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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Article


The End of Buffy
By Jen

I was a die hard fan of Buffy and Angel when they were on the air. I was very disappointed when they were canceled. I remember thinking when I saw the name of the show the first time that it couldn't be any good because I had seen the movie. I really did not like the movie but I gave the show a chance anyway, and I was not disappointed. It roped me in right away and had me hooked till the end. I was constantly on-line looking for spoilers on what was going to happen. I just couldn't help myself. I loved how in Buffy he used demons as metaphors to what life is really like during high-school.

I liked the first season a lot but it was the second season that sucked me in and wouldn't let me go. I loved how Angel turned bad after she slept with him on her birthday. Then the third season just roped me in more. The fact that her an Angel could never be together again was just pure torment but it made you want to watch more. I loved the character of Faith and how she was so different then Buffy. She did all the things Buffy wanted to do but would never allow herself to do and then some.
I loved the relationship between Willow and Oz in the third season also. Willow was such a great character. She had this quirkiness to her that was just wonderful.

I was so hooked on this show that I bought all of the DVDs. I have also gotten 4 of my friends hooked on the show as well, so we have movie nights where we sit and watch Buffy on DVD all night. We are currently on season 3.

I still miss having a Joss Wedon show on the air but hopefully he will do another one soon. I have seen mention of a Spike movie, so hopefully they will do that soon.

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Updated 8/13/05  


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