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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Character Descriptions

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Willow Rosenberg


Willow Rosenberg, 20, was born in Sunnydale, to Sheila and Ira Rosenberg. Brought up Jewish, Willow was always out of touch with her parents (e.g.. Her mother noticed her hair-cut a few months later). Willow made up for her poor family life, by being friends with Xander and Buffy, who were always like a family. Willow is very smart, and intelligent when it comes to computers. She often refers to herself as a nerd, and helping the gang by hacking into certain things. In season 2, Willow met her first love, Oz. They started dating, but broke up in season 4. At the end of season 2, Willow started to experiment with Wicca, and started to develop in that area, giving Angelus back his soul. Near the mayors ascension, Willow lost her virginity to Oz. When Oz left, Willow met Tara, a fellow witch, and fell into a relationship. She now refers to herself as a lesbian. Helping Buffy over the last few years, she played an integral part in the season finale. She helped Tara back to normal, sent a lot of demons flying with her mind, although she lost her best friend, Buffy. Next season, Willow is apparently living with Tara, in the Summerís house, taking care of Dawn.

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