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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2, Episode 2: Some Assembly Required
Original airdate Sept. 22, 1997
By Helen

Buffy is sitting on a gravestone waiting for a vampire to rise when Angel walks up. They begin arguing, with Buffy insisting that Angel is jealous of Xander. As Buffy and Angel talk, the vampire rises and the two pause to fight him, but then go right back to arguing. Angel gets frustrated and storms off. Buffy tries to storm after him and falls into an open grave. Various clues lead Buffy to believe that no other vampire has risen that night. The girl that was in this grave was dragged from it.

The next day Buffy and Xander walk into the library to find Giles asking a chair on a date. They guess that he is practicing asking Miss Calendar out and take it upon themselves to give him advice, not all of which is particularly respectful. He gets annoyed with them and changes the subject to Buffy’s hunt the night before. Buffy tells them about fighting the vamp and Xander bristles when she mentions Angel. Then Buffy tells them about the grave robbing. The name on the headstone was Meredith Todd. Giles suggests getting Willow to go on the Internet to find out who she was

Willow meanwhile is at signups for the science fair. A guy named Eric runs up and takes her picture. Then he starts taking a picture of a girl with attractive legs. Another student, Chris, comes to up to signups and yells at Eric to stop. Cordelia walks up as well, extremely mad that participation in the fair is now mandatory. Eric trots over and starts taking pictures of Cordelia, who complains that the yearbook staff shouldn’t be out and about yet. Eric tells her these pictures are for his own private collection. Buffy runs up to get Willow, and Eric takes a picture of her. Buffy pulls Willow away and after a leer from Eric, Cordelia leaves too. Eric points out to Chris how attractive Cordelia is. He insists she would be perfect for them. Chris answers “Don’t be an idiot. She’s alive.”

Willow joins the rest of gang in the library and starts searching for Meredith Todd on the Internet. Cordy walks in to ask for help on her science project, saying she would have asked Chris but it would stir up too many painful memories of Darrell. As the gang reads about Meredith, Cordy holds a little conversation with herself in the background about her inner pain. Meanwhile the group discovers the Meredith Todd and two of her friends died in car accident the week before. There doesn’t appear to be anything supernatural about their deaths. The gang decides to go dig up the other two girls’ graves and see if they are empty. Willow asks Buffy if they should invite Angel but Buffy is still annoyed with him and says that as far as he is concerned she is staying in that night. They do invite Cordy though, who bows out with the excuse of cheerleading practice.
That night Buffy and Willow sit by a gravestone gossiping while Giles and Xander dig up one of the girls’ graves. First they discuss Angel, who Buffy thinks is being way too jealous of Xander. Willow insists that “Love makes you do the wacky.” Then Buffy asks Willow who Darrell is. Willow says that Darrell Epps was Chris’ older brother. He was the star football player at Sunnydale and Cordelia liked him until two years ago when he died. Now Chris has gotten really quiet and supposedly his mother doesn’t even leave the house anymore. The girls’ conversation is interrupted when the guys reach the casket. Buffy jumps down into the grave and opens it.

Cordelia finishes with cheerleading practice and is walking alone in the school parking lot when she realizes she is being followed by a mysterious man. She runs for her car but she drops her keys under it in her nervousness. With no other option she hides in a dumpster. When she thinks the coast is clear, she starts to climb out but finds herself face-to-face with Angel. He’s looking for Buffy, not stalking Cordelia. Cordy tells him that Buffy is at the graveyard, which upsets Angel since Buffy told him she was staying in for the night. Cordelia offers her own company in place of Buffy’s and goes to climb out of the dumpster, only to find her skirt is caught on something. She yanks at whatever is grabbing her skirt and holds it up to see what it is. It’s a human hand.

Having found both of the coffins empty, the gang returns to the library. Angel is there with Cordelia clinging to his arm. Xander and Angel are not pleased to see each other, nor is Angel happy to see confirmation that Buffy lied to him about taking the night off. Although tensions are high Angel tells them that he and Cordelia found pieces of girl in the school dumpster. However, there weren’t enough parts to add up to two whole girls which means someone is keeping parts. They decide that the body parts being dumped at the school indicates that a student is probably behind whatever is going on. But it has to be a student with an excellent knowledge of human physiology because the girls have been cut up very cleanly. Willow can think of several guys in the science club with that kind of ability. The group decides to start investigating these guys but Cordelia insists that she’s leaving and she is still too fragile to go home by herself. She asks Angel to accompany her and even though he doesn’t want to, he can’t think of a way to get out of it. He leaves with Cordy, upsetting Buffy.

At the Epps household Chris’ mom sits in a nightgown smoking and watching a video of Darrell winning a football game. Chris comes out of a room, the door to which is covered in “Keep Out” stickers. He tells his mother that he is going out but she doesn’t even acknowledge his presence.

Back at the school the gang is digging through the lockers of all the really smart science kids. Xander hits the jackpot with Chris’ locker when he finds a bunch of anatomy textbooks and a newspaper article about the three girls that died. Now they know who has the bodies, but not why. Buffy gives them the answer by showing them Eric’s locker. On the door is collage of female body parts cut out of magazines, all glued together to form one girl.

In a makeshift laboratory Chris works on what looks like a female corpse, although much of it is covered with a white cloth. Eric walks up singing “My Girl” and talks about how they need to finish the girl soon. Chris says he is working on it. Eric replies that he is as well. He hangs up three newly developed photographs to dry: one of Buffy, one of Willow and one of Cordelia.

Buffy watches a group of guys leering at girls in school the next day. She turns to Xander and Willow and questions why someone would want to make a girl when there are so many already around. Xander points out that people never want what is right in front of them; they want the unattainable, the dream. Willow looks at him as he says this, realizing this is one reason why Xander wants Buffy rather than her. Buffy meanwhile realizes that Xander is talking about her not liking him and going after Angel instead. The group starts discussing the case again and while they’re all convinced that Eric is weird enough to try to construct a girl from scraps and bring her to life, they’re not sure why Chris would be involved. Willow thinks it might have something to do with Darrell. Perhaps Chris is trying to defeat death as revenge for it taking his brother away.
The gang runs into Giles standing awkwardly and watching Jenny Calendar from a distance. As she starts to head in his direction, the kids give Giles some last minute advice and then leave. Giles is extremely nervous but attempts to bumble his way through asking Jenny out. However, before he can actually get to the asking part the bell rings and she rushes off to class. Then she pops her head out of the door and says that they can talk at the school football game that night. She suggests they go together and grab some food on the way there. Giles happily agrees.

The kids start investigating. Willow comes up with some theories about how Chris and Eric may be planning to animate the girl they are building while Buffy finds out that both boys are absent from school that day, which may mean they’re done with their project. Giles joins them and assures them that that is not true. He has spoken to a reporter who told him that the police sorted through the remains of the dumpster and they found three heads, which means the guys still need a head before their girl is complete. Judging by what body parts are missing, though, a head is all they need.

Behind the door with all the “Keep Out” stickers, Chris and Eric argue. Eric is insisting they need to get a head soon or the body will be unusable. They don’t have time for another lucky accident. Chris doesn’t want to kill a girl. He turns to the back of the room and begs someone not to make him do it. A man emerges out of the shadows, showing himself to be a disgusting looking, stitched together, reanimated version of the dead Darrell. Darrell reminds Chris that he promised him he wouldn’t be alone, and begs Chris to go through with the project. Finally Chris agrees. Eric puts down all a bunch of pictures he has taken of various girls and asks Darrell which one he wants. Darrell points to Cordelia. Eric starts singing “My Girl” again as he picks up a pair of scissors and cuts out Cordelia’s head.

Back in the library Willow searches the Internet for recent deaths that might provide a head for Chris and Eric. Xander questions why they didn’t use one of the heads they had. Willow and Giles tell him that formaldehyde speeds up neural decay. They’ll need as fresh a head as possible. When Buffy hears this, she gets nervous, thinking the guys might kill a girl to get a really fresh head. She sends Willow and Xander off to Eric’s house and she heads for Chris’. They all agree to meet up later at the football game, so Giles won’t have to skip his date.

Mrs. Epps answers the door when Buffy arrives but when Buffy asks her if Chris is in, she merely goes back to watching a tape of Darrell playing football. Eventually she starts talking out loud about Darrell but otherwise she doesn’t seem to be aware of Buffy’s presence. Buffy notices the door with all the “Keep Out” stickers and heads for it. It leads her down into the basement. Once down there Buffy finds some papers scattered about including the photos of her and Willow and a blueprint of a female body with the photo of Cordy’s head glued on top. So intent is she that she doesn’t notice Darrell coming up behind her, about to choke her. Someone opens the door leading to the basement, distracting both Buffy and Darrell. Buffy runs and escapes through an above-ground window without ever realizing Darrell was behind her.

Cordelia is in the locker room alone when Chris comes out of the shadows. Cordy tries to talk to him but he just stares at her sadly. Suddenly someone pulls a bag over her head, muffling her screams. Buffy rushes into the school and stops the head cheerleader, Joy, to ask where Cordy is. Joy at first refuses to tell, so Buffy is forced to threaten her. Buffy finds Cordelia being tied up on the floor of the locker room by Eric. Upon seeing Buffy, Eric runs and Buffy is able to free Cordy who starts to tell her what happened. But then she hears the fight song and realizes she is supposed to be on the field. She grabs her pom-poms and runs off. Buffy hears a noise and realizes that Chris must still be there. She starts calling out to him and eventually he emerges from the rows of lockers. He begins talking about how he has to do this for “him” and how “he” would always stand up for Chris. How everybody loved “him” and now “he” is all alone. Buffy at first thinks Chris is talking about Eric but then realizes who Chris is really talking about and is horrified.

Down in the basement Eric has told Darrell what has happened. Darrell doesn’t take it very well, but Eric insists that all is not lost. Chris isn’t the only one who can finish the project. Eric leaves to get a head for the girl and this time Darrell follows. Buffy and Chris run down into the basement, only to find it empty. They realize that Darrell has gone to finish Chris’ job and rush off in pursuit.

Back at the football game Cordy cheers along with the rest of the cheerleaders as Jenny and Giles chat. During their conversation Jenny refers to their outing as a first date. Just then Willow and Xander show up saying they didn’t find anything at Eric’s house. Giles tries to subtlety get them to go away, so of course they sit right in front of Giles and Jenny, steal their refreshments and start talking to them about the game.
Unbeknownst to them Darrell is crawling under the very stands they are sitting on. He looks out from between the bleacher benches and sees his former classmates playing the game he loved so much. This affects him deeply, but then he spots Cordelia. She leaves the field to go to the side of the stands where the water cooler is. Darrell leaps out and grabs her from behind. Her screams are drowned out by the cheers of the fans as Sunnydale scores a touchdown. Just then Buffy and Chris rush up to the game. They see that Cordelia is not cheering on the field.

Cordy meanwhile is blindfolded and being tied to a cart by Eric. Also in the room with her are Darrell and the sewn-together girl, still hidden under a sheet. Cordelia begs for them to take of her blindfold. She promises she won’t scream, so Darrell obliges. The moment she sees Darrell, she starts screaming. Eric insists it won’t matter, they’re in an abandoned building and nobody can hear her. Darrell apologizes to her for ignoring her back when she liked him, saying he appreciates her feelings now. Then Eric lifts up the sheet to show her what her new body is going to look like. Cordelia starts screaming again.

Buffy meanwhile has found Cordelia’s pom-poms by the water cooler. Now she is sure Darrell has Cordy and asks Chris where he would have taken her. Chris is reluctant to tell, still not wanting to betray his brother. But Buffy berates him and he finally tells her that he set up shop in the old science lab. Buffy sends him to find Willow and Xander, while she heads off to save Cordy.

Back at the lab Eric prepares for Cordelia’s beheading as Cordy tries to reason with Darrell, promising that he doesn’t have to do this, she’ll be with him anyway. Darrell doesn’t believe her. He knows he is grotesque, but once she is grotesque too, she won’t want to got out and she will stay hidden away with him. Eric is just about to cut into Cordy when Buffy breaks in. Eric throws his knife at her but she catches it and he runs and hides. Buffy tells Darrell that Chris sent her to stop him. Darrell doesn’t believe that his brother would turn on him and grabs a cleaver to try and saw off Cordy’s head. Buffy runs up to stop his arm and a fight ensues. During the fight Darrell shoves the cart Cordy is strapped to out of his way and it hits a gas can, knocking it over and spilling gasoline. Eric tries to run out of the building but Darrell stops him, demanding help. When Eric refuses Darrell throws him headfirst into a wall. He falls on the floor unconscious. Buffy knocks Darrell into a lit gas hose and the flame falls to the ground, lighting the gasoline on fire. Xander shows up and rushes over to Cordelia. Just then Darrell throws an oxygen tank at Buffy. She ducks and it hits the fire instead. The small fire bursts into a large wall of flame blocking Cordy and Xander from getting to the door. Xander can’t get Cordy untied, so he gives the cart a running start and pushes it through the flames, jumping onto it himself at the last minute. Meanwhile the rest of the gang has shown up. Giles and Willow drag the unconscious Eric out of the building, while Jenny helps Xander wheel a hysterical Cordelia away. Buffy and Darrell continue to fight until Darrell knocks Buffy unconscious. Then he picks up a desk and is about to smash Buffy’s head in with it when he hears his brother scream for him to stop. Darrell listens and puts down the desk. He looks up and sees the cart holding his girl is caught behind the wall of flames. Despite his brother’s shouts, he walks through the fire and climbs on top of her saying “We’ll always be together,” as the flames engulf them both. Buffy, who has regained consciousness, holds Chris back from going after his brother.

After the fire trucks and emergency vehicles come, Buffy sits down to talk to Chris. Just then Angel rushes up. He saw the disaster and assumed Buffy was near. Giles meanwhile brings Jenny a drink and apologizes for how the evening went. Jenny mentions something about a second date. Xander and Willow walk together complaining how even vampires and school librarians can get dates but they never can. Just then Cordelia walks up and thanks Xander for saving her life. She starts to tell him how brave he was and how she’ll do anything for him when he cuts her off, telling her that he is in the middle of a conversation with Willow. Cordy stalks off while Xander and Willow go back to wondering why they never get dates.

Buffy and Angel end up taking a nighttime stroll through the cemetery, talking about the evening. Buffy’s explanation for everything that happened? “Love makes you do the wacky.” Angel knows the feeling. He tells Buffy that, while he knows Buffy doesn’t love Xander, he is jealous of the fact that Xander gets to be in her life all the time, while he can’t be. Neither one of them notices that they’ve been having this conversation next to the gravestone of Darrell Epps.

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