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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2, Episode 5: Reptile Boy, Original air date: 10/13/1997

by Helen 

With no money and no place to go Buffy, Xander and Willow are enjoying a quiet evening watching a Bollywood movie. Buffy is happy to not have any excitement in her life at the moment. It’s always nice when there are no vampires to slay or demons to kill. But not all is as well as she thinks. At a large house a teenage girl breaks through a window, jumps off a balcony, and begins running, only to be chased by a group of dark figures wearing hoods and robes. The dark figures chase the girl into a graveyard where she slams right into one of them. This one isn’t wearing his hood. He looks like a college-aged guy and he seems to know the running girl. He addresses her as Callie and tells her the party is only starting before giving her to the other figures, who drag her away.

The next morning at school Cordelia is reading an article to her friend about how to impress men. It insists that you should laugh at everything they say. Cordelia practices her fake laughter. Buffy meanwhile confides to Willow that she dreamed about Angel for the third night in a row last night. Willow suggests asking him out for coffee, rather than trying to go on a full date with him. They are discussing the difficulties of having a relationship with Angel when Xander walks up. Feeling excluded from their conversation he pauses in front of Cordelia who uses the opportunity to insult him and let everyone known she is dating a college boy, a Delta Zeta Kappa fraternity brother. As far as she is concerned college guys are the only way to go. The bell rings reminding Buffy that she is 10 minutes late for an appointment with Giles. She doesn’t think he’ll be upset though since supernatural activity has been low lately.

Giles is actually furious, insisting that Buffy has been slacking on her slayer duties, letting her guard down with the lull in supernatural threats. He thinks she should use this quiet time to train harder than ever. Buffy thinks she should use it to salvage what little bit of a social life she has left. She is finding her slayer duties particularly hard lately, especially now that she is having fuzzy feelings for a vampire. Giles continues to be firm despite Buffy’s very convincing pout.
After school Buffy decides to dawdle outside with Willow and Xander instead of going straight to see Giles. Cordelia rushes down the front steps to meet a fancy SUV that has pulled up to the high school. The front window rolls down to reveal two college-aged guys. The one in the driver’s seat, Richard, is the same guy that captured Callie the night before. He invites Cordy to a party that night at the fraternity. Cordy, following her magazine’s advice, laughs awkwardly at this statement, confusing Richard rather than impressing him. His friend in the passenger seat sees Buffy through the window and is impressed. When Cordy sees this she pretends that Buffy is her close friend and the guys ask Cordy to introduce her. Buffy is not interested, especially when she meets Richard, but his friend, Tom Warner, introduces himself and is lot more charming. While Cordy continues fake laughing at everything Richard says, Tom talks to Buffy and quickly wins her over. He tells her that he is a senior at Crestwood College, and he doesn’t really care about being in a fraternity. The only reason he joined was because his father and his grandfather were both in it and he didn’t want to disappoint them. This is a feeling Buffy can relate to all too well. Tom apologizes for talking so much and invites Buffy to the party. She declines, saying she is sort of involved. The conversation is interrupted when an angry Giles comes to fetch her. After she leaves Xander tries to share his dislike of fraternity brothers with Willow, but even she is somewhat impressed.

In the library, a well-padded Giles attacks Buffy with both a sword and a staff. She quickly overcomes him, sending him flying onto a table. Giles dismisses her, telling her to go patrol.

While making her rounds through the graveyard, Buffy finds half of a girl’s broken bracelet. The full bracelet had a word engraved into, but only the letters “ent” remain. Buffy also finds Angel who tells her he can smell blood on the bracelet. Buffy makes a comment about how it would be nice if they saw each other when it wasn’t a blood thing. She mentions the idea of going out for coffee, which sets Angel on edge. He knows Buffy wants to date him but he thinks it’s irresponsible and dangerous for them to get involved, especially since she is 16 and he is over 240. Buffy is upset by how he dismisses their feelings for each other, so she runs off.

The next day at school, Cordelia finds Buffy and attempts to be nice to her. Apparently the boys aren’t willing to let Cordelia come to the fraternity party unless Buffy comes as well. Cordy is very set on going since Richard is the heir to a huge fortune. Buffy, still upset about the night before, agrees to go.
The fraternity boys are gathered in an underground cavern, wearing their hooded robes and watching an induction ceremony. Richard is admitting a new a brother and the ceremony involves blood, a lifelong pledge to Delta Zeta Kappa, and the worship of a creepy sounding god. After they finish all the guys celebrate by turning on loud music and passing around beers. Richard goes over to a beat-up looking Callie who is chained to the wall and teases her, ending with the taunt, “God, I love high school girls.”

Buffy tells Xander and Willow that she is going to a frat party with Cordelia, and uses this time to vent her anger about how Angel is treating her. Willow is upset. She is convinced that Angel likes Buffy, even if he doesn’t show it very well. Xander on the other would much rather have Buffy hanging out with Cordy than with Angel, that is until he finds out that Buffy is going to be meeting up with frat boy Tom. He thinks this is just as bad as going out with Angel, but the girls ignore him.

Giles is in the library practicing his swordplay in a rather embarrassing manner when Buffy, Willow and Xander walk in. Buffy shows Giles the bracelet and tells him about it. Willow thinks it looks familiar. Xander, in an attempt to keep Buffy from going to the party, suggests that Buffy patrol that night and keep an eye out for clues about the bracelet. Giles agrees but Buffy lies to him, claiming she has homework and that both she and her mom are ill. Giles is concerned and tells her to stay home. Both Xander and Willow are shocked over Buffy’s willingness to lie. They confront her about it after they leave the library. Willow is concerned about Buffy’s eagerness to go to a wild frat party. She makes a comment about orgies which peaks Xander’s interest, but he is still concerned for Buffy. Buffy blows both of them off and insists that she going to have some fun.

Cordelia, however, has different plans. She tells Buffy later that day that going to this party is not about fun, it is about duty. It is Buffy’s duty to help Cordy achieve permanent prosperity. Cordy starts giving Buffy advice on what to do that night, insulting her along the way. Xander and Willow walk up during the conversation but Cordy quickly shuts them out of it, so they go sit by themselves. Willow is still thrown by Buffy lying and going to a frat party but she decides the best thing she can do is stay and help Giles. Xander however decides to crash the party, both to protect Buffy and maybe catch an orgy.

That night, Cordelia drives Buffy to the fraternity house for the party. The house is at the same house that Callie tried to escape from. Cordy is excited, but Buffy is starting to feel some misgivings. Once inside, the girls spot Richard. He gives them both alcoholic drinks. When Buffy sets hers aside Richard snidely insults her about not being grown-up. Cordy and Richard go off together, leaving Buffy alone.

Xander does indeed crash the party, sneaking in through a window. He begins enjoying himself right away, grabbing a drink, smiling at the pretty girls and chasing after the h’ors doeurves tray. He is so busy that he doesn’t notice Buffy still standing alone in the corner. Buffy briefly considers indulging in her drink but thinks the better of it. The dance music turns slow and the dancers form into couples. Across the room an attractive college guy raises his glass to Buffy.

Pleased, Buffy raises hers back and is about to drink when a creepy drunk guy spots her, throws the attractive guy across the room and charges towards her. At the last moment Tom pulls Buffy out of the way and into a slow dance. Tom is immensely charming again, convincing Buffy that there is nothing wrong with her taking some time off from her responsibilities to have a little fun. Once it is clear that the scary drunk guy is gone, Tom again apologizes for talking too much and offers to leave Buffy alone, but she keeps dancing with him.

Xander meanwhile is having a great time, flirting with several girls. Unfortunately for him Richard, the scary drunk guy and the scary drunk guy’s friend spot him and realize he is a crasher. They drag him away shouting “New pledge! New pledge!” The rest of the party follows, except Buffy who has gone out onto to the porch. She steps onto some broken glass and looks up to see where it came from. She sees a boarded up window on the second floor balcony. It is the same window Callie jumped out of. Tom joins Buffy on the porch, noticing the glass in her hand. Richard comes out with drinks and Buffy finally decides that she is tired of being mature. She downs her drink in gulp. Richard and Tom exchange smiles.

Back in the library ,Willow and Giles are working on figuring out what the word on the bracelet was by thinking up words that end in “ent.” When they come to the world “kent” Willow realizes why the bracelet looks familiar. She has seen girls from Kent Preparatory School wearing bracelets like these. She pulls up Kent’s latest newsletter online and finds an article about Callie’s disappearance.

Xander, meanwhile, is still being harassed by the frat boys. They’ve dressed him as a large-breasted woman and are making him dance. Buffy sees him but she is woozy, the room is spinning and she doesn’t recognize him. Looking for Tom, she stumbles upstairs. Xander continues suffering downstairs, as the frat boys produce wooden paddles and begin spanking him. Buffy finds a dark bedroom and passes out on the bed. Then Richard walks in, rolls her unconscious body over and starts rubbing her breasts. Tom sees him and pulls him away, angry. He reminds Richard that Buffy is not here for his pleasure, but for the pleasure of the god they worship. “That goes for the other one too,” he tells Richard, turning his head towards where Cordelia is passed out on the floor.

Giles reads through the article about Callie and decides that he should call Buffy at her house. Willow dissuades him, reminding Giles that Buffy and her mom are sick. Giles decides not to call until they know more. Willow does an Internet search and discovers that two other high school girls have gone missing, one last year and one the year before that. They both went missing near the same date as Callie did. Giles decides the date must have some significance to their killer, an anniversary or something. He figures the best place to start investigating is where Buffy found the bracelet. He goes to call her to find out the exact location but Willow dissuades him again, convincing him that it would be better to call Angel.
The party ends and the scary drunk guy and his friend throw Xander out. He tries to ask about Buffy but they slam the door in his face. Down in the underground cavern

Richard and a bunch of the fraternity brothers are back in their robes, chanting and being ceremonial. Richard is carving a diamond into Tom’s bare back with a sword and Buffy and Cordelia are chained to the wall, both now conscious. Buffy realizes they’re drinks were drugged. Callie, who is still down there, explains that Tom is special among the fraternity brothers, and the most dangerous. Once Richard finishes carving into him, Tom puts on a special green silk robe that makes his eyes shine green. He orders that Buffy be saved for last and then begins preparations for a ceremony, pouring water over three stones. Buffy makes the connection: three stones, three girls.

Back in the library, Angel tells Willow and Giles that Buffy found the bracelet near the south wall of the cemetery. Willow realizes that the south wall is near the fraternity house and freaks out. Angel and Giles, not realizing the significance of this, decide to go and investigate there. Willow finally admits the truth: Buffy and Cordelia are at that very house. Giles is shocked that Buffy lied to him and Angel is upset that Buffy is on a date with another guy. But Willow upbraids them both, insisting they drove Buffy to this. Giles never allows her any free time and is constantly putting her under pressure. She’s 16 going on 40. And Angel keeps blowing her off, refusing to even go out for coffee. After Willow has vented she insists they go off and help Buffy. Xander is walking away from the party, bitter about what happened, when he sees Cordelia’s car still parked in the driveway. He becomes suspicious and heads back to the frat house.

In the underground cavern, Tom conducts the ceremony. His prayer makes it clear that the god the fraternity boys worship, Machida, is the source of their families’ prestige and power. Every year they offer him a sacrifice, and this year Buffy, Cordy, and Callie are it. As Tom prays Buffy yanks at her chains, trying to loosen them. Tom throws the three stones into a deep well and all the frat boys begin praying for Machida to come forth. Suddenly a huge snake-shaped demon, with a humanoid torso shoots up out of the well. The boys continue their prayer, offering the girls as food, while Buffy yanks at her chains more violently.

Willow, Giles and Angel get to the frat house and realize that the party is over. Xander comes up behind them wearing a hooded robe. He tells them that he found in the trash. He looked through the windows and saw all the frat boys wearing them and going down into the basement. He figured he would dress up like them and try to infiltrate. The group realizes that the frat boys must be performing some sort of ceremony with the girls. This angers Angel and he vamps out.

Down in the cavern-basement, Machida heads over to Cordelia and prepares to eat her. Buffy distracts him by shouting at him. Tom grows angry insisting that “No woman speaks to him.” Buffy continues shouting and Tom hits her across the face, threatening to slit her throat if she speaks again.

Xander goes up to the front door with the hood over his face and knocks. The scary drunk guy unlocks the door and lets him in. The moment he is inside he throws the hood off and punches the frat boy in the face, demanding to know where his friends. Angel then jumps in and joins the fight. Giles and Willow use the distraction to run into the house.

In the basement, two of the frat boys unhook Cordelia and offer her up to Machida. Then Tom hears the ruckus upstairs and sends everyone else to go check on it. Buffy continues yanking at her chains until she is finally able to pull them out of the wall. Now free she punches Machida, stunning him, takes out the two frat boys and faces Tom, who has pulled his sword on her. Upstairs Angel, Giles and Xander fight the frat boys as Willow runs downstairs. Xander enjoys the fight, taking his revenge for the torture he endured at the party. Willow comes back upstairs to report on the situation down in the basement. With a little urging, all the guys run downstairs. Buffy meanwhile is fighting with Tom, who angrily taunts her. She overcomes him easily, letting him know, “You talk too much.” The gang gets down there just in time to see Buffy defeating Tom. Machida meanwhile has grabbed Cordelia and is trying to eat her. Buffy uses Tom’s sword to chop him in half. The group slowly gathers itself together. Willow and Xander help Callie. Cordelia hugs Angel, and reminds the gang how much she hates them all. The weirdest things always happen when they are around. Angel grabs Tom and carries him off, and everyone goes back upstairs except Giles and Buffy. They have a little talk, with Buffy apologizing and Giles deciding that he is going to lighten up on her.

A very dressed up and nervous Jonathan orders a fancy latte and a muffin at the Bronze and then rushes them back to a waiting Cordelia. He’s gotten her order wrong and hurries back to correct it. She drifts over to where Buffy, Xander and Willow are sitting, declaring that “Young men are the only way to go.” Xander continues reading from the Sunnydale paper about the frat house incident. All of the boys have been sentenced to jail for life, the police have found bones dating back 50 years in the basement of the frat house, and many companies run by former Delta Zeta Kappas are facing plummeting profits and IRS raids. Much to Xander’s annoyance, Willow brings the conversation back to Angel, telling Buffy how protective he was of her. Just then Angel shows up and asks Buffy out for coffee. She tells him she’ll let him know and walks off smiling.

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Updated 6/18/08  


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