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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Character Descriptions

Xander Harris


Alexander Leville Harris, 20, was born and raised in Sunnydale. Ever since childhood, Xander has been friends with Willow and Jesse. In his first year in High school, he met Buffy. The meeting marked the upheaval of his life, turning from a normal teenager into a vampire hunter. Jesse was turned into a vampire, in the first episode, and was ultimately staked by Xander. Little is known about Xanderís family, except that they are very dysfunctional. His mother canít cook, his dad is alcoholic, abusive and unemployed. Xanderís humor seems to have branched off from trying to defend himself in drunken family fights and usual school bully fights. Although Xander likes to crack the funnies, he doesnít seem to be gifted in the educational way. Although he graduated from high school, he never went to college with most of the gang. Heís often failed attempts in the love category, has been often hilarious. Ending with saddening break ups or humorous circumstances. He lost his virginity to slayer, gone bad, Faith and attended the Prom with ex-demon, Anya. In the summer, Xander ventured onto a road trip, ending up, only getting as far as the next town. He worked in a variety of places to raise money to fix his, now broken car, like a male strip club. When he returned, he fell into a relationship with Anya (engaged) and now works a variety of jobs.

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Updated 1/15/09