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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

"The Cylon and Human pilots in 'The Hub'"

"The Hub" By Lorna

Aired  June. 6th, 2008 

The episode opens with Roslin having a delusion. Whenever the Base-ship jumps she’s thrown into an imaginary version of the Galactica.  Even weirder is the presence of the dead priest from Season One. She is confronted with a dead version of herself.  

Baltar tries to talk to the hybrid, and talks about Natalie. Boomer tells them that the Hybrid can’t be calmed down, that she won’t listen. 

In one of Roslin’s delusions Adama, Kara and Lee stand around the dieing Roslin's bed. The priest tells Roslin that these are the most important people in her life, yet she doesn’t love them.  

We are told that the Hub is jumping, and that the Hybrid is effectively chasing it. Helo and Boomer talk tactics, but can’t really come up with anything.  

Helo goes to talk to Roslin. He tells her that the mission is dangerous, but Roslin tells him it’s worth it. She issues orders that Diana should be brought to her once found. 

We jump to the Cylon Base Ship where Diana has been resurrected by Cavil. Diana is pissed at being brought back and demands to know why. 

The Cylons and the Human pilots have a little bitch about the plan – basically the Cylon pilots are towing the Vipers so there signal is not picked up. When they’re close enough the Cylons are going to cut the cables and they’ll attack the hub together.  

Roslin tries to talk to the Hybrid about the Opera House. The Hybrid informs her that Diana has been reactivated and then Jumps.

Baltar attempts to communicate with one of the metal Cylons while Helo and Roslin talk about Diana’s potential resurrection.  

Diana refuses to talk to anyone, refuses to help with the Cylon war. Cavil annoys her so she casually snaps his head off.  

The Galactica pilots and the Cylon rebels attack the hub while Baltar tries to convert a metal Cylon to religion (seriously, WHAT is up with him?!). There’s an explosion and Baltar is badly hurt.  

Sharon and Helo board the Hub, grab Diana, and start running. 

Roslin finds a Med-kit and tries to fix Baltar and his rather extreme wounds. Under pain meds he talks about the guilt he felt before he ‘found god.’ She asks about the guilt and he admits about giving the Cylons the defence code that let them wipe out the colonies! Idiot.  He’s bleeding and dieing in a very significant position.  

Helo radios that they’re out of the Hub and the whole thing is nuked – no more resurrection... 

Roslin argues with the priest about whether she should let Baltar die. The priest tells her that it’s not Roslin’s call if Baltar should live or die. By the time she decides to help Baltar is almost dead, but Roslin is now trying her hardest to save him. 

Helo and Sharron argue about whether they should take Diana to Roslin. Helo wins. 

Roslin and Diana talk, and Roslin asks about the final five and Diana makes a joke about Roslin being one. She refuses to talk till they’re safe back with the fleet.

Adama wakes up, spots the base ship and he boards. Cue touching reunion between Adama and Roslin.

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