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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Character Descriptions

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Rupert Giles


Rupert “Ripper” Giles, was born in England, into a family of well respected watchers (his father and grandmother were watchers). Young Giles was not very interested in becoming a watcher, often dreaming of being a fighter pilot or maybe even a grocer. Attending Oxford University, repeatedly rejecting his future, and dabbled in the occult with his friends. His group of friends, and Giles summoned the demon Eyghon who later appeared in Sunnydale. Giles eventually “grew-up”, and realized his destiny was the only way to go. He began working as the museum curator in England. Sometime in 1997, he was assigned to the new slayer, Buffy Summers, in Sunnydale. He took up position as School Librarian, and began re-training Buffy. Their relationship grew in a father/daughter way, Buffy often holding him in higher regards then her real father. Giles dated computer science teacher, Jenny Calendar, even though the relationship had many hard spots. She was killed by Angelus, after he turned. Giles was left heartbroken, and in season 3, under the influence of candy that makes adults act like a teenage, he had a one night stand with Joyce…well more like three. After being fired from his position as Buffy’s watcher, Giles was left just being a ordinary librarian, still helping Buffy with the supernatural area. When the school was blown up, Giles was left un-employed. In season 5, Giles decided to leave, but decided to stay, when Buffy told him, she wanted to restart her training. He purchased the Magick Shop, after the owner was killed and hired Anya. Not much happened to Giles in season 5. In the Gift, he murdered Ben/Glory, after Buffy beat them up. He was obviously heartbroken when she died. Rumors are saying Giles, returns to England, leaving the magick shop to Anya.

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