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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Baltar and Number Six sit before a shrine built in his honour

"He that Believeth in me" By Lorna

Aired  April. 4th, 2008  

The episode opens where the last one left off: with Lee questioning Kara about going to Earth, and how she can still be alive.  

On the main bridge Tigh hallucinates shooting Adama – it’s gorgeously shot in slow motion. A call is put out for pilots by Tigh after the hallucination ends and in the hanger deck Anders and the chief argue about whether Anders should fly. Anders is rather reluctant because he’s worried about what might happen if he flips during a flight and kills everyone.  

We are treated to a quick sequence in which Baltar is smuggled through the Galactica’s corridors to some secret hidden room. 

There’s a quick space battle scene in which Anders has a freak out mid-flight (like he thought he would.) It’s a weird rather slow motion shot in which Anders and a Cylon raider almost seem to communicate.  

Then the whole Cylon army just suddenly decides to withdraw, even though they could have totally destroyed everyone.  

It then flicks to Baltar and his creepy cult, which I find oddly strange. Though seriously, he needs a haircut and a shave. He looks much better when he’s tidy. I know they’re going for a Jesus allegory but just thought I’d mention.  

Starbuck lands her plane on the hanger deck and everybody is stunned. She and Lee hug, while Adama and Tigh watch from the sidelines. Anders and Kara are reunited briefly before Adama has her moved to sickbay. During the discussion she claims to have only been gone an hour, and is confused by everyone’s reaction.   

Baltar is rather freaked out by the strange cult and asks about fleeing the Galactica. He is told that it’s safest for him to remain where he is, because none of the other ships will take him. Six is confused as to why he is unhappy, and Baltar explains. He claims he is ‘King of fools’ and bemoans being stuck in what he calls a loony bin. 

Meanwhile Kara is checked over and is pissed that everybody thinks she’s a Cylon – although surely she must understand why? She recalls an almost vision like visit to earth, and even managed to take a few pictures.

Then we’re told that Kara is flying a replica of her old ship – same serial number but not a single scratch.  

Roslin and Six have a quick chat about they’re shared vision of the opera House, and Roslin asks who the final five are. Six claims not to know, but tells Roslin she can feel there presence near.  

Four of the Final Cylons gather for what my fantastic friend JJ calls the ‘Oh noes we iz Cylons’ club which I just adore. They talk, and Tigh is adamant that the Cylons have no control over him.  

Gaeta and Kara look over the pictures and he claims that none of what she saw is in them. Kara and Adama talk and she explains that she doesn’t remember the way to Earth, but that she can intuit it. Kara wants Adama to counteract Roslin and believe her inspiration. Adama plainly states that she can’t be trusted. 

Lee and Adama watch and re-watch the footage the footage of Kara’s ship exploding. They argue about whether she is a Cylon. Afterwards Adama offers Lee his position in the military back but Lee declines. He’s found himself a job in government and thinks he’ll be happier.  

Baltar is asked to heal a child and has no clue how to go about this. So he places a hand on the child’s head and preys for him. He offers himself up in place of the child – hello martyrdom, thanks for stopping by. I’m an atheist and the religious content sometimes really grates with me. I appreciate the allegory though, I must confess that. Oh, and this is just speculation but I’m expecting a Baltar, meet airlock sequence before the season is out.  

One of Baltar’s disciples takes him to get a shave – finally. I can’t help but think he looks a lot better. During the course of shaving though he is taken hostage by some random guy. Six appears and asks Baltar if he meant what said about the exchange of his life for the Childs – and he tells her yes. The guy starts to cut his throat but the women ‘smites’ him, and Baltar survives.

They go back to Baltars hiding place, and the child is healed – presumably because Baltar was willing to make the sacrifice.

Meanwhile Kara looks at her photo on the wall of the dead, and asks Anders why no-one has taken it down. He explains and she expresses doubt that she might well be a Cylon. Ander’s tells her that he’d still love her. She tells him that if he were a Cylon she’d kill him. Nice.

Kara goes after Roslin with a gun, and in a tense sequence points it at her head. Kara wants to know why they won’t trust her, when they trusted Roslin’s visions.

Kara hands Roslin a gun and tells her that if she’s an enemy then they should shoot her. Security barge in and take Kara hostage. She begs that they listen but they just think she’s a raving psycho.

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