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Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide


"Guess What's coming to Dinner" By Lorna

Aired  May. 20h, 2008 

Baltar makes a broadcast about Roslins ‘psychedelic’ visions. Lee goes to visit her and claims that the people demand a response. She admits to Lee that Baltar is telling the truth.  

The Demetrious and the Base-ship jump back to the meeting co-ordinates. The two ships get split during the jump and naturally the Galactica tries to destroy the base-ship. The Base-ship tries to communicate with the Galactica but they’ve lost coms and the Vipers prepare to attack. 

Tigh somehow knows something isn’t right and stops the vipers from firing. The Demetrious jumps in and radios the Galactica, updating them on the situation. Tigh has the Demetrious stormed.   

Six talks to the Galactica about the different models, and the final five. Six explains about the third model Diana, and asks for help un-boxing her. Giving the explanation that Diana could lead them to the final five. Adama and Roslin’s agree to aid the Cylons, provided they offer there assistance in destroying the hub.  

The Credits kick in. 

Tigh and Adama talk, funny enough Tigh is edgy about being singled out as one of the final five by Diana. Meanwhile Gaeta is being operated on, and they have to cut of his leg. Not cool.  

The Super Secret Cylon club discuss the un-boxing of Diana and they’re potential discovery. 

Roslin and Tori discuss Tori’s involvement with Baltar. Roslin demands to know who started the rumours of her ‘visions’ of the Opera house. Her day just gets worse when Lee tells her that the Chorum is threatening to hold a vote of no confidence in her. Lee begs her to talk to the Chorum. 

Tori and Baltar argue over Roslin. Tori tells him that he’s a liar. He explains how he knows about her visions of the opera house – that Caprica Six told him – though of course he doesn’t name her. He manages to put a little doubt in Tori’s mind. 

Roslin talks to the Chorum about the Cylon alliance, and allows them to speak to Six. Six explains about the importance of destroying the resurrection ship, that mortality is important in living a meaningful existence.  

Roslin relives the Opera House dream in sync with Number Six. Sharon awakes from the same dream to find Hera there! 

Kara talks to Roslin about what the Hybrid said last week. The Hybrid mentioned something about a dieing leader having visions of an Opera House. Kara asks about the Opera House, and whether it’s real.  

Baltar and Roslin talk, and Roslin openly confesses the visions to him. She tells him about the Hybrid, and they decide to go and talk to it. 

 There’s a creepy scene involving Hera and Sharon. Hera has drawn loads of pictures of six. Then Hera suddenly disappears. Sharon runs through the Galactica corridors – interspaced with her running through the Opera House in her dream. 

Six finds Hera and Sharon sees them, and goes unnecessarily spare. She ends up shooting six. 

Roslin and Baltar go on board the base-ship and it jumps!

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