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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Character Descriptions

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William the Bloody, 126, got his nickname “apparently” by torturing his victims with rail-road spikes, although this was proven wrong. His nickname comes from his human days, when friends called him William the Bloody, because of his poems. Meeting his sire, Drusilla, she sired him into the vampire now known as Spike. Spike, Angelus, Darla and Drusilla wreaked havoc upon Europe, until they were all separated (Darla…Angelus….Spike and Drusilla). Spike and Drusilla continued to weak havoc, and ventured into Sunnydale in season 2. Beaten a number of time, Spike took sides with Buffy, when Angel’s soul was taken away. He helped Buffy fight Angel, so he could leave with Drusilla. In season 3, Spike re-appeared, after Drusilla had dumped him. He decided he wanted Drusilla back, so he got Willow to cast a spell. Before she could, things went wrong and Spike had to fight his old lackeys. He decided the only way to win Drusilla back, is to show her, how he is still a bad ass.In season 4, he returns once again, still being turned down by Drusilla once again. He was captured by the Initiative and he escaped. He discovered upon trying to attack Willow, he had been neutered. Unable to bite. Spike became a small part of the scooby gang, often helping them. In season 5, Spike fell in love with Buffy and was heartbroken when she died. Promising to take care of Dawn, he tried to rescue her, but was abruptly thrown from the tower.

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