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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2, Episode X: What's My Line Part 2, Original air date: 11/24/97

by Helen 

            Buffy and Kendra are still standing in Angel’s apartment, paused in their fighting, but on edge and suspicious of each other. They are also arguing over who is the real slayer. Buffy suggest they declare a truce and go to her Watcher to figure out what is going on. Kendra agrees. Before they leave Buffy asks her why she was sent here. Kendra answers simply. She was sent here to kill vampires.

            Kendra is very close to accomplishing this goal, because Angel is still locked in the cage that Kendra left him in.  The sunlight is growing stronger, leaving him with only one small shadow to cower in.

            Buffy takes Kendra back to the library and there Giles confirms that Kendra’s Watcher is a real person. Just then Willow walks in and Giles is forced to explain that Buffy has friends who know about her calling. Kendra does not approve of how flexible Giles is when it comes to enforcing the rules with Buffy. As the four of them talk through what’s going on they realize that Kendra must have been called when The Master drowned Buffy the previous school year. Although Buffy was revived only moments later, she was dead long enough to activate the next slayer. Buffy insists that since the whole thing is really just a giant mix-up, Kendra should leave. But Kendra says she can’t. Kendra’s Watcher has found signs that a dark force is rising in Sunnydale and has sent Kendra to combat it. Buffy scoffs at this, demanding to know if Kendra plans on stopping this dark force by running around attacking random people. Kendra insists her attack on Buffy was not random. She saw Buffy kissing a vampire and thus assumed she was also a vampire. Buffy, Giles and Willow all assure Kendra that Angel, the vampire Buffy was kissing, is actually one of the good guys. Kendra tells them she has a hard time believing this. She has read about Angelus and he looked like any other monster when she... . At this point Kendra cuts herself off. This makes Buffy suspicious and she demands to know what Kendra has done to Angel.

            Back in his cage Angel is only moments away from being touched by sunlight when Willy comes, unlocks the cage and drags him into the sewer. Spike comes out of the shadows with some minions. The minions drag the severely weakened Angel away. Spike pays Willy and reminds him not to tell anyone what is going on.

            Cordelia is still looking through the Norman Pfister’s makeup sample collection when Norman asks her if there are any other ladies in the house. Norman has been acting strangely and when Cordelia turns to tell him that none of the other women are home she notices that he has a maggot crawling on his hand. Xander comes down the stairs just then and demands to know what is going on. Cordy tells him that Norman was just leaving. As she is saying this a maggot crawls across Norman’s face and into his ear. Xander and Cordy realizes something is wrong and run. Just then Norman’s human form bursts into a huge mass of maggots which begins chasing them. Cordy and Xander run into the kitchen and find Norman standing there. They head into the basement and slam the door to the basement stairs shut before Norman can follow them. When maggots start crawling through the crack under the door, Xander duct tapes the crack while Cordy uses a broom to squish the maggots that have already gotten through.

            Buffy and Kendra rush into the back room at Willy’s bar. Kendra notes that there is no vampire dust on the floor which means she didn’t Angel. Buffy is still angry with Kendra. Willy walks in just then and Kendra immediately attacks. She insists that Willy is dirty. Buffy pulls Kendra off of Willy and slams him into the bar, demanding to know where Angel is. Willy tells her that he saved Angel’s life and then lies and says that Angel went underground to recuperate.

            Drusilla is asleep in her bed at the factory when Spike comes in, gently waking her up. He tells her he has brought her a gift: her sire. He pulls Angel, bound and gagged, out of the shadows and throws him to the floor. Drusilla is thrilled. With Angel in hand and a new moon tonight she and Spike will be able to perform the ritual that will restore her to full strength. Spike and Drusilla are both thrilled but Spike’s mood is soon dampened when Drusilla asks him to hand Angel over to her to play with until the ritual. Although is none to pleased, Spike obliges and Drusilla begins her games by slapping Angel across the face.

            Back at the high school, Giles walks with Willow, Buffy, and Kendra through the school courtyard. Giles tells the girls that he has spoken with Kendra’s Watcher and the two of them have decided it would be best if the girls worked together to fight the rising dark force. They then turn to the topic of what this force is. Kendra has already been told about Spike’s plan to return to Drusilla to health. Giles now explains that Drusilla is extremely dangerous not only because she evil but also because she is insane, thus making it likely that Drusilla’s return to power is what Kendra’s Watcher is detecting. Kendra doesn’t understand why they can’t just kill Spike and Giles tells Kendra that Spike has set the Order of Taraka on Buffy. Kendra knows all about these assassins because of the extensive reading she has done per order of the Slayer handbook. Buffy is outraged when she learns there is a Slayer handbook that Giles has never told her about. Giles insists that he realized soon after meeting Buffy that the book would be of no use in her case. Buffy is insulted but Giles is too eager to consult with Kendra about the Order to take much notice. He informs Buffy that Principal Snyder has been looking for her and encourages her to make an appearance at the career fair. Kendra realizes Buffy is a student at the high school and is again disapproving. She and Giles head off to talk about books, while Buffy hangs back with Willow. Buffy is annoyed that Giles has taken such a liking to Kendra. But at the same time she wonders if maybe letting Kendra take over from her wouldn’t be so bad after all.

            Cordy and Xander are still trapped in Buffy’s basement and tensions between them are high. Xander is mad that Cordy let the Norman into the house, and Cordy is mad that Xander isn’t trying to save them. He doesn’t see why he should, since Buffy is guaranteed to be coming back to her own house at some point, which means she will save them. As Xander and Cordelia’s arguing grows more and more heated that start moving closer together, shouting in each other’s faces about how much they hate each other. Suddenly the both grab each other and start kissin with the same passion with which they were arguing. When they finally pull apart they both realize they really need to get out of this basement. They leave the basement and all seems to be quiet at first, but as they make a dash for the front door maggots start falling from the ceiling onto to Cordelia. Cordelia runs out of the house behind Xander, screaming at him to get the maggots off of her. Xander grabs a garden house and begins spraying her. He gets most of the maggots off fairly quickly but continues spraying. Cordy screams at him that they should go, but Xander just keeps spraying her down. Finally Cordy runs for her car. Xander drops the hose to follow her and they tear out of there at top speed.

            Back at the school Buffy and Willow walk into the career fair. Buffy tells Willow that her test results said she would be good at law enforcement and environmental design, but the environmental design seminar was yesterday so she is forced to learn about law enforcement. As Buffy is talking she notices Oz staring at Willow from across the room. She insists that he is checking Willow out, though Willow thinks he is just acknowledging their computer nerd solidarity. Buffy is vindicated however when Oz walks up to them. Buffy discreetly drifts away and Oz strikes up a conversation with Willow. Willow notes that he has died his hair brown and he asks her if she has decided to become a corporate computer bigwig. Willow doesn’t seem too intrigued by the prospect and asks Oz what he thinks of it. He reveals that he actually has no interest in computers, or work for that matter. He was only selected because he tests really well. When Willow asks he what he is interested in, Oz reveals that he is a guitarist.

            Buffy heads over to the law enforcement booth and signs her name on the sign-in sheet. The police officer that Buffy saw yesterday comes over to the crowd of kids standing by her booth, picks up the sign-in sheet and begins to call roll. She calls Buffy’s name first and when Buffy raises her hand the police office puts down the sign-in sheet and goes for her gun. Buffy realizes what is happening and rushes at the officer, grabbing her wrists and forcing her arms into the air so that she can only shoot towards the ceiling. Buffy manages to knock the gun out of the woman’s arms and dives behind a table. But the police office pulls out another gun and starts shooting again. Buffy yells for everyone to get down. As students fall to the ground Oz sees that Willow is in danger of being hit and dives in front of her, taking a bullet in the arm as he does. During the commotion Buffy is able to hide and then jump on the police officer, taking her by surprise and knocking the second gun out of her hand. The police office goes to pull out a third gun when Kendra kicks her in the face. The police officer backs away and grabs Jonathan as a hostage, holding a knife to his throat. When she gets close enough to the door, she drops him and runs. Kendra chases after her while Buffy goes to check on Oz. He is in pain but otherwise he is doing fine. Kendra comes back and tells Buffy that she lost police officer. Jonathan comes over to them and asks Buffy if that was a demonstration.

            Willow rebandages Buffy’s knee in the library while Buffy tells Giles about this latest attack. Giles asks if Oz is alright and Willow tells him that paramedics said it was just a flesh wound. Xander and Cordelia walk in just then and ask why the school is such a mess. Giles tells them they had a visit from the Order of Taraka. Xander reveals that they too have just had a run in with the Order. Just then Xander notices Kendra, and Giles explains that she is also a Slayer. Xander is intrigued and tries to flirt with her, but she grows extremely shy and awkward when he speaks to her, something Buffy takes note of. Giles asks Xander to describe the assassin he saw, but Cordelia saves him the trouble when she finds a maggot in her hair. She freaks out and runs off to take a shower. Giles and Buffy start discussing how serious the Taraka problem is becoming and Buffy expresses appreciation towards Kendra for her help. Giles then gives them some bad news that he has recently discovered. The Order has probably stepped up their attacks on Buffy because the ritual to restore Drusilla to health must take place on the night of the new moon, which is tonight. The Order probably wants to kill Buffy before then. Giles also reveals that the ritual must take place in a church and requires the presence of Drusilla’s sire. Buffy freaks out and reveals to the gang that Angel is Drusilla’s sire. When Giles tells Buffy that the ritual will kill Angel, Buffy gets really serious about stopping this ritual. When the whole gang throws themselves into planning how to save Angel, Kendra objects. She thinks their priority should be stopping Drusilla. Buffy makes it very clear that she is going to save Angel. That plan currently meshes with Kendra’s goal of stopping Drusilla, so they can either work together or Kendra can get out of Buffy’s way. Kendra agrees to work with Buffy.

            Back at the factory Drusilla is still playing. She has Angel tied to her bed and is torturing him both physically and mentally, pouring holy water on his bare chest and reminding him of how he brutally murdered her family.

            The gang is in full prep mode at the library. Willow finds listings for 43 churches in Sunnydale. Giles tells her to look and see if any of them are closed or abandoned. Cordy and Xander meanwhile look through various volumes trying to find a picture of the assassin that attacked them. Buffy and Kendra sit in Giles’s office. Buffy sharpens a knife as Kendra expresses disapproval that Xander and Cordelia also know her “secret” identity. Kendra picks up one of Buffy’s crossbow and over Buffy’s objections starts fiddling with it, insisting that she is a weapons expert. She ends up shooting Giles’ lamp. Kendra is embarrassed and explains that it has a different trigger mechanism then she is used to. She suggests that Buffy might teach her to use it once their mission is over. Buffy, however, is more interested in relaxing after they’re done.

            Out in the main room, Xander discovers a book that mentions the maggot man. It states that he can only be killed when he is in his dissembled state. While reading this, Xander and Cordelia manage to get in another fight, much to Giles’ and Willow’s annoyance.

            Meanwhile in the office, Kendra and Buffy are talking about how different their lives are. Kendra was taught that friends, school and family were distractions, and emotions are a weakness. Her people take the calling of Slayerhood very seriously and so her parents gave her up to her Watcher for training when she was very young. She was so young in fact that she doesn’t even remember them. Buffy disagrees with this. She thinks that Kendra life sounds lonely and she believes her emotions give her power. Kendra concedes that this may be true for Buffy but she prefers to keep an even mind. Buffy starts egging her on, insisting that while her technique is flawless, she has no imagination when she fights. Buffy claims that if they had continued fighting that she would have won. This angers Kendra and she waves a knife at Buffy, threatening to wipe the floor with her. Buffy grins, and points out that Kendra is currently feeling an emotion and the emotion is giving her the kind of fire a Slayer needs to survive. Before Kendra can respond Xander walks in to grab a book, setting Kendra on edge. After Xander leaves Buffy guesses that Kendra isn’t allowed to date and Kendra reveals that she is not even allowed to speak to boys. “Unless you’re pummeling them,” Buffy reminds her. This in turn reminds Buffy about Willy from the bar. She believes that she and Kendra can force him to help them.

            Drusilla is still torturing Angel at the factory when Spike comes in to tell her that it is time to go to the church. Drusilla points out the fun of torturing Angel but Spike is uninterested. He was never much for the pre-show. Angel turns this comment back on Spike, implying that Spike is no good at foreplay. He then starts taunting Spike, telling him that he can tell by the way Drusilla is has been touching him that Spike is not satisfying her. Spike grows angry and goes to stake Angel, but Drusilla stays his hand. Spike catches onto Angel’s game. If Spike stakes Angel now, he dies quickly and Drusilla is doomed, which saves Buffy and the Scooby Gang from having to face her.

            Buffy and Kendra show up at Willy’s bar and demand to know where the ritual is. Willy claims he doesn’t know but when Buffy threatens to set Kendra on him, he suddenly becomes much more knowledgeable. He tells Buffy he knows where the ritual is but he will have take her to it. Kendra wants to return to Giles and get back-up first but Buffy is unwilling to eat up more time. Angel could be dead any minute now. Kendra thinks Buffy’s feelings for Angel are clouding her judgment and is none too concerned about Angel’s life. After all, he is a vampire. When Buffy leaves with Willy, Kendra doesn’t follow.

            Willy leads Buffy into a church and immediately hands her over to the two remaining assassins and the vampire minions they have with them. They seem to be expecting her.

            In the sanctuary of the church, the ritual has already begun. Spike has tied Drusilla and Angel together and is performing an incantation. He then unsheathes a mystical dagger. Once Spike has stabbed this knife through Angel and Drusilla’s joined hands, Angel’s life force begins draining out of him and into Drusilla. Just then Willy, the assassins and the minions burst in, dragging Buffy with them. Willy demands payment, but Spike is angry that Willy has brought Buffy here. He wanted her dead, not alive and in the same room as the ritual. Spike turns to the police officer, addressing her as Patrice. He gives her the order to kill Buffy, but before she can do the deed, Kendra bursts into the room and starts kicking some butt. Buffy gets free and the two of them begin a huge fight. Just as things get bad the Scooby gang catches up and joins the fray. Giles and Willow deal with the minions, Kendra and Buffy take on Patrice and Spike, and Cordy and Xander take great joy in luring bug man into his maggot form and then getting his maggots to crawl under a door crack straight into a giant puddle of glue. Once the maggots are stuck Xander and Cordelia gleefully stomp on them. Spike is briefly distracted from the fight by the escaping Willy, which give Buffy time stop the ritual. As Spike realizes he is losing he sets the church on fire, grabs Drusilla and runs. Buffy manages to use a censer as a slingshot and hits Spike in the back of the head. He collapses into the organ and the giant instrument comes crashing down around him and Dru. The gang grabs Angel and rushes out of the burning church.

            At school the next day Willow finds Oz in the hallway and asks him about his arm. It’s in a sling but he assures her that his guitar-playing skill has not been affected. The two begin to flirt and walk off together.

            Things are not so sweet between Xander and Cordelia. When Cordy first sees Xander she tries to avoid him, but he catches up with and insists they need to talk. They go into an empty classroom. As usual they begin arguing, this time over whose fault it was that they kissed. Before they know it they are making out again.

            Buffy walks Kendra out of the school and to a waiting cab. She reminds her that there is no reason to travel in the cargo hold, especially since this time around she has a plane ticket. Kendra doesn’t think that this is the proper way to travel undercover but she agrees to do it anyway. As they chat Buffy jokingly mentions getting fired, and Kendra reprimands her for talking about Slayerhood as though it is a job. It’s not, it’s who she is. Buffy asks her if she got that from the Slayer handbook, but Kendra insists she got that from Buffy herself. Buffy begrudgingly admits that being a Slayer is not something she can escape. She’ll always be a freak. But not the only one, Kendra reminds her, not anymore.

            In the wreckage of the burnt church, a badly injured Spike twitches as Drusilla grabs his arm, pulling him up. She is strong again and she is determined that Spike soon will be too. She picks him up, cradling him like a baby in her arms and carries him out of the church.

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