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Boston Legal Puzzle

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Puzzle and Solution by Suzanne

The TV MegaSite's Boston Legal Puzzle #1

     1        2                      3          
                 5  6                          
     7                      8                  
   9                      10                    
                       13                    14  
   17                        18    19              
 20        21        22                            


1   Candice Bergen's former show.
3   Alan's former secretary Melissa had big credit card ____.
5   Denny has a life-size one of Shirley.
9   Daniel Post died of this.
10   Show creator David E.
12   Shatner was born here.
15   This famous actor guest-starred as Shirley's ex-husband.
16   Office that Carl and Whitney came from (two words).
19   Shatner's former show.
20   Nick-name for Jerry Espenson.
23   What most people on the show are.
24   Abbreviation for BL state.
25   Bella's daughter Bethany is a ______ person.
26   Alan is this and doesn't have to work.
27   "Night Court" actor that joined the show in 2007.
2   Although it's a drama, the show has plenty of this.
3   Lawyer who thought he was Denny's son.
4   One of the founding partners.
6   Denny and Alan defended a doctor in New ________ for euthanasia.
7   Denny claims to have this disease (two words).
8   Denise slept with Brad and this man before she married Brad.
11   Denny has been this many times.
13   One of the junior attorney's alter egos.
14   Former Days of Our Lives actor who played a straight-laced attorney.
17   Alan gets this when Lorraine is around: Word _____.
18   Alan and Denny did this up in Canada.
19   Denny loves to do this, but he gets arrested for it sometimes.
21   Plays Alan Shore.
22   Brad tried to date Paul's _______.

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Updated 1/6/08 


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