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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Article


The End of Buffy
By Jennie

          When I first heard that Season 7 was going to be the last season of Buffy I was honestly shattered. The show that had come to mean so much to me was no longer going to be on and I felt that there were so many stories that they still needed to tell, at least in my head. I knew it was probably time for the show to end but Buffy to me meant so much more than a television show. To me it was an outlet and a part of my life. A lot of phrases that I used on a daily basis were a form of “Buffyspeak”. I had all of the Buffy novels that were out. I had a Buffy chess set (still have it and probably always will). I had the Buffy calendar up on the wall and posters up inside of my closet doors. It was also the show that brought me so many friends from becoming part of a couple of online communities. I was in denial at first, but as the last couple episodes got closer and closer and UPN started playing “Goodbye to You” by Michelle Branch on their previews I found myself literally tearing up.

          A lot of my friends teased me that “my show” was ending and whatever was I going to do. My response was normally that I had the DVD box sets and I could just rewatch whatever I wanted when I wanted, but it was still hard. I wanted new episodes, new monsters, and new relationships. One of my really good friends and fellow Buffy watchers refused to watch the finale with me because he said he was afraid of what I would do when it was over. I think he just didn’t want me to see him cry also. I took my phone off the hook that night, something I normally never did. I turned off all of my lights and closed my mini blinds so none of my neighbors would knock on my apartment door. I sat at my computer desk and got ready to post my thoughts in spoiler font on my favorite boards and share the end of this television show with the friends that knew what I was going through.

          I watched the finale and when it was over, I seriously felt kind of empty. I knew there would never be another new episode of the show and even if they came back to do a movie it would probably never be the exact same dynamic. Although I was sad though I started thinking of all of the good things that this show had brought to my life. First off, if I wouldn’t have started watching I never would have become part of the posting boards where I met so many other fellow fans. I never would have met my ex boyfriend, although we aren’t together anymore he brought a lot to my life. I never would have gone to and been a part of organizing the Posting Board fan Party in Chicago where I became a fan of the music group Common Rotation and wouldn’t have met a whole group of wonderful people. I never would have had the guts to fly to LA and go the very last Posting Board Party for Buffy and get to meet so many of the wonderful writers and actors of this show and it’s sister show Angel: The Series. I can’t even begin to describe all of my experiences out there, but I came home with so many new friends. I still talk to a lot of these people on a daily basis and even see some of them. I have traveled to 5 different states just to meet up with people from the Jossverse. I have met some of my best friends and closest confidantes due to my love of this show. So, although the end of Buffy was sad for me I know I am so grateful for everything that this show brought to my life.

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Updated 8/13/05  


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