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Boston Legal Favorite Quotes Season 1

We picked out the best lines we liked!

by Suzanne

"Still Crazy After All These Years"

Alan Shore (looking at Brad in amazement): Do you do tongue push-ups?

Alan Shore: Mine. Ex-girlfriend. Tried to kill me.
Paul Lewiston: This is the commitment proceeding?
Alan Shore: She was committed. This hearing is to secure her release.
Lori Colson: Wait a second. She tried to kill you?
Alan Shore: She did.
Lori Colson: And now she wants out?
Alan Shore: She does.
Lori Colson: And youíre trying to help her get out?
Alan Shore: I am.

Dr. Bender: Mr. Shore, you were her lover.
Alan Shore: Any bias that I might have in favor of Christine would be more than offset by the fact that she tried
to kill me.
Martha Silver: Frankly, weíre insulted by that. It might get you a spot on Good Morning America, butó
Alan Shore: Iím trying to get her a spot of freedom.
Dr. Bender: Freedom is a privilege, Mr. Shore, not a right.
Alan Shore: A privilege?
Dr. Bender: Yes, and itís revocable. Especially if you try to run someone over with an automobile.

Lori Colson: You know, Iíd stake out a little distance from that Shore guy, Sally. He tends to leave peopleís
minds a little worse off than he finds them. His old girlfriend, case in point.
(Alan enters the kitchenette.)
Alan Shore: You two discussing cases? I wasnít aware you provided emotional counsel as well as legal, Lori.
Thatís quite a perk.
Lori Colson: A woman tries to kill you. You go to represent her. You donít think thereís a pathology at play
here? I refer to yours.
Alan Shore: I got the reference. Thank you. Speaking as an enormously unlikeable person, I find it difficult to
maintain grudges against all those who wanna kill me. Donít you? (Lori smiles, and starts to leave.) Yes,
youíll perhaps find that witty comeback in your office.

Brad Chase: Heís got a motion for costs. For sanctions. Heís ordered a transcript so he can read back to the
judge what you said today.
Denny Crane: Good. Then I wonít have to bother trying to remember.
Brad Chase: Damn it, Denny. Youíre way out of line. This woman has just lost a husband. Youíre asking her
questions about her sex life, her perfume.
Denny Crane: I know what Iím doing.
Brad Chase: Which is?
Denny Crane: Itíll come to me.
Brad Chase: That lawyer is going to pick you apart in open court tomorrow.
Denny Crane: Let him try. Denny Crane.

Alan Shore: I demand only one thing in a relationship, Christine. That I remain utterly alone.

Alan Shore: Your flight was canceled?
Christine Pauley: Iím rescheduled at 4:30. This is why Iíve refused to fly for the last two years. That, and Iíve
been locked up.

(Sally is looking through books in the CP&S library. Alan walks up behind her, unnoticed, pulls back her
hair and starts nuzzling her ear. Sally smiles.)
Sally Heep: Brad? She smiles and turns to face him.
Alan Shore: Funny. Youíd like me to feel threatened, wouldnít you? I may not be able to talk as fast, but my
tongue is certainly more versatile.

Sally Heep: (Laughs.) I miss you. (Leans over and kisses him.) I have a friend who has this amazing house in
Vermont. Maybe for Columbus weekend we could sneak up there.
Alan Shore: I love Vermont. Would you allow me to cover your body in maple syrup?

Brad Chase: Hey, how ya doing?
Alan Shore: Brad. Just talking about you. (Pauses.) Okay, we werenít.

Lori Colson: Donít you think Sally might object to this?
Alan Shore: Weíre non-exclusive when it comes to feet.

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