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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

"Sine Qua non" By Lorna

Aired  May. 30th, 2008 

At the start of the episode Natalie is rushed to the medical bay Ė although it really doesnít look good. They try there best to save her, but she dies. 

Adama and Tigh talk about the situation while Zarek has to face a rather worked up Chroum. He tells them that the ship has jumped, with Roslin, Baltar and many others on board. Due to that Zarek thinks he should take presidential command. 

Adama questions Boomer about why she shot Natalie. She explains about the child and her Ďvisioní of the opera House in which a version of Six takes Hera. Adama is not best impressed. She has destroyed the alliance, and everyone in danger because of it. He has her put in the brig.  

In the Chroum Lee is questioned as to whether Adama will except Zarek as president, Lee says that this is highly unlikely.  

Adama and Tigh talk about locating the resurrection ship. 

Zarek and Lee talk, Lee explains that Zarek can not take command. Zarek is completely pissed about this. He makes it very clear that he intendeds to undermine Roslinís power at any given opportunity.  

Lee and Lambkin talk about who should stand as intern president. Lambkin tries to tell Lee he wants nothing to do with it but Lee will not let it go, and Lambkin aggress to help. 

Tigh goes to talk to Six in the brig. They talk about what happened with Roslin. The alarm goes off so he runs to the bridge. 

A Viper jumps into range, but itís damaged and not responding. They send a group of people to board the ship, they find the pilot but he is dead. They take the ship back to Galactica and by checking the records can find out where it jumped from. 

They send a Recon mission to the co-ordinates, but the site is a mess. They find the debris of a Base ship along with bits of the resurrection ship. Adama is adamant that the Base ship is not the one with Roslin on it. 

Adama asks Cottle what chance Roslin has of surviving without medical assistance and he claims very little. Cottle also adds that while doing tests on the Six in the brig they found out some interesting information. 

Adama talks to Tigh and chews him out Ė turns out the six is pregnant! They start to argue, and Tigh makes the mistake of dragging Roslin into it. This leads to some punches being thrown. 

A little while later Lambkin goes to talk to Adama. He gets Adama to talk about Lee under the pretext that he needs some form signed, but there is more to it than that. 

Lambkin goes to find Lee and tells him he should stand for president. Lee claims he doesnít want it. He argues, and Lambkin pulls a gun on him. He explains that hope is the last thing they need, and thatís exactly what Lee stands for.

He kicks a bag over and Lee looks inside. We are told it contains the body of Lambkins cat, which was killed by thugs a few weeks ago (still not getting how heís been seeing it all episode but there you are.) lee talks him out of shooting him, and in the next scene is sworn in as president. 

Adama quits and puts Tigh in charge Ė Tigh has many issues with this. 

Adama tells Lee heís going to wait here for Roslin in a Rapter. Lee trys to pull rank but Adama just laughs. Lee asks why heís staying, and Adama says itís because he canít live without Roslin.

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