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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2, Episode 9: What's My Line, Part 1, Original air date: 11/17/97

by Helen 

      Career Week is only a day away at Sunnydale High School. The employers are setting up exhibits and the students are taking aptitude tests. Willow walks into the school looking at excited by all the hubbub. She signs in, gets her own aptitude test and sits down at a table to join Buffy and Xander who are already taking there’s. Xander is displeased by the test because he doesn’t think it can accurately predict your career, but Willow thinks it’s interesting to see what careers you might be good at. Just then Cordelia walks by with some of her friends. She is putting down on the test that she likes to help her fellow man. She adds a verbal addendum to her friends that is only the case if her fellow man is not smelly or dirty. Xander calls her out on this and she proceeds to harshly insult him. Once Cordelia is gone Buffy vents her frustration over having to take the test. The only reason she is even participating is because Principal Snyder is making her. Her future is already set in stone. Being the Slayer will always be her primary career, whether she wants it to be or not.  

            Spike is in the factory working with a nerdy vampire named Dalton to translate the book that his minion stole from Giles. Drusilla sits at the other end of the table reading tarot cards. Spike and his friend are having difficulties with the translation, so when Dru asks Spike to dance, he snaps at her. Dru starts to whimper and Spike apologizes, explaining that he is frustrated because the book is supposed to hold her cure and even Dalton can’t make heads or tales of it. Spike tells Dru that he can’t stand seeing her so sick, and then he goes on a tirade against the Slayer, insisting that every time he turns around, Buffy is there mucking things up. Dru expresses her faith in Spike’s ability to find a cure and he returns to Dalton who tells him that he has discovered their problem. The text looks like it is in Latin, but its not actually. Before he can explain further Spike loses his temper, but Dru quickly calms him when she finds answer in her cards. They need a key because, as Dalton was attempting to explain, the book is in code. The key can be found in a mausoleum. Spike is thrilled and promises to set his minions on it right away. Dru asks him again if he will dance and this time he picks up and begins swinging her around, insisting they will dance on the Slayer’s grave.

            That night Buffy is patrolling a graveyard, when she sees light glowing through the doors of a mausoleum. Suspicious, she heads towards it and as she gets closer she hears a clinking sound. She opens one of the doors and peaks her head in, only to see Dalton using a small pick-axe to break into smoothing inside the mausoleum. Buffy backs out slowly and waits for Dalton to come out. He does soon enough, clutching something under his coat. Buffy confronts him and finds herself being attacked by one of Spike’s minions from behind. She defeats the minion but by the time she does Dalton has made his getaway.

            Buffy returns from her patrolling by way of her open bedroom window. As she is about to climb through it she finds another lurking vampire.  Angel is drifting around her room, and examining her stuffed pig, Mr. Gordo. Buffy throws her bag of weapons in the window first, making a crash that startles Angel. Pleased to get revenge against him for all the times he’s snuck up on her, Buffy asks him what he is doing. She also tells him he doesn’t need to whisper, because her mom is in L.A. Angel asks why Buffy is coming in through her window if that is the case, and Buffy realizes she fallen into the habit of entering her house this way. Angel then tells her he had no reason to come over, he just had a bad feeling and wanted to make sure she was safe. Buffy snaps at him and he turns to leave, but stops him and assures him that she is not mad at him, she’s just been cranky all day. Then she tells him about her career week frustrations, and talks about her desire to be normal again. He is the only part of her demon-killing lifestyle that she likes. Angel notices a picture on her desk of her at an ice rink and asks her if this was part of her pre-Slayer life. She tells him that she went through a big Dorothy Hamill obsession phase and used to ice skate all the time to get away from her parents fighting. Angel tells her there is an ice rink he knows about that is closed on Tuesdays. Buffy points out that tomorrow is Tuesday. Angel smiles at her, “I know.”

            The next day Xander and Cordelia check out the results of the aptitude tests in the school courtyard. Cordelia’s says she would be a good personal shopper or motivational speaker. She is pleased and then looks at Xander’s results and starts laughing. Xander rushes to see them and is dismayed. Buffy and Willow walk out into the courtyard talking about Buffy’s planned ice skating outing with Angel. Xander rushes up to them complaining that he has been assigned to the corrections booth at the fair. Apparently his test said he would make a good prison guard. Buffy mocks him only to be told that she has been assigned to the law enforcement booth. Apparently she would make a good police officer. Buffy decides to worry about that later. First she has to check in with Giles. He has been extra demanding lately. She sees him across the courtyard carrying a stack of books and she goes to follow him. Willow turns to Xander and demands to know what her test results were. Xander said he checked and her name wasn’t there.

            Buffy meets up with Giles in the library and he tells her he has been indexing the old Watchers’ Diaries. He is surprised how pompous and long-winded many of the Watchers were, but this is not shocking news to Buffy. When he asks her to report on her patrol, she tells him about the incident with the thieving vampires. Giles is annoyed that Buffy made no attempt to find out what they were stealing. Buffy is annoyed by his criticism and tells him that if he doesn’t like how she is doing her job, he should find someone else to do it. Oh wait, that would only happen if she died. Then she starts pointing out all the similarities between her current life and her life if she were dead. Giles gets annoyed and asks her to focus on finding out what was stolen.

            What was stolen is an ornate golden cross. Spike presents it to Drusilla who is lying in her bed in the factory and she examines it as closely as she can without touching it. Then she insists it is the right one. It hums to her. As Spike and Dru make plans for her triumphant return to form and the blood feasting that will follow it, Dalton points out that they still have to deal with the Slayer. She nearly ruined the whole thing already. This reminder of the Slayer angers Spike. She is constant worry for him. Suddenly thinks of a solution. He’ll bring in the bounty hunters known as the Order of Taraka. Drusilla’s reads her tarot cards and agrees. Three of them will come. Spike looks at her cards. One bears a picture of a Cyclops, another of centipede, and the last of jaguar or leopard.

            Back at the career fair Xander runs into Willow and asks her why she is still here, since she wasn’t assigned to a profession. Willow says she’s looking for Buffy. Xander tells Willow that Buffy went off with Giles which worries Willow. She knows Snyder is on the lookout for Buffy and if he finds out she skipped the fair, she’s going to be in trouble. Just then Willow and Xander run into Snyder and he off course immediately demands to know where Buffy is. Willow tries to cover for her but Snyder doesn’t believe her and leaves. Xander also leaves because he has to attend a class on riot procedure. Once Willow is alone she is approached by two men in suits. They ask her to come with them and escort her behind a big black curtain that has been put up to cordon off the student lounge. Inside the makeshift room Vivaldi is playing and there is a waiter offering hors d’oeurves. The men tell Willow that that she has been selected to meet with the CEO of a major software company. That is why she did not receive her test results. They were irrelevant; this company has been tracking her for some time. It is extremely difficult to be selected for this. So much so that only one other Sunnydale student made the cut. The men leave and Willow turns around to that this one other person is Oz, who is currently sitting on a couch, examining a plate of hors d’oeurves with great interest. When Oz notices Willow he is surprised. And with no other conversation starter, offers her a canapé.

            Buffy and Giles are walking to the cemetery that Buffy saw the robbery at last night and its clear they’ve been fighting along the way. By the time they reach the front gates Buffy isn’t even waiting up for Giles, who does not walk nearly as fast as she does. Giles accuses her of being immature, and insists he was just offering constructive criticism. Buffy claims that Giles was being harsh. Giles apologizes and insists that there is no reason she cannot seek gainful employment on top of being a Slayer, just as he became a librarian in addition to being a Watcher. Buffy points out that those two jobs go hand in hand. It’s not so easy to find one that goes well with being a Slayer. Giles suggests law enforcement which only angers Buffy more. Luckily for him they’ve reached the mausoleum. Giles discovers that the vampire broke into reliquary, a place where items of religious significance are stored. Then Giles notices the name on the tomb: du Lac. This upsets him. Josephus du Lac was part of radical religious sect that was excommunicated around 1900. Du Lac wrote the book that was stolen from Giles’ collection a few weeks ago. It was said to contain spells of unspeakable evil, but was written in archaic Latin so only sect members could read it. Giles doesn’t know quite what is coming, but, whatever it is, it isn’t good.

            At the Sunnydale bus station a bus arrives. One of the passengers who gets off of it is a fearsome-looking man with only one functioning eye. Meanwhile a genial-looking middle-aged man with a large briefcase walks past the Summers house. He glances at for a second and then continues on to the next house. Buffy’s neighbor Mrs. Kalish answers the door. The man introduces himself as Norman Pfister and says he represents a skincare company that is giving out free samples. Mrs. Kalish lets him into the house. A few moments after she shuts the door  she lets a terrified scream.

            A plane lands at the Sunnydale airport and an airport worker gets climbs into its cargo hold. Something about the hold makes him uncomfortable and he begins to suspect someone is in there. He is right. An exotic looking teenage girl with feline movements kicks him in the face, knocking him out and then climbs out of the hold.

            Back at the library the Scoobies are having a meeting. Giles believes he has discovered what the vampires stole: a cross du Lac invented to decode mystical texts. Originally several copies of the cross existed but he destroyed all but the one that was buried with him, perhaps because he feared what would happen to it if it fell into the wrong hands. Giles decides they will spend the night doing research, trying to find out exactly what the stolen book contains. Buffy, with a little help from Willow, manages to get permission to bail with a promise to be back bright and early the next morning, ready to slay.

            Buffy gets to the ice rink before Angel and begins ice skating on her own, clearly enjoying herself, so much so that she doesn’t notice the one-eyed guyed watching her from the shadows. She does notice him however when he grabs her round the neck and start chocking her. Angel arrives just then and, immediately switching to vamp face, attacks the guy. Buffy recovers herself and uses some netting to swing towards them, slicing open the bounty hunter’s throat with her ice skate. At that moment Drusilla turns the Cyclops card over, telling Spike that the first bounty hunter is dead. Spike tells her not worry. They only need a little more time to finish decoding the manuscript.

            Back at the ice rink, Angel, still with his vamp face on, examines the dead body. When he sees the ring the man is wearing, he gets really freaked out and demands that Buffy go home until she hears from him. When he sees that Buffy limping he is very concerned. But Buffy is equally concerned about him and starts examining a large gash above his eye. He flinches away from her and at first Buffy thinks he is being a baby. But he corrects her, telling her that she shouldn’t have to touch him when he has his vampire face. Buffy assures him that she didn’t even notice and they begin kissing passionately. Another figure emerges from the shadows: the girl from the plane cargo hold. She sees Buffy and Angel kissing and looks angry.

            Back at the library Buffy holds an ice pack to her knee while Giles examines the ring. He tells Buffy that Angel was not overreacting. These rings are worn by the Order of Taraka, a group of assassins dating back to the time of King Solomon. Xander cracks a few jokes and Giles snaps at him. Buffy, Xander, and Willow all grow uncomfortable. Giles apologizes and tells Buffy the best course of action is to find a place to hide her until they can come up with a plan. Now Buffy is freaked. Both Giles and Angel seem to think she is incapable of fighting these guys. Giles explains that the Order is especially dangerous because the have no other desire then to collect their bounty. No matter how many you kill more will keep coming. Each one of them works alone, and works differently. Some are human, some are not. Because of this you won’t know who they are until they attack you.

            As Giles explains we see inside Mrs. Kalish’s house The salesman is sitting in the living room scoping out Buffy’s house with a pair of binoculars. Mrs. Kalish’s corpse is on the floor, eaten out by a bunch of maggots that are now making their way back to the salesman. The maggots crawl up the guy’s body and form into his arm, showing us that he is literally made out of maggots. He uses his newly formed arm to take a sip of tea.

            Buffy walks through the halls of the school, the crowds of career week making her nervous. Everyone looks suspicious to her: the classmate who gives her a second glance, the police officer running the law enforcement booth, the man who reaches in his coat pocket to pull out a comb. Oz makes the mistake of walking up behind her too fast and she grabs him by the neck and slams him into the wall. Oz is confused and when Buffy realizes how crazy she is acting, she apologizes profusely before hurrying away. That night Buffy walks home in the dark, but once she gets to her house she decides not to go in.

            Back at the library Giles and Willow continue to research and attempt to find out what is in the book. Willow comments on how worried she is for Buffy. Buffy simply took off after Giles told her about the Order and now one knows where she is. Xander comes into the library with news that Buffy is not home. He let the phone ring for a very long time before remembering her mom is in L.A. Giles theorizes that she might have unplugged her phone but Willow and Xander both thinks its unlikely that Buffy would ever do that. Giles and Xander think that Giles must have spooked her, but Willow is glad that Buffy took him seriously. She just wants to know where Buffy is.

            As it turns out Buffy has gone to Angel’s apartment. When Angel doesn’t answer the door, she breaks the lock and lets herself in. The apartment is empty so Buffy takes a look around and then lies down in Angel’s bed, clearly sore and upset.

            Angel has gone to a bar. The bar is closed but the bar owner, Willy, doesn’t kick him out because he is afraid of him. During the course of their conversation we learn that Willy is human caters to vampires at his bar and knows all the underworld gossip. Angel violently pumps him for information and learns that Spike sent the Order of Taraka to get Buffy out of the way. But before he can learn what Spike wants her out of the way of, Angel gets kicked in the head by the girl from the plane. She quickly turns a pool cue into stake and the fight begins. During the conflict Willy makes a break for it. After a vicious, evenly matched brawl the girl manages to kick Angel into a storage cage and lock him in there. She speaks for the first time, revealing that she has thick accent. She starts asking about Angel’s girlfriend, and when Angel threatens her, she points out that there is a window in this room with Eastern exposure and the sun will be coming up in a few hours. That is more than enough time for her to find his girlfriend.

            As night slowly turns into day Giles makes a breakthrough in his office. He calls Xander and tells him to go check on Buffy at her house. When Xander reminds him that he has no transportation, Giles tells Xander to call Cordelia and ask for a ride. Giles then goes into the front room of the library and wakes Willow, who’s conked out in front of the computer. He tells her that the manuscript contains a ritual to restore a weak vampire back to health. They realize Spike is going to use the ritual on Drusilla.

            Back in the factory Dalton finishes translating the spell and hands it to Spike. Spike looks at it and excitedly hands it over to Drusilla. Thanks to her tarot cards Drusilla realizes just as Spike does that her cure has been right in front of them the whole time. Without even looking at the spell she places her hand on the card she has just pulled. The card has on it a picture of an angel.

            By the time Cordelia and Xander arrive at Buffy’s house it is early morning. When no one answers the door, Xander finds an unlocked window and climbs into the house. He then lets Cordy in through the door. Xander goes to search for Buffy upstairs, leaving Cordy to pace the living room. She hears a knock on the front door and answers it. It’s Norman Pfister, again offering free samples. Cordy eagerly lets him in.    

            Back at Willy’s bar, Angel isn’t doing so well. The window is flooded with light, quickly eliminating the shadows that Angel can hide in. He struggles against the cage door but isn’t making any progress.

            Buffy is also in a tight spot. She wakes up just in time to see the girl from the plane about to stab her with an ax. A fight ensues, but both of the girls are of equal strength and they soon come to a deadlock. The girl fro the plane demands to know who Buffy is. Buffy scoffs and demands the girl reveal her own identity first. After all, she started the fight. The girl obliges, proudly pronouncing herself, Kendra the Vampire Slayer.

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