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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2, Episode 7: Lie to Me, Original air date: 10/27/1997

by Helen 

It is two days until Halloween, and fittingly enough, Buffy is fighting a vampire in a pumpkin patch. From the shadows another vampire tapes the fight on a camcorder. The camcorder briefly loses picture but the vamp fixes it with a few quick smacks. When it comes back to life it flashes a low-battery warning. But before the battery has had a chance to die, Buffy has already finished off the vamp that attacked her by staking him with one of the pumpkin patch’s signs. Buffy walks away, completely unaware of the vampire with the camera.

The Bronze is decorated in full Halloween regalia. Angel is there, sitting alone at a table, looking awkward. Cordelia walks up and starts to chat. Angel tells her he is waiting for Buffy, and Cordelia shares that she is waiting for Devon, who seems to have flaked out on her. Cordy and Angel are bonding over their shared high standards for leather when Buffy walks in straight from the fight. She sees Cordy and Angel getting all chummy and starts to leave. Angel sees her and runs over. He points out that she is late and pulls some hay out of her hair. Angel understands when she gives her excuse, but when Cordy passes by and makes a snide comment about how dirty Buffy looks, it’s too much for her. Buffy decides that thinking she could actually have a normal dating life was expecting way too much. She leaves and Cordelia comes back over to Angel, offering him a cappuccino.

The next day at school, Principal Snyder is grabbing random kids in the hall and forcing them to sign up for the Volunteer Halloween Safety Program, a program where high school kids take groups of little kids trick-or-treating. Snyder spots Buffy and decides this would be the perfect way to keep Buffy from throwing eggs and keying cars on Halloween. Xander and Willow make the mistake of standing too near to Buffy and soon all of them have been signed up.

The three are annoyed that they now have to dress up for Halloween. Buffy is especially ticked off because Giles has told her that vampires and demons keep a low profile on Halloween. This was supposed to be the one night all year where she would be free. Xander goes to get a soda from the vending machine and is approached by macho-man Larry. Larry wants to know if Buffy would be likely to go out with him. He’s heard she’s fast. Xander attempts to defend Buffy’s honor in a physical manner and is about to get pummeled by Larry when Buffy steps in, twists Larry’s arm behind his back and sends him packing. Xander is now angry with Buffy. Being defended by a girl is a one-way ticket to being branded a wimp. While Xander pouts Willow asks Buffy about her date with Angel. Buffy tells her what happened and Willow assures Buffy that Angel would never go for Cordelia; she’s not his type. But Buffy’s not so sure. She knows very little about him. Cordelia very well could be his type. The only place she could potentially get information about Angel is from the Watchers’ Diaries, which Giles keeps in his personal files in his office. It would be very wrong to take them, so the girls of course immediately make a plan to do so.

They head for the library, which appears to be empty, so Buffy boldly strides in while Willow keeps watch at the door. Right before Buffy walks into his office, Giles calls to her from the book cage. Buffy starts engaging Giles in rambling conversation while frantically waving behind his back for Willow to sneak in and grab the diary. Reluctantly Willow does so, and Buffy, in an attempt to keep Giles’ eyes away from his office tells him that Miss Calendar called him a babe. Willow is ashamed of Buffy for making something like that up, but the deed is already done and the girls now have the diary.

Buffy and Willow sit in the girls bathroom and pour over the diary that Willow stole. They find a picture of a noblewoman from the year that Angel was 18. She is very beautiful and well-dressed, which leads Buffy to wish for a life more like hers, full of elegant gowns and lots of servants. Cordelia walks in to touch up her make-up and proceeds to make snide comments about spending time with Angel the night before. She asks Buffy some questions about Angel, and Buffy realizes that Cordy has no idea he is a vampire. She tells her but Cordy thinks she’s lying as way of scaring off the competition. Cordy makes it clear that Buffy is not the only one who wants to date Angel, and when it comes to dating Cordy is clearly much more skilled.

Buffy, Willow and Xander go to a Halloween store after school to get costumes. Willow buys a ghost costume, which disappoints Buffy. She wants Willow to use Halloween as an excuse to dress sexy. Xander buys a plastic gun. He plans on wearing some army fatigues that he got cheap from an Army-Navy surplus store. Xander is still mad at Buffy but she apologizes and they are about to have a touching reconciliation moment when Buffy is distracted by a beautiful 18th century-style gown. The store proprietor, a British man, comes from the back room and sees Buffy eyeing the dress. He holds up to her and decides that she looks so beautiful in it that he will discount it to a price affordable on Buffy’s budget.
The vampire that recorded Buffy fighting shows the tape to Spike. Spike studies it closely, trying to get a feel for the Slayer’s fighting style. Drusilla comes out and in her strange way tells Spike that she has had a premonition of someone changing things, switching outsides to insides. It will make the Slayer weak. All of this is to happen the next day, on Halloween. Spike is surprised; nothing ever happens on Halloween. But Drusilla tells him someone has come to change all that, someone new.

The evening of Halloween a man wearing a dark, hooded robe walks into a room filled with lit candles and a creepy altar with a statue of Janus, the two-faced god, on it. This man is the same one who sold Buffy her dress. He gets on his knees and performs a blood prayer to his god, Chaos.

Buffy and Willow are changing into their costumes at Buffy’s house. Buffy has put on a black wig and is talking to Willow across the hall about her plans for the night. Her mom will be out, so she is meeting up with Angel at her house after trick-or-treating. Willow finishes getting dressed and comes across the hall. At Buffy’s urging she is wearing a mini-skirt, a low-cut midriff-baring top, and lots of makeup. The doorbell rings and Buffy runs downstairs to answer it. It’s Xander, dressed as a solider. He is flabbergasted by how beautiful Buffy looks in her gown, but Buffy is convinced that he is going to be even more impressed by Willow, that is, until Willow comes down with her ghost costume on top of her sexy clothes. Even her face is covered.

It’s a busy time at Sunnydale High that evening. Snyder personally hands Buffy’s group of kids over to her, with specific instructions not speak to them. Larry, dressed as pirate, threatens Xander and teases him about Buffy fighting his battles. Oz is at his locker packing up his guitar for a gig that night when Cordelia storms up to him in a sexy cat outfit to complain about Devon not showing up for their date, before storming off again. Oz, while marveling over Cordelia’s behavior, runs into Willow, but doesn’t recognize her because of her costume. And Xander gives his group of kids tips on how to get the most candy out of people.
As the night draws to a close, Buffy’s kids show her that the last house they went to gave them toothbrushes instead of candy. To make up for it, she tells to go to one more house. The storeowner meanwhile is still praying. Willow is also still out with her kids, bringing them onto the porch of a kind old lady. As the storeowner finishes his prayer, Buffy feels a change in the wind. The old lady realizes that she is all out of candy. The storeowner looks up from his prayer and smiles. “It’s showtime.”

Out of nowhere the boys dressed as demons in Willow’s group turn into actual demons and attack the old lady. She only escapes when they turn each other. All the other kids flee. Willow tries to stop the fighting demon-boys but she is weakening quickly. Soon she stops breathing and collapses dead on the porch. Xander meanwhile is in the middle of the road watching trick-or-treaters rampage around him. A change goes through him and suddenly his toy gun becomes a real gun. Willow’s ghost gets up and steps out her dead body, wearing the same sexy outfit she had under her ghost costume. She realizes she has turned into a real ghost, so the moment she hears gunfire, she immediately thinks of Xander. Rushing up to Xander she realizes he is a real solider, one without any knowledge of who she is. Willow tries to explain that they’ve all turned into their Halloween costumes but the Xander-solider doesn’t believe her. He is also freaked out by the fact that he is able to walk right through her. As children-turned-monsters begin crawling out of the shadows Willow spots Buffy, now with black hair, looking very confused.

Willow asks Buffy what they should do, and Buffy, upon seeing some demons, promptly faints. Xander scares the monsters away by shooting near them while Willow watches Buffy slowly revive. Buffy doesn’t know who she is and she thinks the year is 1775. Willow freaks out realizing they don’t have the Slayer anymore, but that doesn’t turn out to be as big a problem as she believes. A demon attacks Buffy and Xander quickly dispatches it with the butt of his rifle. Buffy screams that she’s sighted another demon, and frantically hides from the car coming down the road. Willow is forced to explain to Xander that Buffy is from the past. She realizes Buffy’s house is closest and takes them there.

Things aren’t much better at Buffy’s house. Joyce isn’t there, 18th century Buffy freaks out when she finds a picture of herself in modern clothes, and demons are attempting to beat down the front door. Xander, after scaring the demons with gunfire again, hears a woman screaming. He goes outside and finds Cordelia running from a large hairy man-beast. He takes her inside and Cordelia, despite being dressed as a cat, makes it clear that she is perfectly aware of who she is. She even starts complaining that her costume is ripped, which means Partytown is not going to give her her deposit back. Xander offers her his coat, revealing his somewhat toned arms. Cordy’s impressed. Willow explains to her that Buffy and Xander don’t know who they are and then tells them to all sit tight. She is going to go get some help. Willow leaves by walking through the wall, a sight that only the already-traumatized Buffy sees.

Outside, demons and monsters continue to rampage. Walking among them is a very pleased Spike.

Back at Buffy’s house Xander begins to barricade the door. He sends Cordelia to fetch more furniture and begins talking to Buffy. They have very different worldviews. He thinks they should listen to Willow and that they’ll all need to fight. Buffy thinks listening to a woman is silly and that she most certainly shouldn’t have to do anything. Before their conversation can escalate into an argument, Xander finds a picture of Willow, Buffy and himself. He starts to believe Willow is right and they do have some sort of amnesia, but Buffy is still completely incapable of getting a grip on the situation. Just then Angel comes in from the back door. He is relieved to see that Buffy and Xander are alright, but they of course have no idea who he is.

Meanwhile, Giles is at the school library organizing the card catalog. He is distracted by the sounds of sirens and distant screams. As he strains to hear what is going on Willow walks through the wall of the library, giving him quite a scare
Back at Buffy’s house Angel is trying to sort out what is going on when Cordelia comes back into the room. She explains that Xander and Buffy don’t know who they are and, everyone is turning into monsters, before greeting Angel warmly. The electricity goes out and Xander tells Angel to take Buffy and secure the kitchen. He has Cordelia help guard the front. Angel takes Buffy into the kitchen and notices that the back door is open, although he closed it when he came in. A vampire leaps out of the pantry and attacks Buffy. Angel grabs him and starts fighting him. During the fight his face changes to its vamp form and upon seeing it Buffy runs screaming from the house.

Back in the library, Willow explains to Giles what has happened. Xander was dressed as a solider and turned into a solider. Buffy was dressed as an 18th century girl and turned into an 18th century girl. She was dressed as a ghost and became a ghost Giles, looking rather pointedly at Willow’s revealing outfit, asks her what she was the ghost of. She becomes self-conscious and insists that Cordelia’s cat costume is way more provocative than her outfit. Giles is horrified that Cordelia has been turned into a cat, but Willow quickly assures him that Cordelia is still herself. At this point Willow realizes something. Cordy got her costume at Partytown and didn’t change. But everyone who did change got their costumes from a new store in town called Ethan’s.

Still scared, Buffy is running through the dark alleys of Sunnydale. Angel, Xander and Cordelia are hurrying down the street looking for her. Spike, crouching behind a fence, overhears Angel tell Cordelia that in her present form Buffy is helpless. Turning to some of the newly made demons, Spike happily sets them on the hunt for Buffy. Still making her way through an alley, Buffy runs into Larry, now an actual pirate. He is pleased to see so pretty a woman and begins chasing her.

Willow takes Giles to Ethan’s and they make their way through the dark shop to the back room where the Janus statue sits, eyes glowing green. Giles tells Willow that Janus represents the division of self. The story’s proprietor emerges from the shadows and starts making jokes. The moment he sees him, Giles’ eyes grow wide and he orders Willow out of the shop. Willow runs and Giles greets the man by name, calling him Ethan. Ethan also greets Giles, calling him Ripper.

Back in the alley, Buffy trips as she runs. Larry picks up from the ground and presses her against a wall. As he leans in to kiss her Xander dives on him and promptly begins beating him up. Buffy is watching the fight when Cordelia and Angel run up. Freaking out again Buffy begins insisting that Angel is a vampire. Cordelia still doesn’t believe her but plays along, telling her that Angel is nice vampire who doesn’t hurt people. Xander finishes beating up Larry and marvels at the strange sense of closure it gives him. Just then Willow runs up and tells them to get inside. It is soon apparent why. Spike and a group demons round the corner and start heading for the group. Xander, Cordelia, and Willow start running. Angel picks up Buffy and follows.

Back at the shop, Ethan and Giles talk. They go way back and the each is disgusted with the life the other has chosen. Giles berates Ethan for harming the innocent for no good reason. Ethan lectures Giles for playing the good guy, leaving the Slayer and her friends in the dark as to what he is really capable of. Giles demand that Ethan reverse the spell and leave town. Ethan asks what’s in it for him and Giles tells him he gets to live. When Ethan scoffs, Giles begins brutally beating him.
The gang finds an entrance into a warehouse. They try to barricade the door but the demons and Spike quickly catche up and break in. By now Ethan is lying incapacitated on the floor. Giles wipes blood of his knuckles with is handkerchief. Ethan accuses him of still being Ripper. After his minions have captured everyone else, Spike takes glee in personally cornering a crying Buffy. Giles demands Ethan tell him how to break the spell. When Ethan doesn’t cooperate Giles delivers a swift kick to his stomach. Spike hits Buffy, laughing when she does nothing back.

As Angel and Xander struggle to break free of their captors, Spike puts his hand around Buffy’s throat and leans her back onto a crate. Giles continues kicking Ethan until finally Ethan tells him to break the statue of Janus. Just as Giles picks up the statue Xander breaks free of his guards and picks up his gun. The statue breaks and suddenly Xander is holding a toy rifle. Spike hears his minions crying for their mothers and turns around to see that they are all children wearing rubber masks. He turns back around to see that Buffy is blonde again and ready to kick some butt. After a brief fight, she gets the better of Spike and he runs away. Giles meanwhile turns around to find Ethan gone.

Xander and Cordelia come over to Buffy and start talking to her. Cordelia is surprised to find Buffy and Xander’s memories of the night intact. As Cordelia is speaking Angel comes over and interrupts her to make sure Buffy is okay. The two of them walk away together. Cordy is insulted that Angel ignored her, but Xander tells her to just accept it. She is never going to get between those two. He knows; he’s tried. Suddenly Xander realizes that Willow is missing.

That’s because Willow is back with her body now, on the old lady’s front porch. She stands up and fights her way out of her ghost sheet. Then she looks down at her outfit and goes to put the sheet back on, but at the last minute she changes her mind. Walking with a new confidence in her sexy clothing, she passes in front of Oz’s van, and this time he recognizes her. Again, he is very impressed.

Back in her bedroom, Buffy presents herself to Angel dressed in normal 20th century clothing. He asks to know why she thought he would like her better dressed as an 18th century girl, and she tells him she was trying to look the way girls did when he was young. He lets her know that all the women he knew back then, especially the noblewomen, were incredibly dull. He likes interesting women like Buffy much better. They proceed to make out.

The next day, Giles goes back to Ethan’s shop and finds it completely cleared out. There is a sign on one of the counters, “Be seeing you!”

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Updated 6/18/08  


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