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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2, Episode 12: Bad Eggs, Original air date: 1/12/98

by Helen 

It’s a normal day at the mall, except there are some unusual characters there. A fierce looking man in a cowboy hat walks around with a young woman on his arm and the floor above him the Slayer walks, desperately trying to convince her mother to buy her a rather revealing outfit. Joyce realizes the mall is closing and they still have a lot to get done. She and Buffy split up to finish their chores on time. Buffy gets the job of picking up her mom’s dress from the tailor’s. Buffy gets on the down the escalator and glances over at the up escalator where she sees the cowboy and the girl. She glances over to the reflective wall next to her and realizes the cowboy has no reflection. He’s a vampire. Buffy runs up the down escalator and follows the couple into an old closed-off arcade. When she gets there the cowboy has his vamp face on and is getting ready to bite his oblivious date from behind. Buffy pretends to be the cowboy’s girlfriend getting the other girl to leave. Catching site of the cowboy’s new face gets her to leave even faster. Buffy and the vampire start brawling and he lets her know that he has heard of her before introducing himself as Lyle Gorch. Buffy gets the upper hand in the fight and Lyle makes a break for it and runs, adding the warning that “This isn’t over.” Buffy rushes back into the mall proper where she finds her mother waiting for her in the food court with their mall food dinner already on the table. Joyce asks Buffy where her dress is. In her rush to save young woman from Lyle Buffy forgot to go pick up Joyce’s dress. Now the tailor’s shop is closed and Joyce is going to have to find time in her day tomorrow to pick up the dress. Joyce is disappointed in Buffy’s seeming lack of responsibility and assumes Buffy got distracted by a boy. She demands to know if Buffy ever thinks about anything besides boys and clothing to which Buffy answers, “Saving the world from vampires.” This comment only angers her mother more.

The next day at school Xander and Cordelia are making out with each other in a closet. As usual they ruin the moment by insulting each other. Xander wants Cordelia to stop talking and Cordy gets mad at Xander for turning on the lights because she doesn’t want to have to look at him. This results in an argument and they decide to leave but their hands touch when they both reach for the doorknob at the same time and this is enough to send them into the throes of passion again. As they sink to the ground in each other’s embrace Xander turns out the lights.

Later in health class, Mr. Whitmore, the gang’s health teacher talks about the sex drive and how it affects teens. When he asks the class for negative results of sex Cordelia and Xander turn class discussion into an outlet to vent their frustrations with other, offering examples of negative aspects of their relationships. Willow is at first uncomfortable with the whole class topic but finally offers the example Mr. Whitmore is looking for, unwanted pregnancy. Mr. Whitmore then presents the class with a class project. Everyone is to find a partner and adopt one of the eggs he has brought to class. This egg will represent their child. Willow assumes Xander will be her partner but Xander doesn’t even notice her and instead gets up to ask Cordelia. Cordy sees him coming and ask another guy before Xander can get to her. Rather than go ask Willow, Xander instead asks a random girl he doesn’t know.

After class Willow and Xander, each with egg in hand go to the library where they find Buffy. Buffy tells them she didn’t show in class because she was doing some vampire research. Willow delivers her her egg and breaks the news that since there are an uneven number of people in their health class Buffy has to be a single mother. Buffy is terrified by the whole project. She is terrible as taking care of things and the prospect of being raising her egg alone makes her feel like she already turning into her own mother. Giles comes out of the book cage where he has been researching and nearly crushes Buffy’s egg with a book. The book contains a passage about Lyle Gorch and his brother Tector. They made a name for themselves massacring an entire Mexican village in the 1800s and that was before they became vampires. Giles lets Buffy know that the Gorch brothers aren’t big thinkers and so probably don’t have a master plan. However they are strong and so Buffy shouldn’t fight them alone. Giles suddenly notices that everyone in the room has an egg but the kids don’t bother explaining why. Willow and Buffy instead decide the Buffy should ask for Angel to help her. Xander thinks this is a bad idea, implying that Angel and Buffy will be more likely to get some smooching done rather than some slaying. Buffy tells him that he needs to grow up; she and Angel are not simply slaves to passion.

It turns out Xander’s fears aren’t all that unfounded, as Buffy and Angel spend the night making outing in the cemetery instead of hunting for the Gorchs. Little do they know the Gorch brothers are actually watching them from the cemetery wall. Both the brothers recognize Buffy and Angel, but unaware that Angel is no longer evil they are confused by what they are seeing. Tector decides they should kill them both but Lyle says no. It seems that he does the thinking for the two and he actually does have a plan. He won’t tell Tector the specifics but it apparently involves not attacking Buffy until she is alone.

Later that night Buffy fills out her egg diary and puts her child, Eggbert, to bed on her nightstand before crawling into bed herself and falling asleep. All seems well until 2:03 in the morning when Eggbert begins to hatch. But rather than a beak coming of out the shell, an extremely long multi-fingered tentacle does instead. The tentacle reaches across to Buffy’s bed and places a finger in each of Buffy’s ears and two across her face.

That morning Lyle and Tector settle in the sewers and feed on rats before Lyle lies down to sleep. He can’t sleep however because Tector keeps complaining about being in Sunnydale and pestering him with questions about why Angelus is cuddling with the Slayer and why they aren’t killing Buffy. Lyle gets mad at Tector and in his resulting rant it becomes clear that Hector practically raised Tector and that he has always taken care of him. The two end up engaging in a friendly fist fight to settle their differences.

When Buffy’s alarm goes off that morning the egg is back how she left it but Buffy is feeling funky. After Buffy dresses she and the egg head to the kitchen where Buffy’s mom is having a cup of coffee. Buffy steals a few sips of the coffee and complains about not sleeping well. Joyce makes a joke about Buffy’s egg keeping her up all night. Buffy is not amused. She thinks parenting is a pain. She grabs her egg and a piece of toast and heads off to school.

Giles is reshelving books near the entrance to the stacks and surprised to find Buffy, Xander and Willow all standing at the bottom of the stairs to the stacks with eggs in hand. They tell him their health class has been cancelled because Mr. Whitmore never showed up. Giles asks for some help but Willow and Buffy refuses and collapse onto the steps as though they are exhausted. Xander however is full of energy and runs up to assist Giles. When Giles asks about the hunt the night before Buffy can barely force out enough words to answer him. Xander and Giles notice the girls are a bit sluggish and Xander decides they have exhausted themselves by worrying too much about their eggs. He pulls out his own egg and starts tossing it around to show how worry-free parenthood should be. Unfortunately Xander is no juggler and drops the egg. The egg however doesn’t break and Xander admits that he boiled it. Giles points out that this is cheating while continuing to reshelve books. He is so distracted by Xander’s egg situation that he doesn’t notice a wobbling egg at the back of the shelf he is putting books on. Just then Cordelia bursts and lets everyone know that Mr. Whitmore is not only absent, he is missing. She then hypothesizes that he is dead and his body is stuffed in a closet somewhere. She insists it is imperative that they start checking closets, thereby signaling to Xander that she wants to go make out in a closet. Xander picks up on what she is saying and volunteers for closet checking duty. The two of them rush off. Willow notices that they’re being weird but Buffy is to tired to think about it. Giles tells her to concentrate on the Gorchs instead of worrying about Mr. Whitmore and to be careful because she is feeling so sluggish. Buffy thinks she will be feeling strong enough by tonight to patrol the cemetery, and off course Angel will be there to help her.

That night, Buffy makes out with Angel in the cemetery yet again. This time she has a little more self-control though and pulls herself away insisting they hunt. Angel tells her to go home and get some rest. He’ll stay her and hunt for the Gorchs. Buffy is relieved to hear this since she still has to do her egg diary. Angel asks her what she’s talking about and she reminds him that she is doing a faux-parenting project. She thinks the whole thing is ridiculous since she has no plans for having children anytime soon although she might want them someday. Angel lets her know that he is physically unable to have children. Buffy isn’t all that surprised but she does seem disappointed. Nevertheless she hides her feelings and lets Angel know that the only thing she wants in her future is him. Angel says the same about her and the two begin kissing again.

Meanwhile, at the high school, a security guard is patrolling when he notices the door to the basement is open. Going down into the basement he sees the door to a utility room open and goes in to see what is going on. The guard finds a huge whole in the wall behind a pile of boxes. It leads into a tunnel. As the guard leans into hole, Mr. Whitmore comes up behind him and hits him over the head with a pick-axe. The guard falls into the tunnel and Mr. Whitmore crawls in after him.

Buffy sneaks into her bedroom through the window. The first thing she notices is that her egg is wobbling. Just as she goes over to inspect it the egg breaks open and a tentacly creature leaps out and scurries under her bed. Buffy grabs and iron and goes after it but she is unable to find it. As she continues searching her room the creature drops down from the ceiling and lands on top of her. She grabs it and throws it and it scurries away again. Buffy replaces the iron with a pair of scissors. Buffy goes still and hears the creature climbing on the wall behind her. Using her Slayer reflexes she turns and stabs the creature before it can get away and then she keeps stabbing it until it dies. Buffy immediately grabs the phone from her nightstand and calls Willow. She tells Willow to destroy her egg and tells her what happened. Willow assures Buffy that her egg is normal and suggests that maybe Buffy’s strange egg was a trap set by the Gorchs. But after Willow hangs up we see that her egg has already hatched, leaving a strange blue goo behind and that Willow has a very odd look on her face.

Just as Buffy hangs up she hears her mom opening her bedroom door. She barely has enough time cover up the dead creature with a rag before her mom is confronting her about the fact that she is up, dressed and talking on the phone at 2:45 in the morning. As Buffy is unable to come up with a good excuse Joyce assumes that Buffy must have been about to sneak out and she grounds her indefinitely as punishment. The next morning, as she drives Buffy to school she explains the exact conditions of the grounding. Buffy is forbidden from any after school social activities including going to the Bronze. When school lets out Buffy is report straight to the library and study there until Joyce comes to pick her up at 5:30. Buffy tries halfheartedly to argue with this but makes no progress. She finally agrees and gets out of the car. Buffy spots Cordelia on the steps leading up to the school. She asks her if her egg has done anything odd but Cordelia says it hasn’t. It is sitting peacefully in her teddy bear backpack as they speak. Cordy sees one of her friends and walks off just as Willow comes up to Buffy. Xander is nearby having a snack. The candy bar he bites into tastes like cardboard so he decides to eat his egg instead. He pulls it out of his backpack and cracks on the wall he is sitting on. Buffy and Willow walk across the lawn together and Willow asks about Buffy’s egg. Buffy tells her that it seems to be just her egg and was therefore probably a trap set by the Gorchs. As they talk Cordy rejoins them and they all walk towards Xander. Buffy tells them that she has brought the creepy-crawly to school because Giles wants to research it. Willow agrees that they should and tells Buffy to bring it to the science lab so she can have a look at it. A back shot of Willow reveals that a creature just like the one Buffy killed is mounted on Willow’s back, hidden underneath her shirt. The girls reach Xander just as he is about to bite into his egg. Luckily he glances down at it first and notices that it is filled with a hard-boiled tentacle creature.

Not long after Xander, Buffy and Cordy are in a science lab standinig over one the dead creatures which they have laid out on a lab table. Willow joins them and says that Giles told them to get started and he would be by later. Neither Buffy nor Xander is willing to dissect the creature so Willow takes it from them. Buffy is now pretty sure she knows what happened to Mr. Whitmore. The creatures attacked him. As she is talking Cordy’s teddy bear backpack starts shaking and tentacles burst out of the bear’s eyes, out of sight from the rest of the gang. Willow theorizes that the creatures didn’t hurt Mr. Whitmore, they just used him to return to the mother Bezoar. As Buffy and Xander look baffled Cordy and Willow attack them and knock them unconscious with lab equipment. They then dump their bodies in a closet with the help of two other students who appear to be similarly affected. These four than lead a line of students, as well as one staff member, into a tool shed where they all grab digging tools of different sorts before streaming down into the basement. They enter the utility room and climb through the hole in the wall into the tunnel. Mr. Whitmore sits at by the hole, guarding it.

That evening at 5:30 Joyce comes into the library looking for Buffy. Instead she finds Giles in the library all alone. Giles tells Joyce that Buffy hasn’t come in all day even though she was supposed to meet with him. This upsets Joyce and she vents to Giles about what a burden children are. Giles commiserates, saying that even though he is not a father he often feels like one working at Sunnydale. When Joyce refers to Buffy as irresponsible however Giles softly defend Buffy. He then glances over Joyce’s shoulder and asks, “What’s that?” Joyce turns to see what he is looking at and Giles grabs a tentacle creature out of drawer and mounts it on Joyce’s back.

Once Joyce is under the control of the creature, the two of them walk out into the hallway joining a stream of people all headed in one direction.

Buffy regains consciousness in the same closet that Xander and Cordy were making out in earlier. She turns on the light and wakes Xander up. Xander says something about how the last Cordy dragged him into this closet it was a lot nicer, but as he regains full consciousness he quickly claims that that was just crazy talk caused by the head trauma. Buffy and Xander theorize that whatever has gotten into Willow and Cordy has to do with the hatchlings. Xander questions why he and Buffy weren’t killed but gets his answer when they notice two eggs wobbling on the floor. Buffy smashes them with a toolbox and breaks the lock on the door, allowing her and Xander to escape.

They head straight for the library looking for Giles but find he isn’t there. Xander remembers what Willow said about the Bezoar. They decide to research it and go over to the books that Giles has lying out since he was supposed to be doing research of his own. He apparently made quite a bit of progress since one of the books lying on the counter is opened to a picture of a Bezoar. The creature is huge and has lots of tentacles. As they are looking at it Xander steps on an eggshell and he and Buffy realize that Giles has been taken as well.

Giles, Joyce and a string other people walk through the tunnel into an underground room in the sewer system. There they join in with the rest of Sunnydale High’s population, including Willow and Cordelia. Everyone is hard at work digging up the floor. As they dig they pull eggs from the hole they have made. But eggs are not the only thing in the hole. There is also a large, pink, fleshly Bezoar.

Back in the library Buffy reads up on the Bezoar from Giles’ book and relays what she learns to Xander. The Bezoar is an extremely ancient creature that hibernates underground laying eggs. Her offspring then attach themselves to hosts through neural clamping and take over their motor functions. Buffy and Xander realize that if the offspring are taking orders from the mother their next task is to figure out what the mother wants. Just then they hear someone screaming for help in the hallway. Jonathan is on the ground trying to wrestle off a hatchling that has jumped on him. Buffy and Xander rush into the hallway a few seconds too late. Jonathan has been taken over. He claims he is fine, he only slipped, and then walks away. Buffy and Xander realize what has happened to him and follow him at a distance.

Jonathan leads them into the basement utility room and they watch him climb through the hole the wall. Neither of them wants to follow but they do anyway, Xander tripping as he goes. Buffy and Xander sneak up unnoticed to the entrance of the room where everyone is working and quickly figure out what is going on. They know they need to stop the spread of the eggs as well as kill the Bezoar. Xander volunteers for the first task and pretends to be under the control of a hatchling, integrating himself into the group. He sees Cordelia and another student carrying boxes of eggs out a back entrance and follows them. Buffy meanwhile returns to the utility room to find a weapon. Just as she finds a large metal pole the Gorch brothers come up behind her. She tells them its not a good time to fight but they won’t listen. Buffy knocks out Tector with the pipe and Lyle dives on her, knocking them both through the hole. The tumble out the end of the tunnel into the sewer room. This catches the attention of everyone down there and right as Buffy realizes her mother is among the workers Willow gives the order for Buffy and Lyle to be killed. Buffy and Lyle set about defending themselves, easily beating up the possessed students and teachers and trading punches with each other in between.

Xander meanwhile continues to follow Cordy and the other student into a sewer tunnel. He knocks out the other student and then goes for the eggs. Cordy hits him in the same place where Willow hit him earlier, making him mad enough to knock her out.

Back in the main room the workers, unable to defeat Buffy and Lyle, return to their work. Just then Tector recovers himself and comes down into the room ready to fight. When he sees the Bezoar he is intrigued and leans over it to say hello. The Bezoar opens her eye and wraps a tentacle around Tector’s neck and pulls him into her pit to eat him. Lyle is distraught over the sudden loss of his brother and blames Buffy. In a rage he picks her up and throws her. Joyce, seeing Buffy in a vulnerable position, attempts to stab her with a pick axe. At the same time the Bezoar wraps a tentacle around Buffy’s ankles and pulls her into the pit. Buffy grabs a pick axe off the ground as she is pulled in. Suddenly two noises start coming up from the pit, hacking sounds and the Bezoar’s screams of pain. All the hatchlings stop their work to see what is happening. The Bezoar’s eye shuts, it lets out one last scream and all the hatchlings fall of the their hosts’ backs, dead. The hosts then all faint, leaving Lyle the only conscious one in the room. He cautiously leans over the pit and is startled when the pick axe is flung up out of it. Following the pick axe is Buffy, covered in black Bezoar blood and looking pissed off. Lyle takes one glance at her, tips his hat and assures her, “Alright, it’s over,” before running away.

Later on, after all the students have regained consciousness, everyone drifts outside confused and disoriented. Giles assures them it was all a gas leak and they have nothing to worry about. He then goes up to Xander and asks what really happened. Xander promises to fill him in tomorrow. Giles leaves and Xander turns to attend to Cordy and Willow, who are sitting together. They assure him they are fine and Willow apologizes for hitting him. Cordy on the other hand is glad that she hit him, not because she wanted to, but because that means she wasn’t left out. Just then Buffy emerges from the school, cleaned up and dressed in exercise clothing. She asks about her mother and Xander says she is confused but otherwise fine. Buffy’s mother rushes up just then, relieved that Buffy is okay but mad that Buffy wasn’t in the library like she was supposed to be. As Buffy and Joyce walk away Joyce insists Buffy needs to learn some responsibility and ups her punishment, confining Buffy to her room except for when she has to go to school or to the bathroom.

That night Buffy makes out with Angel yet again. Angel pulls away, afraid Buffy is going to get in trouble.Buffy assures him she is not breaking any rules. And indeed she is not as she is standing inside her room and Angel is outside her window. Joyce calls up to Buffy asking her if she is going to bed. She assures her mom she will in a minute and goes back to kissing Angel.

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