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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

"Kara faces a mutany in 'The road less traveled'"

"The Road Less Travelled" By Lorna

Aired  May. 2nd, 2008 

On-board the Demetrious Helo tries to talk to Kara in an attempt to get her to realise how restless the rest of the crew are. She’s paying no attention though because she’s got all these calculations and star-charts and is pretty much lost to reality. 

On board the Galactica Baltar is questioned by one of his followers about the Cylon wars and he claims the ‘gods’ can’t be blamed because they don’t exist. 

Boomer and Helo talk about Kara. Everyone is nervous and on-edge, worried about what Kara might do. Kara then decides to take a Viper out with a few other people on a scouting mission. No-one is quite sure she is capable of flying a Viper in the state she’s in. 

There’s a DRADIS contact but Kara is paying no attention, she is fixated on a strange ship that is heavily damages. She hears Leoben’s voice and the credit sequence kicks in.  

Leoben is brought aboard the Demetrious from the damaged ship. Everyone expresses doubts and Leoben warns Kara that the crew don’t trust her. He must be rather perceptive to pick up on that one, you could cut the tension on board that ship with a knife. He tells Kara that he knows the way to earth, which is enough to save him from getting air-locked.

On board the Galactica Tyrol and Tori talk. He tells her that he spoke to Cottle, but that he doesn’t think she tried to kill herself and suggests that something else might have happened. She suggests that Cally might have thought she was a Cylon and starts spouting Baltar’s rubbish and Tyrol storms off.  

Anders is not happy about Kara talking to Leoben, and tries to convince her that Leoben is just lying to save his own skin. When Anders gets Leoben away from Kara he demands some answers – mainly what Leoben wants from Kara. They fight and Anders is so close to killing Leoben. Leoben tells him the real reason he’s here: the Cylons are split down the middle and he wants an alliance. 

Funny enough when Anders passes this information on no-one is quite willing to believe this, and think it’s a trap – which you can’t really blame them for. Of course Kara is all for it, Boomer and her have a verbal bitching match. 

On-board the Galactica Tigh and Tyrol show up at one of Baltar’s meeting things and they bitch at each other – nothing new. Tigh tells Tyrol that he needs to pull himself together. 

Tyrol gets annoyed and tries to leave without being spotted – no such luck. Baltar drags him over into his little circus show. He asks for forgiveness, claiming that’s what Cally would have wanted (bad move). Tyrol lays into Baltar big time and tells him exactly where to go. It ends with Tyrol trying to strangle Baltar.

On board the Demitrious Kara sends someone out to examine Leoben’s ship but it explodes and the crew member dies. Kara beats the crap out of him, thinking he engendered the whole thing. Someone he manages to convince her not to kill him – I’m surprised being honest.

Back on board the Galactica Baltar clearly has a death wish – because he goes to speak to Tyrol. He asks to be forgiven for his presumption earlier. He talks about change and moving on, and seems genuine.  Him and Tyrol reach an understanding.  

Kara decides to side with Leoben and wants to jump to his base-ship but no-one will follow her orders. They throw a mutiny and Helo takes command.

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