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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Kally and her son in the BSG episode 'The Ties that Bind'

"The Ties that Bind" By Lorna

Aired  April. 18th, 2008 

The episode starts with a flashback to Tyrol and Cally arguing.  

Tyrol and Tory are talking in the mess lounge and Cally sees them – she is suspicious that Tyrol is cheating on her. What’s interesting about this scene is the really weird way that Cally is filmed: perhaps to show her mental instability and her feelings of isolation.  

Meanwhile Adama and Roslin attend a press junket about the whereabouts of the Demetrius and whether a certain Kara Thrace has been given it to search for Earth. Of course they refuse to answer any questions about this. 

Aboard the Demetrius things are not going so well. Kara is confused and lost, the crew is becoming angry and agitated.  

Back on board the Galactica Kally is convinced that Tyrol is cheating on her and she packs her bags to leave. Instead she goes to see the ships Doctor, who tells her things might not be what they seem, and to get some rest.  

The Cylons are still bitching at each other: Six makes her demands. Namely that they stop lobotomising the raiders, and that the D'Anna series is brought back into the Cylon fleet. 

Zarek and Lee talk. Zarek tells Lee that although Roslin doesn't like him he should still listen. He explains his concerns over the Demetrius mission, and asks Lee to think things through.  

Roslin addresses questions about the Demetrius mission at the chorum. Lee tries to help her by defending the secrecy if it will help them find earth but Roslin shoots him down. He is well and truly put in his place.  

While pacing the room Cally comes across a note for the next time and location of the super secret Cylon club.  Naturally her belief that Tyrol is cheating deepens and she follows him to the meeting. She spies on them and discovers that they’re all Cylons. She does not take this very well at all.

She is back by the time Tyrol returns. He attempts to reassure her, stating again that he isn’t having an affair, and tells her how much he loves her. She beats him and leaves him to die.

She takes the baby and is very close to throwing herself and the child out an airlock. Tory trys to talk to her, make her understand. Tory steps closer and Kally threatens to take her with them. Tory explains that Tyrol has just found out he’s a Cylon, and tells her just how confused they all are. Kally starts to cry and Torry takes the baby. She walks away, taking the child, and hitting the vent button on the way out.

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