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Season 1

William Shatner
as Denny Crane

Candice Bergen
as Shirley Schmidt

Mark Valley
as Brad Chase

James Spader
as Alan Shore

Monica Potter
as Lori Colson

Rhona Mitra
as Tara Wilson

Lake Bell
as Sally Heep

Rene Auberjonois
as Paul Lewiston

Episode 1.1 - Head Cases

Original air date: 10/3/04
Directed by: Bill D'Elia
Written by: Scott Kaufer, David E. Kelley, Jeff Rake
Guest Starring: Anne Betancourt (Judge Isabel Hernandez), Kevin Cooney (Atty. Smith), Helen Eigenberg (Atty. Thompkins), Anita Finlay (Helen Poole), Phillip Baker Hall (Ernie Dell), Melora Hardin (Dr. Sharon Brant), John Michael Higgins (Jerry Austin), Aisha Hinds (Beah Toomy), Sharon Lawrence (Judge Rita Sharpley), Don McManus (John Lennox), Larry Miller (Edwin Poole), Eric Payne (Sam Halprin), Jadzia Pitman (Sarah Toomy), Rev. Al Sharpton (himself), Todd Stashwick (Matthew Calder)
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Episode 1.2 - Still Crazy After All These Years

Original air date: 10/10/04
Directed by Charles Haid
Written by Kerry Ehrin, David E. Kelley
Guest starring: Joel Anderson (Atty. Kevin Ripley), Steven Anderson (Walter Seymore), David Connell (Man with Torette's), Rich Cooper (Paul Rober), Frances Fisher (Carrie Lansing), Erika Greenspan (Female patient), John Michael Higgins (Jerry Austin), Anthony S. Johnson (Judge Baker), Thomas Knickerbocker (Dr. Mahoney), Andy Milder (Dr. Gill), Elizabeth Mitchell (Christine Pauley), Eric Payne (Sam Halpern), Victor Raider-Wexler (Dr. Bender), Ms. P. Reney (Psyche Nurse), Penelope Windust (Martha Silver)
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Episode 1.3 - Catch and Release

Original air date: 10/17/08
Directed by ... Daniel Attias
Written by ... David E. Kelley, Peter Ocko
Guest starring: Steven Anderson (Walter Seymore), Patricia Belcher (Judge Leslie Bishop), Lombardo Boyar (Ramone Valasquez), Christopher Carroll (Judge Bickell), Michael Ensign (Judge Paul Resnick), Susan Floyd (Wendy Moore), Mary Kathleen Gordon (Sylvie White), Elizabeth Mitchell (Christine Pauley), Dean Norris (Byron Kaneb), Freddie Prinze Jr. (Donny Crane), Sam Temeles (Dr. Lott), Christine Tucci (Ms. Huff), Todd Waring (Daniel Ralston), Diana Yanez (Juror)
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Change of  Course 10/24/07
An Eye for an Eye 10/31/04
Truth Be Told 11/7/04
Questionable Characters 11/21/04
Loose Lips 11/28/04
A Greater Good 12/12/04
Hired Guns 12/19/04
Schmidt Happens 1/9/05
From Whence We Came 1/16/05
Girls and Beyond 1/23/05
Til We Meet Again 2/13/05
Tortured Souls 2/20/05
Let Sales Ring 3/13/05
Death Be Not Proud 3/20/05

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Updated 2/12/08  


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