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Our Opinion!

This is always a funny show to watch, and if you're a geek or nerd like me, it has a lot of great jokes about science fiction, comic books, science, and math, among other things. I grew up with three older brothers, all geeks, so I became one myself. I never had a chance to be normal! But normal is boring, which is what makes this show so compelling.

The only problem I have with BBT is that it seems stuck in some sort of time warp. The show is written as if nerds in this world are treated the way they were back in the 70's (such as in a recent episode where Sheldon gets a slushie thrown at him from the side of the road). They also act like only boys are real nerds.  The world is just not like that.  I grew up in the 60's and 70's, and back then, being a nerd or geek was something that you tried to hide because it was not cool. It was just the opposite, in fact. It's not like today, where being a nerd or geek is cool, hip, and everyone likes computers, Star Wars, Star Trek, superheroes and the like.  And as the stigma fell off the fanboys, so did it for us fangirls. Yet BBT acts like it's still a social stigma to be a nerd, and girls can never quite match up. I'm guessing most of the writers are guys.

I'm not saying that it's cool to have such poor social skills as these guys do, especially with girls - that will probably always be something that people don't like. They would still get beat up in high school if they were as bad as this. But most nerds and geeks are not like these guys. Like most sitcom characters, they are extreme examples of nerds and geeks. Yet, they remind me of so many people I know...

Their girlfriends look and sound like female geeks I know, but they don't act like it. In a recent episode, the girls decide to read comic books to see what the fuss was all about. I really find it hard to believe that the two female nerds on the show had never even picked up a comic book before, or seen a superhero movie. It seems very unlikely, particularly since one of them has been dating Sheldon for a while and the other one is married to Howard.  The worst scene of that episode was when the girls walked into a comic book store (in L.A.!) and all the guys stared at them as if they had never seen a girl there before. I've walked into many comic book stores and never had that happen.

It's also unrealistic that two tenured CalTech professors would live in a cheap little apartment together for years. Or that Sheldon's big mouth wouldn't have landed him in the hospital many times by now.

However, it's TV, and they need conflict in order to make the jokes. I get that. Realism is not that important in TV. I can't help it, though. The TV geek in me has to point out the flaws!

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Page updated 1/26/13

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