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Boston Legal Episode Guide

Season 1

Season 2

The Black Widow 9/27/05
Schadenfreude 10/4/05
Finding Nimmo 10/11/05
A Whiff and a Prayer 10/18/05
Men to Boys 10/25/05
Witches of Mass Destruction 11/1/05
Truly, Madly, Deeply 11/8/05
The Ass Fat Jungle 11/15/05
Gone 12/6/05
Legal Deficits 12/13/05
The Cancer Man Can 1/10/06
Helping Hands 1/17/06
Too Much Information 1/24/06
Breast in Show 2/7/06
Smile 2/14/06
Live Big 2/21/06
...There's Fire! 2/28/06
Shock and Owww! 3/7/06
Stick It 3/14/06
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 3/21/06
Word Salad Days 3/28/06
Ivan the Incorrigible 4/18/06
Race Ipsa 4/25/06
Deep End of the Poole 5/2/06
Squid Pro Quo 5/9/06
Spring Fever 5/16/06
BL: Los Angeles 5/16/06

Season 3

Can't We All Get a Lung 9/19/06
New Kids on the Block 9/26/06
Desperately Seeking Shirley 10/3/06
Fine Young Cannibal 10/10/06
Whose God Is It Anyway 10/17/06
The Verdict 10/24/06
Trick or Treat 10/31/06
Lincoln 10/26/06
On the Ledge 11/28/06
The Nutcrackers 12/5/06
Angel of Death 1/9/07
Nuts 1/16/07
Dumping Bella 1/30/07
Selling Sickness 2/6/07
Fat Burner 2/13/07
The Good Lawyer 2/20/07
The Bride Wore Blood 3/20/07
Son of the Defender 4/3/07
Brotherly Love 4/10/07
Guise N' Dolls 4/24/07
Tea and Sympathy 5/1/07
Guantanamo By the Bay 5/8/07
Duck and Covers 5/15/07
Trial of the Century 5/29/07

Season 4

Beauty and the Beast 9/25/07
The Innocent Man 10/2/07
The Chicken and the Leg 10/9/07
Do Tell 10/16/07
Hope and Gory 10/30/07
The Object of My Affection 11/6/07
Attack of the Xenophobes 11/13/07
Oral Contracts 11/20/07
No Brains Left Behind 11/27/07
Green Christmas 12/11/07
Mad About You 12/18/07

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