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Boston Legal Trivia Quiz #2

How much do you know the show?

by Suzanne


1.  Which character pulled a knife on Shirley?

a. Alan

b. Jerry

c. Denny

d. all of the above


2.   How did Alan first meet Clarence?

a. Clarice was a client.

b. Clarence had to bail Alan out of a jam.

c. Alan hit on Clarice in a bar.

d. None of the above


3.  Which female lawyer was engaged to client Daniel Post (Michael J. Fox)?

a. Lori

b. Sally

c. Denise

d. Tara


4.  Which show is John Larroquette most known for?

a. Boston Legal

b. The John Larroquette Show

c. Night Court

d. McBride


5. Which of his faculties does Denny most have a problem with?

a. Eyesight

b. Hearing

c. Mobility

d. Memory


6.  Alan has been known to pay for which of these things?

a. cigars

b. prostitutes

c. expensive food

d. all of the above


7.  The show has been outspoken about which subject on many occasions?

a.  the war in Iraq

b. the federal deficit

c. Barack Obama

d. none of the above


8.  Which show did Denny appear on after shooting someone?

a. Regis & Kelly

b. Larry King

c. The O'Reilly Factor

d. Oprah


9. When Tom Selleck appeared on the show as Ivan Tiggs, Shirley's ex-husband, he and his wife Missy enjoyed which pastime?

a. Hunting

b. Collecting rocks

c.  Singing Showtunes

d.  Dancing Tango


10.  Which actor played Denny's "son" Donny Crane?

a.  Michael Douglas

b. Charlie Sheen

c. Kiefer Sutherland

d. Freddie Prinze, Jr.


a. b

b. a

3. c

4. c

5. d

6. d

7. a

8. b

9. c

10. d

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Updated 1/8/08 


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