow, Xander and Oz all walk over towards the stage where Buffy is busy dusting the vampire with a drumstick. Oz is shocked. Cordelia, hearing noises jumps up and yells surprise. Everyone turns and looks at her likes she is an idiot, everyone except Oz, who aggress, “That pretty much sums it up.”

            Buffy jumps off the stage and joins the group, as Cordelia walks from her hiding space and also joins them. Buffy is confused about the gathering and Giles tells her it was supposed to be a surprise party. Buffy is very pleased that everyone put so much effort into her birthday and seems to have completely recovered from the fight. But Angel is still concerned for Buffy. Willow on the other hand is more worried about how Oz is dealing with all of this. Oz seems okay but wants confirmation that everyone else just saw a man turn to dust. Xander uses his powers of succinct speech to tell Oz that vamps are real and a lot of them live in Sunnydale. He then drifts over to Cordy’s side. Willow assures Oz that she knows it’s hard to believe, but Oz cuts her off, saying that its actually very easy to believe and it explains a lot. Just then Jenny walks in carrying one of the big boxes the vampires had. She, Angel and Giles put it on a table and Buffy opens it. Inside is chain mail covered arm. Suddenly the arm reaches up and grabs Buffy in chokehold.

            Angel struggles to rip the arm from Buffy’s throat but finally succeeds. He wrestles it back into the box which Giles quickly shuts. Everyone is surprised by this turn of events but Angel is especially shocked. He seems to recognize the arm and immediately connects it to Drusilla. Angel explains that there is legend of a demon who was brought forth long ago to rid the world of humanity, essentially by dividing up the world into good and evil and destroying all that is good. He was called the Judge. Giles recognizes the name the Judge and helps Angel fill in the rest of the story. The Judge could not be killed even when an army was sent against. In fact he killed most of the army but a few of the survivors managed to dismember him. The Judge’s body parts were scattered across the earth and buried separately. It’s not hard for the gang to figure out what is going on. Drusilla has decided to reassemble the Judge and bring on Judgment Day. Giles realizes they must get this piece of the Judge far away from Sunnydale to prevent him from being fully put back together. Jenny sees her chance to get Angel away from Buffy and starts insisting Angel should be the one to get rid of the arm. Buffy objects, saying she can get rid of the arm. Jenny points out that Buffy is in no position to just disappear for a few months. Buffy doesn’t understand why this mission should take months, even if they are taking the arm to the remotest region possible. But Angel agrees with Jenny, that he is the best person to get rid of the arm. And if Angel is the one making it the trip will definitely take months. Flying is too dangerous for Angel. There is too much of a risk he will be caught in the sunlight. He is going to have to take a cargo ship all the way to Asia. Even worse the safest option is for him to leave tonight. Buffy is devastated. “But it’s my birthday.” Before Angel can get sentimental Jenny shoves into their conversation, offering to drive Angel to the docks.

            Meanwhile Dalton is in the factory facing the wrath of Drusilla, having reported to her that he lost one of her presents. Spike is sitting behind the furious Drusilla and tells Dalton that he has ruined all of Drusilla’s fun. Dalton apologizes and tries to blame the Slayer but Drusilla silences him, rips off his glasses and crushes them under her foot. Then she tells him to make a wish because she’s going to blow out the candles. She holds two fingers up near his eyes, grinning and giving off the distinct impression that Dalton’s eyes are the candles. Spike nonchalantly suggests that Drusilla give Dalton a chance to recover the box since he is the only minion they have who is the least bit intelligent. Dalton swears to get the box back but Drusilla shows no signs of letting up, with her fingers still tense and positioned for poking. All of the sudden Dru bends down, picks up Dalton’s broken glasses, puts them on his face, tells him to hurry back and pats him on the head. Dalton leaves as Drusilla curls up in Spike’s lap.

            Buffy and Angel walk down the dock together, Angel with the box on his shoulder. Angel stops before they get to the ship and he puts down the box so he can make his last goodbyes to Buffy. Angel assures her that everything will be fine. He’ll come back and they will be together again. Buffy is not so optimistic. Angel then pulls out the birthday gift he intended to give her at the party. It’s an Irish Claddagh ring, a ring with two hands cupping a heart topped with a crown. Angel tells her that before he was changed his people exchanged these rings as a sign of devotion. The hands are for friendship, the crown for loyalty and the heart love, although Angel refrains from saying the word love when he explains the ring’s symbolism. He tells her wear it with the heart pointing towards her to show that she belongs to somebody. He demonstrates and Buffy kisses the ring while it’s on his hand. Crying Buffy lets him move the ring from his hand to hers. Buffy begs Angel not to go and they begin to kiss passionately. Angel pulls back and looks seriously at Buffy. He begins to speak, “Buffy, I…” but before he finish his sentence two of Spike’s minions attack. While Buffy and Angel are busy with them Dalton jumps down onto the dock from a boat and grabs the box. Buffy sees this but can’t get away from her fight so she shouts to Angel. Angel tosses the vamp he is fighting aside and tackles Dalton. While he’s busy with Dalton however the vampire Angel was just fighting recovers, grabs the box and runs away with it. Buffy meanwhile is still involved in her original fight. That vamp gets the better off her and manages to grab her and throw her over the side of the dock and into the water. Instead of chasing the box Angel jumps in after Buffy to save her.

            Giles, Willow and Xander are back in the library researching the Judge and waiting for Buffy and Jenny to get back. Giles is worried. He thinks they should have been back by now but Willow figures Buffy needed some time to composer herself. She feels really bad for Buffy. Xander on the other hand is clearly pleased with this turn of events and begins describing his elaborate fantasy about Buffy and Angel’s relationship not working out and Xander eventually sweeping Buffy off her feet. Just then Buffy walks in in a new outfit and tells them the news. Giles wants to know where Jenny is and Buffy tells him that she took Angel to get some new clothes. Buffy had some at school. Xander demands to know why they needed new clothes and Buffy fulfills his earlier pleas for succinctness, with the simple answer, “We got wet.” Buffy then demands to know what Giles has found out about the Judge. Giles reveals that when the Judge touches someone he sucks the humanity out of them. Creatures of evil can sometimes survive his touch but humans never can. Plus no weapon forged can kill him. The best way to stop the Judge is to keep him from being assembled in the first place. Buffy decides the best course of action is to figure out the Judge’s weak spots and to figure where Drusilla is keeping the Judge’s other body parts. Realizing its going to be a late night, Willow suggests a round robin and Xander heads for the phone. Giles is confused as to what a round robin is and Willow explains that each of them calls their mom and claims to be spending the night at someone else’s house for a study session, thus allowing them all to stay out all night and research demons. Xander starts the round by getting his mom on the phone and telling her he’ll be at Willow’s all night.

            Hours later everyone is still in the library researching and by this point they’ve been joined by Angel and Jenny. Willow chats with Xander, gushing about cool Oz was about everything. Xander is not impressed and Willow jokingly accuses Xander of being jealous that he didn’t have a date the party. Xander sighs to himself that he most assuredly did not. Giles calls out Angel to ask for a progress report. Angel comes out from the stacks with a book and meets Giles in front of his office. He is about to start talking when Giles quiets and points through his office window. Angel looks in and sees that Buffy has fallen asleep at Giles’ desk. Giles pulls Angel away from the office and tells Angel that Buffy appears to be in need of sleep. Angel concurs, mentioning that Buffy hasn’t been sleeping well lately, tossing and turning a lot. The entire group turns around and stares at Angel, mouths agape. Angel defends himself, insisting that he only knows this because Buffy told him and that she hasn’t been sleeping well because of her nightmares.

            Buffy is having nightmares as they speak. She is wearing a fancy white dress, walking through Drusilla’s party room (now free of red flowers) following Jenny. There is a faint chant in the background. Nothing is clear and Buffy keeps blurring and separating until she walks up to a pile of boxes containing the Judge’s body parts. She hears Drusilla’s voice behind her, chiding her. Buffy turns and sees Drusilla, wearing the same dress as her, and holding a large knife to Angel’s throat. Drusilla tells Buffy to not touch her presents and goes to slit Angel’s throat. Buffy screams Angel’s name and wakes up. She is still at Giles’ desk and Angel is right behind her, ready to comfort her with a hug.

            Drusilla meanwhile is at her party. She demands more music with an imperious clap of her hand and chilling yet fast-paced song starts up. Drusilla walks among her guests dancing exotically to the song. Spike wheels in with the final box of Judge on his lap. Drusilla is excited that he’s saved the best for last. She takes the box off his lap and hands it to two minions who place it on top of a pile of similar boxes. But this is no random pile. The boxes all fit together to form a sarcophagus and this last box is the Judge’s head. Once the minions complete the structure light starts shooting out of it and it bursts open. There stands the Judge, a fearsome blue demon in a suit of armor. Drusilla is pleased, claiming he is the perfect gift.

            The Judge steps menacingly out of his casket and comes aggressively towards Dru and Spike. Spike wheels in front of Dru protectively and when the Judge complains that the two of them have too many human-like feelings Spike reminds the Judge that they were the ones who reassembled him. Drusilla offers the Judge a party favor and points towards the minions and guests. The Judge commands that Dalton be brought to him, as Dalton also has a lot of feelings, especially since he reads. Spike demands to know why the Judge needs his victims brought to him. The Judge explains that he is not yet at full strength and so for the time being he has to make contact with his victims before he can suck their life force. Several bystanders hold Dalton still why the judge sucks his humanity out of him. Dalton does not survive the ordeal and is incinerated. Drusilla is very pleased and begs the Judge to do it again.

            Buffy and Angel are rushing out of the library when Giles stops them demanding to know what’s going on. They tell him that Buffy has had another dream and now she thinks she knows where Spike and Dru are keeping the Judge. Giles demands that Buffy come up with a plan before rushing off and Buffy reveals she does have a plan. She and Angel will go to Spike and Drusilla’s factory lair and does some reconnaissance work to figure out how far along they are in assembling the Judge. Meanwhile the gang else will go check out all the places in town the boxes could be shipped into, such as the shipping yards and the airport, and try to stop any more boxes from making it to Dru. Once Giles approves her plan, Buffy and Angel leave. Giles heads over to the table where Jenny, Xander and Willow are working, ready to divide up their half off the work.

            Buffy and Angel walk along a catwalk that runs over the factory floor and look down on the party. Buffy tells Angel that she saw this party in her dream. They spot the Judge walking amongst the crowd with Drusilla and Spike at his sides. The Judge suddenly stops and looks up at the catwalk growling, alerting the entire party to Buffy and Angel’s presence. They try to run but Spike’s minions quickly surround them and drag them before Spike, the Judge and Drusilla. Spike and Drusilla are thrilled that Angel and Buffy have shown up. Drusilla even mentions dreaming Buffy would come. Angel demands that they don’t hurt Buffy and insists that the Judge kill him instead of Buffy. Spike laughs at this proposal, saying they are both going to die no matter what. Drusilla adds that Buffy is going to die first so that Angel has to watch. As the Judge heads for Buffy Angel takes a quick look around the room, noting the rack of TVs that Spike has chained up near the ceiling. When the Judge gets close to Buffy she kicks him forcefully in the torso, causing him to lose his balance for a moment. Angel uses the distraction to break free from the minions holding him and to yank the chains connected to the television rack, sending all of the TVs down on the Judge’s head. Sparks fly everywhere and the TVs not only knock out the Judge, they crack a hole in the floor of the factory. Buffy breaks free from the minions holding her, runs to Angel and the two of them jump through the hole into the sewers below. Drusilla sends two minions after them but by the time they get down there Buffy and Angel have managed to hide in a side. The minions assume Buffy and Angel simply have a head start and run down the sewer hall. Once they are out of sight Buffy and Angel come out of hiding and climb up a manhole ladder to the surface. It is pouring rain outside so they both run for shelter.

            They end up at Angel’s apartment, soaking wet. Buffy is shaking from the cold. Angel hands her some dry clothes and tells her to put them on and get under the covers to warm up. Buffy sits on his bed and goes to change but stops when she notices Angel looking at her. He apologizes and turns away from her. As Buffy takes off her sweater she gasps with pain. Angel asks what’s wrong and she tells him it’s just a cut. He asks to look at it and she agrees. Angel sits next to her on the bed and strokes her skin around the cut, telling her that it is already closed and she is fine. Buffy leans back into Angel’s arms and they cuddle. Both are very upset over the fact that they nearly watched each other die. Angel looks at Buffy the same way he did on the docks and starts to speak the same sentence he tried to say there, “I…” but he pauses. Buffy asks him, “You what?” and Angel tells her, “I love you.” Buffy admits that she loves him as well and they begin kissing. Angel suggests that maybe they shouldn’t be doing this but Buffy tells him to just kiss her. They kiss more passionately and fall back on the bed together.

            Later that night Buffy and Angel are curled up together under the covers as a full blown thunderstorm crashes outside. Angel suddenly wakes up and gasps as though in horrible pain. A few moments later he bursts outside into the storm, having apparently only stopped to throw some clothes on. Still in pain he drops to his knees and screams. He shouts out Buffy’s name but he calls are drowned out by the storm and Buffy sleeps on peacefully.

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