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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Roslin and Lee shake hands

"Six Of One" By Lorna

Aired  April. 11th, 2008 

At the start of the episode the hybrid Cylon tells the other Cylons that the final five are in the colonial fleet, and so the raiders are unwilling to attack because they sense there presence. This is our explanation for the Cylons retreating last episode. Number Six argues that the final five should be contacted, but some people are sceptical. 

The Secret Cylon Club argue over whether Kara and Baltar are Cylons, and they end up deciding to contact him and find out what he knows.  

Adama and Kara talk. She claims to have been to Earth pervious to her trip at the end of last season; she describes it as ‘returning home’. They argue and Kara – as always – loses her temper and calls Adama Roslins’ Bitch and he floors her. 

Brother Cavil wants the Raiders lobotomised but six is not impressed. The Cylons hold a vote but the entire thing is thrown into disarray when one of the Eight models vote against the others, which is almost unheard of. It seems Six is going to be the head of a rebel faction.  

On-board the Galactica they throw a ‘retirement’ party for Lee in a nice, rather cute, sequence. While all of this goes on Tory watches Baltar, although he is aware of this fact. He is carrying an apple in this sequence which is wonderfully symbolic: Apples are linked to the fall of man, and since Baltar is a Jesus surrogate this is quite cute.

He approaches Tory and they talk about the healing of the child. Dureing this conversation another version of Baltar appears, which of course he notices but dosen’t indicate this.  He makes an interesting reference to what he calls ‘gods song’, which sounds very much like the Cylon trigger from the finale. Tory leaves and Baltar questions his new apparition, who laughs at the idea that he might be Six in disguise. This new version of Baltar makes a point of stating that Tory is special. I personally think she knows he is a Cylon.

Roslin and Adama ‘talk’ about Kara in Roslins quarters. He wants to know what’s going to happen if Kara is telling the truth. She asks if he thinks this is some kind of miracle and he seems unsure. Roslin claims Adama is just upset at the prospect of losing Kara again. He claims she might not be the ‘dieing leader’ she once thought she was.  

Lee goes to visit Kara in the brig and they talk about his carrier change. Lee and Kara kiss, and he tells her that he believes in her.  

After a bought of passion with Baltar Tory confesses to him that she might be a Cylon. He tells her that Cylons can still feel, and that this is a gift from the ‘one true god’.

Natalie (the base star six) gives Cavil one last chance to stop what he’s doing to the raiders, but he declines. She summons in two centurions and explains she’s been doing a little experimenting of her own. She set’s the centurions on the Cylons and they kill quite a few people in the room.

The episode ends with Adama giving Kara a ship – with the cover story of a scouting mission – and sends her in search of earth.

Image taken from: Battlestar Wiki

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