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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2, Episode 6: Halloween, Original air date: 11/3/1997

by Helen 

It’s nighttime and at the playground of the local park a wind blows the merry-go-round in circles and the swings back and forth on their chains. The playground is abandoned except for one young boy. He is waiting for his mother who, as usual, is late. Drusilla slowly drifts out the shadows. She begins talking to the boy and at first seems friendly but then she starts singing and asking the boy what his mother will do when she finds his dead body. The boy is getting creeped out when Angel appears and tells him sternly to run home. The boy quickly obeys and Angel turns to face Drusilla. Drusilla is at first happy to see Angel but then remembers he is not on her side. Angel gives her and Spike an ultimatum. They can leave now or things will go badly for everyone. Drusilla comments that she has completely lost him to Buffy. Buffy meanwhile is prowling the roofs of Sunnydale. She looks over the edge of the one she is currently on and sees Angel standing very close to Dru, the two of them touching. Buffy is not pleased by the sight, but nothing else happens and when Drusilla slinks away so does Buffy.

The next day at school Jenny is making a date with Giles, but she refuses to tell Giles where they are going or what they are doing. With a little prodding she convinces him to meet her the next night at 7:30 with no knowledge of what is in store for him. As Jenny leaves, Buffy approaches Giles with a very lackluster attitude and tone of voice. He asks her about her patrolling and she says she did a few sweeps but didn’t encounter any vampire activity. Giles starts talking about his research into Spike. So far he has figured out that Spike is an extremely unappetizing character but there seems to be no reason he should have come to Sunnydale. Buffy isn’t very concerned and assures Giles that he will figure it out. Giles notices that Buffy seems somewhat glum and even though she insists she is okay, he gives her the night off and suggests she spend some time with Angel. She notes that Angel might have other plans before walking away just as downhearted as before.

During history class Buffy and Willow pass notes about Angel’s mystery girl. Meanwhile Cordelia gives her opinion on Marie Antoinette, which is basically that no one who worked that hard to look pretty should be beheaded by a bunch of cranky peasants. Xander cannot believe what he is hearing. Right before the bell rings Willow passes a note to Buffy asking if the woman Angel was talking to was a vampire. Buffy and Willow continue their conversation out loud in the hallway. Xander joins in and is thrilled to hear that Angel is doing wrong. The three of them drift into the school commons where Xander attempts to cheer Buffy up. Another guy walks up and suggests Oreos dunked in apple juice. Buffy turns around is thrilled to see Billy “Ford” Fordham, a guy she went to school with for seven years back in L.A. Ford was Buffy’s fifth grade crush and from the looks of things the two are still very affectionate. Xander is not thrilled. Ford tells the gang that his dad got transferred and now he will be spending the rest of his senior year at Sunnydale High. Buffy happily reminisces with him and invites him to the Bronze that night, before going off arm and arm with him to the admissions office. Xander realizes that there is yet another guy to keep Buffy’s attention away from him.

Buffy is the last one to get to the Bronze that night and finds Ford playing pool with Xander and Willow. He has happily been telling them embarrassing stories from Buffy’s past. When Buffy threatens him, he makes a joke about knowing all her darkest secrets, an idea that Xander scoffs at. Buffy goes up to the bar to get a drink and runs into Angel. Ford sees this from a distance and Xander explains that Angel is Buffy’s beau. Ford doesn’t seem happy about this and notes that Angel is too old to be in high school. Buffy asks Angel what he did the night before and he lies saying he stayed in and read. Angry, Buffy goes back to the pool table and starts talking to Ford. Angel follows and Buffy is forced to introduce the two. Neither is happy to see the other, and Buffy, sensing the tension, makes a choice. She asks Ford to take her on a walk and tells everyone that she’ll see them tomorrow. Within moments of them leaving, Angel is gone as well.

Buffy and Ford walk into the alley behind the Bronze. Ford asks if Angel is Buffy’s boyfriend and Buffy has a hard time answering the question. Buffy hears a struggle coming from around a corner and, fearing she is going to have to slay, she tells Ford that she left her purse at the Bronze and asks him to run back and get it for her. As he sets off for the Bronze she runs around the corner to fight. Ford stops running when he hears a woman crying out behind him. He turns around and doubles back. Just then a woman runs past him sobbing. Ford rounds the corner and sees Buffy fighting a vampire. Buffy stakes the vampire and turns around and sees Ford. She makes up a lame excuse about two cats fighting, but Ford assures her that she doesn’t need to lie. He knows she is the Slayer.

That night Buffy talks on the phone with Willow and tells her that Ford figured out what she was shortly before she got kicked out of school. She is relieved because life is easier if she doesn’t have to keep her secret from Ford.

But Ford has secrets of his own. That night he heads to a dark building with a heavy iron door that is guarded on the inside. As goes in he walks past a man modifying the lock on another heavy iron door. Heading down a set of stairs Ford ends up in a room full of dark lighting, gothic music and people dressed in stereotypical vampire clothing. A Dracula movie plays on several TV screens mounted on the wall. A scrawny guy dressed in a ruffley shirt and sparkly cape, who has changed his name from Marvin to Diego, approaches Ford and demands to know the specifics of Ford’s plan. Ford begins popping some pills and evading Diego’s questions. A particularly pale blonde girl in a tight dark dress approaches, gives Ford a drink and states that she can’t wait. Ford reminds them that only true believers should be here when the plan comes to fruition. As Diego grows frustrated with Ford’s reticence, Ford assures him that they will all get to do what every American teenagers should be able to, die young and stay pretty. In the background the Dracula on the movie screen begins speaking in a highly dramatic tone. Ford lip-synchs along with the line perfectly.

Willow is preparing for bed when she hears a knock on the glass door in her bedroom that leads to the outside. She opens it and finds Angel there. She invites him in but is very nervous about having a boy in her room. Angel asks her to look up Billy Fordham on the Internet and see if she can find anything suspicious about him. Willow notes that he is being jealous. Angel freely admits that he gets jealous over Buffy but he insists that he is also a good people reader and something is off with Ford. When Willow searches the school records she discovers that Ford is not registered at Sunnydale High. Just then Willow’s mother calls to her and Willow freaks out and shoves Angel out the back door. She tells him she’ll keep looking and he can come back the next night and she will share what she’s found. Angel tells Willow not to mention it to Buffy. Willow doesn’t like the idea of lying to Buffy but agrees not to bring up the subject.

At the end of the next school day, Willow sees Buffy and Ford together and gets extremely jumpy and nervous, saying odd things to them. Giles then approaches Buffy and tries to communicate to her that he is going on a date with Jenny that night and that he is giving her Jenny’s beeper number in case of a Slayer emergency, but between his lack of knowledge about his date, his lack of knowledge about what a beeper is and his attempts at avoiding mention of her Slayerhood, he comes out sounding nearly as strange as Willow. Buffy tells him that Ford knows she is the Slayer and Giles pulls her aside, and asks her if she is revealing her secret identity to impress cute boys. She assures him that she did not tell Ford what she is and urges him to go have fun on his date.

That night, Buffy gives Ford a walking tour of Sunnydale and they end it at the high school campus. They are making jokes about how dull Sunnydale is when they spot a vampire couple running away from the school. Buffy hands Ford a cross and pulls out a stake for herself. Ford has brought his own stake. Buffy goes in search of the vampires with Ford close behind her. The vamps jump Buffy and she quickly knocks the female vampire to the ground. Her fight with the male vampire takes her out of sight of Ford and he kneels over the female vampire and holds a stake to her heart telling her that she has one chance to live. She has to tell him what he wants to know. Buffy finishes her fight with the male vampire and dusts him. She runs back to where Ford is now crouching alone. Buffy asks him what happened to the female vampire. He says that she killed her and she turned to dust.

While Buffy and Ford are out vampire hunting, Angel, Willow and Xander are out Ford hunting. The only thing Willow was able to track down in relation to Ford was one address, the address to the Sunshine Club in Sunnydale. Angel and Xander find this lack of paper trail and records fairly incriminating. The three walk up to the Sunshine Club. It is the same basement club that Ford went to the night before. When the guard slides open the peephole Angel tells him that they are friends of Ford’s and the guard lets them in. Angel stays up on the interior balcony and gets a bird’s eye view of the club while Willow and Xander investigate downstairs. Just as they notice the vampire theme they are approached by the same blonde girl who gave Ford his drink the night before. She welcomes them to the club and begins talking about vampires as though they are higher beings, with no wish to harm anyone. Angel joins the group and rather rudely tells the girl she is a fool. Willow and Xander are annoyed, convinced that no one is going to talk to them now. But Angel has seen enough. He has met people like this before, people that make up stories about friendly vampires. Willow doesn’t see why this is so terrible, but Angel finds their naiveté irritating. What Xander is more concerned with is why Ford, the Slayer’s best friend, would hang out with a bunch of vampire wannabes. Willow is finally convinced that something strange is up with Ford. As the three walk out of the club they muse out loud over what it could be. They don’t notice that Diego has overheard them.

Back at the school, Buffy has paged Giles and Jenny away from their date. They three head for the school library with Buffy apologizing for the interruption. Giles assures her that she did the right thing. Vampires on campus are a big problem. Jenny asks Giles if he is happy that he escaped their date. He sarcastically assures her that monster trucks are exactly his kind of thing. Buffy can’t believe that Jenny took Giles to see monster trucks but gets the conversation back on track. Jenny asks what happened to Ford and Buffy tells her that she sent him home. As she is complementing him for killing a vampire his first time out she notices a picture of Drusilla amid Giles’ papers. Giles tells her Drusilla used to be the sometimes-paramour of Spike before she was killed by an angry mob in Prague. Buffy assures him that Drusilla is alive and well. She saw Angel talking to her a few nights ago. Giles decides he should find out more about Drusilla and heads for his office to get some more books. He runs head on into a female vampire. She charges past Giles and Buffy, with a book in hand and escapes through the back door in the stacks. Giles is upset that she stole one of his books, but Buffy is far more upset because the thieving vampire is the same vamp Ford said he killed. Clearly he lied to her.

Down in the factory, Drusilla is attempting to make her dead bird sing to her. Spike comes in the room, angry to have found out from a minion that Drusilla was out and about and being friendly with Angel. Drusilla ignores his lecture and keeps trying to get her bird to sing. Spike snaps at her, but immediately apologizes when she begins whimpering. As the two share an affectionate moment, they are interrupted by Ford. He thinks their lair looks amazing. Spike thinks he needs better security. Ford tries to play the moment like a horror movie but Spike doesn’t play along. As he is talking to Ford the female vampire comes and delivers the book she stole. Spike glances through it and is pleased. As Ford continues being annoying Spike decides to kill him, but Drusilla senses something and urges him to hold back. Ford says that he wants to be a vampire, an idea that Spike scoffs at. He already doesn’t like Ford, he certainly doesn’t want him to live forever. But then Ford offers him a trade. Spike makes him a vampire and Ford hands him the Slayer. Suddenly Spike likes Ford a lot better.

Buffy is in her kitchen being depressed when Angel stops by and asks to talk. He starts to tell Buffy about his investigation into Ford and she is upset to find that all of her friends have been going around behind her back. Buffy tells Angel that she is tired of the people she trusts lying to her. She demands to know who Drusilla is. Angel says that some lies are necessary, because the truth is worse. Buffy insists that she can take it. Angel asks her if she loves him. She tells him she loves him but she doesn’t know if she can trust him. Angel finally decides to share. He did many terrible things as a vampire, Drusilla was the worst. When he met her he found her chaste and pure and she became an obsession of his. He drove her insane by killing her family and mentally torturing her in every way possible. She ran away to a convent and on the day she took her vows he turned damned her by turning her into a vampire. Angel then tells Buffy that Ford is party of society that worships vampires, and she can’t trust him.

The next day at school Ford approaches Buffy in the courtyard and asks her to go out with him that night. .He has a surprise planned for her. She agrees to meet him at the school at nine o’clock. Buffy goes inside the school and finds Willow and Xander. Willow tentatively broaches the subject of Ford with Buffy and explains that Angel was just really concerned but didn’t want to say anything to Buffy before he knew for sure that something was wrong. Xander asks if Buffy knows what Ford is up to. She doesn’t but she is going to find out.

That evening, Ford goes to the club while it is still relatively empty. He asks the blonde girl, Chanterelle, if everything is going alright. Diego pops up insists he has everything taken care of everything. Ford tells them that the vampires are coming that night to “bless them.” Diego asks Ford if his friends are coming. When Ford asks who he means, Diego and Chanterelle tells him that two guys and girl that knew him stopped by the night before. Ford begins rubbing his head. He is angry that Diego didn’t tell him about this, but someone else is even angrier about the situation: Buffy, who is currently standing on the balcony of the club. Ford tells Diego it is getting a little drafty and Diego goes to stand next to the door. Buffy accuses Ford of being a liar as she comes down the stairs to face him. He insists that everybody lies. Buffy demands to know what is going on and Ford tells her that he is going to be a vampire. Buffy knows that vamps don’t just turn anyone and realizes that Ford must have offered to trade her for his own immortality. She tells him he should have realized that she would figure it out. He laughs. He did realize.

In fact, he counted on it. Ford is excited that this scene is playing out exactly as he imagined it. Just then Diego slams the interior door shut. Buffy runs up the stairs and tries to open it. The group explains that the door has been specially rigged. Once it is closed it can only opened from the outside. The vampires will come and change everyone in the club, except Buffy, who they will kill. As Buffy looks for a way to escape, Ford explains the club was built in a bomb shelter. Ford knew he couldn’t overpower her so he trapped her instead. Buffy begs Ford to let the other people go, but they insist they want to be here. Buffy tries to explain to them that they’re going to be killed, not changed, but they won’t believe her. Ford’s alarm rings. It’s sunset.

Spike has also realized the time of day and has gathered up his gang. He gives them instructions before turning to Drusilla. She has mustered up the strength to come with them. She needs a treat.

Back in the bomb shelter, Buffy is up on the balcony looking for a way to escape. Ford follows her and compares her persistence to his own. She gets angry with him and again tells him that everyone is going to be killed. He knows that the wannabe vampires will be but he assures her that his deal is set. She explains to him that becoming a vampire is not really living forever. You die and demon takes over your body and your memories. Ford insists that that is better than nothing. Buffy gets mad at him for being willing to give up his own life and sacrifice innocent people as collateral damage. Then Ford himself grows angry. These people had a choice. He didn’t. He tells Buffy that he has brain cancer. In six months he will have wasted away. He refuses to die in such a manner. Buffy still insists that he has a choice, and mass murder is not the right option. She realizes that Ford’s rejection of right and wrong has as much to with the fantasy-drama inside his head as it does with the pain he feels from his growing cancer. She lets him know that if vampires come in and start feeding, she will kill him herself. Just then the sound of Spike’s car roars up outside. Buffy runs down the stairs to warn the people but Ford comes after her and knocks her around with a crowbar until she drops to the floor. The door opens and the vampires rush in and begin feeding. Buffy gets back up and knocks Ford out with the crowbar. She looks around the room and sees Drusilla standing by herself on the balcony. Buffy jumps up behind her, grabs her around her neck and holds a stake to her chest. She calls to Spike and tells him to let everyone go or she’ll dust Drusilla. Spike gives the order and all the real vampires free the wannabe vampires who promptly run out of the basement. Buffy positions herself in front of the door and shoves Drusilla towards Spike before running out and slamming the door behind her. Spike tries to go after her and realizes the door doesn’t open from the inside.

Above ground, Buffy finds the gang helping out the traumatized vampire cult. Buffy tells them that they are just in time. The vampires are contained downstairs but they’ll get out eventually. She will have to come back later for Ford’s body.
Downstairs Ford wakes up and asks Spike what’s going on. Spike explains but Ford dismisses his anger. He fulfilled his end of the bargain. He wants his reward. Spike and Drusilla just stare at him. Buffy comes back the next day to find the door broken down. Ford lies dead at the bottom of the stairs.

After Ford has been buried, Buffy and Giles visit his grave at night. Buffy lays down flowers and admits to Giles that she doesn’t know what to say. She thinks it would be easier if she could just hate Ford. She’s pretty sure he wanted her too. It was easier for him to pretend he was the villain of the piece when in reality he was just a scared boy. Buffy complains that nothing is ever simple any more, that she never knows who to love or hate or trust. She feels like the more she knows the more confused she gets. Giles tells her that that is called growing up. She decides she’d like to stop. Just then Ford rises from his grave, a vampire. Buffy stakes him and he dusts. Buffy asks if life gets easy. Giles asks her what she wants him to say. She asks him to lie to her, so he spins her a beautiful fantasy of a life where the good guys always win and everyone lives happily ever after. She jokingly rebukes him, “Liar.”

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