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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide


"Razor" By Lorna

Aired  Jul. 15th, 2005  

Razor opens with a very intense and moody close-up of Kendel Shaw flicking a knife, a voice over starts and she talks about making up for past misdeeds.  

Where given a montage of scenes from the episodes Flight of the Phoenix
and Pegasus, with the Battlestar Pegasus and the Galactica meeting, plus the scenes with Gina (Pegasus’s version of Number Six) and Cane’s death. After this it basically goes over the events of season three after her death – In quick succession before the title sequence kicks in. 

Lee makes a speech about being made commander of the Pegasus, but it’s made very clear that the crew are less than enthusiastic about their new leader. One of the Pegasus Crew – a dark haired Australian who is later named as Lutenant Kendel Shaw seems less than impressed. She injects herself with something, and there’s a flashback to a very bloody scene. She goes to visit Lee, who tells her that although Kane only wrote positive things in reports about her the other officers claim she’s insubordinate.  

We cut too a flashback at the Scorpion fleet shipyards, ten months previously, where the Pegasus is being repaired. Kane talks to one of her officers about shore leave why the Battlestar is being repaired, but she claims to be too busy. LT Shaw boards the Pegasus for the first time, and is given directions by Gina to the CIC.  Her first meeting with Kane doesn’t go well, and she’s berated for getting lost. She’s dismissed, and while someone tries to take her too her quarter’s fire rips through the corridor suddenly. She goes into shock, but is snapped out of it by Kane slapping her! They both go the CIC where things are just as bad, blood and wires everywhere.

Kane asks what happens, and she’s informed they’ve been hit by nuclear weapons, and from this she deduces Cylon attack. She issues her orders, and the Pegasus jumps from the fleet repair yards.  

It then flicks back to Kendel’s meeting with Lee, and she tells him that most of her superior officers we’re a mess and un-fit too where the uniform. Lee actually agrees with her on this. He asks her what she thinks of him, and she replies: ‘you’re a step up’, but then tells him that he’ll never fit in here. He’s been brought in too fix the Pegasus and people resent him for it. He then offers her the chance to be the Pegasus XO (second in command), and although she’s surprised at first she accepts.  

We cut too Kendel overseeing arms training, and she’s rather aggressive about it. Adama and Lee are watching and Adama makes a comment about her being meaner than Tigh. Predictably Lee makes a comment about her and Kara not getting on. Adama and Lee walk, and they chat about the job of an XO and how Lee needs to be able to trust her. Adama asks Lee to put together a search and rescue team to locate a lost raptor. Kendel and Lee in the CIC observing the mission is interspaced with Kendel and Kane in the CIC after the Cylon attack and trying to get some semblance of order.  Kane orders two raptors too jump back to the colonies and see what happened.  

Kane makes an announcement too the fleet about the Cylons, and the truth of the destruction of the colonies. She claims that all they can do is fight.  

Later Kane is having a meeting with her staff about an un-named Cylon ship they’ve found, Gina enters the meeting and it’s implied that she and Kane have a very close relationship.  

Gina and Kendal are discussing the ships systems; Gina is the systems analyst but doesn’t have the proper clearance. Kendel says that Gina should have her security clearance increased and they discuss Kane: it’s confirmed that Gina and Kane are involved. Kendel trusts Gina because she is so open, and gives her the security code.

Kara and her recon fleet encounter Cylon DRADIS contact and flee back to the Pegasus. They encounter a bit of difficulty, and Shaw orders weapons fire from the Pegasus to destroy the Cylons, but almost gets Kara killed in the process. Kara bitches to Lee afterwards that Shaw is ‘a lose cannon’ (she’s one too talk) and that what she did was dangerous. Lee aggress but tells her it probably saved her life. Kara confronts Shaw, and we go into flashback mode with the Pegasus and an attack on a Relay station. Kane launches a squadron of vipers to take down the Cylons, but more raiders appear. Kane refuses to run, and sends out more vipers, her XO argues with her but she refuses to listen. He refuses to carry out her orders, and Kane shoots him with his own gun, and then promotes Fisk. Who predictably carries out her orders promptly.   

The Cylons board the Pegasus and Shaw is sent after them, for some un-known reason, alone. She spots Gina running down the corridor and sends her to the CIC, but Shaw turns the corner, spots another Gina and just starts shooting. She runs back to the CIC and points a gun at Gina. Kane refuses to believe her until she’s shown the dead body of what looks like Gina through a security feed. Security tries to take Gina away but she flips and starts lashing out. She almost succeeds in shooting Kane, but Shaw stops her. The flashback ends there and Lee starts giving both Kara and Shaw into trouble.

It’s interrupted by some ominous music and the arrival of a very odd looking ship. Everyone stands around it, discussing why the Cylons would bother with this model. Sharon tells them that the ships might just been here all along. She says they’re called the Guardians and are meant to be the protectors of the first Human/Cylon hybrid, which some believe is still alive.

We get a flash-back to the first Cylon war with Adama on a Cylon ship, on which he sees a glass cabinet filled with blood and bits of humans, wires coming out of them. He spots one of the Cylon resurrection baths, walks over. It’s filled with blood and goo, and for some silly reason, he decides to stick his hand in it. He starts having hallucinations of people in cages, and lot’s of screaming. It’s a very eerie sequence. A very creepy voice starts, and it repeats the Cylon mantra: ‘all of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again’. He walks towards the source of the voice, which is behind a door. He’s reluctant too go through, but someone calls ‘help’ and throws themselves at the door. They beg him for help, saying ‘they (the cylons) left us here’. This is enough to make Adama try to pry the door open, but then the ship starts too shake as it begins take off. The people behind the door send him away, order him to go get help. I love the colour palate of the sequence, lots of oranges and greys.

Just as Adama escapes the ship takes off. He radios the Galactica, telling them too shoot the ship down but is informed that an armistice has just been signed.  

Adama, lee and Roslin are in Adama’s office looking at print-outs from the raider’s data-banks, curtsey of resident genius Gaius Baltar. They’ve found the location of a ship/base and Adama is convinced that’s where they’ll find the missing raptor crew.

Shaw comes up with a plan, and it’s very risky. She tells Lee that Kara is the only pilot she could trust to do the job properly. Lee then asks if he can trust her. He asks about an incident on-board a civilian ship that Kane had ten people executed from, and what Shaw’s part in it was. She admits she was there, and gives him a lecture about Kane. Lee is very cool about it and is just like: you done? He then gives her a lecture about wallowing in self pity. He approves her plan and she goes to listen to a radio broadcast, which is intercut with flashbacks set after Pegasus deals with the attack on the rely station. Shaw takes full responsibility because she gave Gina her security code, but Kane informs her that Gina took something far more valuable: both their trust. Thorn comes in and Kane orders him to interrogate Gina and find out what she knows, and horrifically pretty much gives him full licence.

Kane is called to the CIC and told by her XO that a bunch of civilian ships have been found. Everyone is delighted but Kane orders that the ships be boarded and everything the Pegasus needs taken. Shaw and a bunch of other officers board one of the ships and issue the orders, funny enough it doesn’t go down well. Fisk ‘calls’ Kane and tells her that the crew are refusing to cooperate. She just casually tells him that he’s too say they’ll just shoot the families of anyone that wont comply.  

Fisk threatens them with this and things start to get out of hand, and people start firing. We’re shown the aftermath of this and it isn’t pretty. We flick back to the present day and Shaw is injecting herself again, but is caught by Kara whose sitting drinking – out of sight – at the other end of the canteen. Kara makes a comment about Shaw being human after all. Kara actually tries to talk to her, but Shaw just remains quiet. They end up chatting – you just know they’re going to end up liking each other, they’re too much alike not too.

We’re shown a scene with Shaw and Kane talking about Shaw being promoted. Kane talks about what happened with the civilian fleet, and she actually looks quite human. Some nice acting there. The title of the episode becomes clear: Kane explains that putting aside natural impulses, anger, fear, revulsion, all the things that could get you killed, are the mark of a good officer. She says that when Shaw can do that, for as long as necessary she’ll be a ‘Razor’.

The recon plan kicks in full throttle, and seems to be going well, until Kara and Shaw encounter some Cylon raiders. They destroy the viper, but not before Kara and Shaw have escaped. We do a flick to the inside of a raider and I almost died: old style – ad in original series – honest too god Cylons.  With there bulky build and metallic voices. The phrase ‘by you’re command’ is even uttered. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven, but now I’m expecting too see Baltar in a cape laughing hysterically.

A brief space-walk later and they’re inside one of the Cylon base ships. Lots of creeping along corridors until they find a room with two people in it, hooked up to a glass case, all blood and wires. Kara orders they remove the two people from the wires. They try but the noise attracts an old style Cylon, and they’re forced to flee. One of the soldiers fall, and the cylons start dragging him away. Shaw flips round and shoots the guy, but is struck in the back by Cylon fire shortly afterwards. She’s alive but badly hurt. When the Pegasus believes the mission will fail Lee orders a nuke to destroy the ship – which would kill those on board but stop them becoming part of the Cylons experiment.

Just as they’re about to launch the nuke Kara manages to radio them. Kara tells the rest that they need to set up the nuke and get the hell of the ship. Turns out though that the auto-trigger is broken and it needs to be manually activated. Kara takes over the mission and practically drags Shaw to the evacuation point. Kara is away to manulay set the nuke when Shaw points a gun at her, and tells Kara to go. Kara argues, but eventually gets the message and evacuates with the remainder of the missions personnel.

A voice re-verberates through the Cylon ship, repeating the mantra: all this has happened before, and all of this will happen again. She finds the source of the voice, and has a nice theological discussion with it about the nature of identity and God. Not to forget the concept of forgiveness of course. Kendra is told that Kara will lead the human race into destruction, and that they must not follow her. Kendra becomes annoyed and activates the nuke, destroying the ship, the hybrid, but also herself.

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