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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Character Descriptions

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Anya Emerson


Anya, 1120+, an ex-vengeance demon, who dedicated her “life”, cursing the unfaithful men over the years. At first, she was a normal girl, betrayed by her boyfriend, and turned him into a troll. Experimenting with minor curses, like boils on the penis, she was approached by a high-level demon, D’Hoffryn, who offered her the possibility of being a vengeance demon. She accepted and became Anyanka, patron saint of scorned women. Her powers were spouted from her necklace (power center) which she used to grant scorned women’s wishes. For over 1120 years, Anyanka cursed men who hurt their girlfriends, until he came across Xander Harris and Cordelia Chase. Cordelia wished that Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale, sending Sunnydale into a weird spiral. Xander and Willow were vampires, the Master was still alive, Vampires over ran Sunnydale and most of all, Buffy wasn’t present. After Giles broke the curse, Anyanka was turned into a normal girl, and took the alias of Anya, a student. Although, no-one remembered the curse, until later when Anya tried to retrieve her powers. Willow and Anya performed a spell and brought forth the alternate Willow (Vampire). Everything was returned to normal, including the scooby gang, knowing about Anya’s past. She attended the prom with Xander. Anya helped the group, bring down the Mayor on Graduation Day, by providing information, since she lived through an ascension. Shortly after, she went on the run, not wanting to die, at the “hand” of the mayor. She returned in season 4, and became close with Xander. They are currently living together, and engaged. She also now works at the Magick Shop and is rumored to take owner-ship, when Giles returns to England.

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Updated 1/15/09  


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