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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Character Descriptions

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Buffy Anne Summers


Buffy Anne Summers, 20, was born to Joyce and Hank Summers in Los Angeles, CA. Through her childhood, Buffy went through a bunch of phases such as the Dorothy Hamill or Power Girl. Her closest friend was her cousin, Cecelia, until she died, when Buffy was 9 (ending in her fear of hospitals). Buffy attended Hemery High, where she met her first watcher, Merrick. She had to give up her extra-curricular activities as a cheerleader, for her destiny. Buffy faced her first big bad, Lothos, although Merrick was killed by Lothos. She burnt down to school gym, to kill Lotho’s army of vampires. Buffy was expelled around the same time as her parents divorced, so she and her mother moved to Sunnydale. The only school who would accept her. At her new school, Sunnydale High, she met her new watcher, Giles and was reluctant to accept her duties again. She was finally forced back into her life as a slayer, getting some help from her new found friends, Xander and Willow. The group began growing. On Buffy’s 17th birthday, Buffy lost her virginity to Angel, her one true love. He turned into Angelus, after he had achieved perfect happiness. Buffy realized she had to break her heart, and send her one true love to hell, to save the world. After she sent Angel to hell, she ran away to LA, leaving the gang to take care of Sunnydale. Buffy returned to Sunnydale after a while, getting a new boyfriend, and re-bonded with the group. For some reason, Angel returned from hell, sending Buffy into a spiral of thoughts. She finally got back with him, knowing their relationship couldn’t ever go anywhere. Angel finally realized this and left Sunnydale and Buffy (after Graduation). Buffy was left heartbroken. In season 4, Buffy started to attend UCSD university, bunking with Willow in a dorm. Buffy met Riley, and they started dating. After a year or so, they broke up, leaving Buffy once again heartbroken. In season 5, Buffy received her new sister, Dawn, a magical object called the Key. She was made human and sent to Buffy to protect. Also along with Dawn, came a whole bunch of memories that was implanted in everyone’s memories. Her mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which she passed away, because of. Buffy sacrificed herself for her sister, when she realized to stop the world from ending, she had to stop the blood for flowing, which included hers, so she jumped from a high tower, in elegance, saving the world and her sister. Her gravestone reads:

Buffy Anne Summers
Beloved Sister, Devoted Friend
She saved the world, A lot.

Buffy returns to Sunnydale, after the resident witch, Willow, does a spell, which brings her back from heaven. She doesn't seem to be too happy that she is back, until she rediscovers her purpose. After Once More With Feeling, Buffy kisses Spike, starting a whole longer spiral down that storyline.

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